Hyundai Creta Petrol Long Term Ownership Review
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Hyundai Creta Petrol Long Term Ownership Review

Hello Automowheelers! And today’s video is
going to be a review of the Creta- One of India’s most favourite SUVs. So let’s
find out what it has to offer for us. Now most of you must already be aware of
the Creta’s exteriors but let’s have a quick recap of how the car looks from
outside. Of course this is the petrol version and this is the SX version. There you go that’s an angle from the corner that’s the right corner moving on
and as you can see those are the projector headlamps that you get only on
the SX trim the fog lamps moving on to the sides those are the 16 inch alloy
wheels which come standard the ones that you get on the optional trim
the SX(O) trim are different and a diamond cut and frankly those look
better than the standard ones. then you have the outside rear view mirror with
indicators these ones are electrically folding as well door handles on the passenger side do
not have a remote entry button or the keyless entry button. Going to the rear now
the rear side is flanked by two tail lamps which are not led type it has a
camera right here as you can see that’s for the rear parking camera two parking
sensors on either side onto the top you can see that the SX model comes with
the shark fin antenna and it’s also got two roof rails which actually have been
flattened out in the newer version of the Creta
that’s the Creta face lift that came in 2018 That’s a view of the car
from all angles. Now these are the interiors that you may be familiar with
the Creta. this one is on the SX trim from the inside the view of the cabin is
quite nice and you got a lot of equipment on this and let’s begin with
the steering wheel now the steering wheel has all the controls that you
usually see in cars of its class and which include buttons for muting the
stereo or the a/v and the phone and these ones are for answering and ending
calls this one is for volume this one is for changing the mode on the a/v system
this one is to navigate between different modes of the a/v system reset
and change button for the trip meter you have buttons here to control
the side driver mirrors this one is to fold the rear view mirrors this button
right here is to choose which mirror you want to control and this one is to
actually change the position of the mirror and then you have a button here
which allows you to disable the rear power windows this one is to lock the
car and then moving on along the dashboard you’ll notice a couple of
other things first one being the engine start-stop button now let’s quickly
switch it on to see how the instrument cluster lights up. there you go there’s a
nice theatrical glow lights up gradually you have a tachometer speedometer
odometer the usual stuff and you’ve got a digital odometer as well fuel gauge
temperature gauge trip meters etc now moving on to the left you’ve got the
touchscreen infotainment system which does not have
Android Auto or Apple Carplay because it’s the first generation of the Creta that came
in India there is a small clock right here as well those are the controls for
the auto air conditioning moving on there’s the gear lever 6-speed manual
gearbox for the Creta petrol. hand brake lever and armrests for the front
passenger and the driver there’s the rear view mirror which does not have
auto dimming feature so it will have to be manually adjusted which is quite a
pity actually. sunglass holder as well – reading lamps which can be independently
switched on. the glovebox isn’t quite as large as expected to be. as you can see
there’s just a few things inside, it’s not a cooled one by the way. okay and then
moving on to the rear that’s how the rear looks like from the front seat let’s
take a quick look at the rear seat now now the driver’s seat was adjusted to my
height and I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall and as you can see at the rear I still have
a lot of legroom as you can also see that’s still a lot of headroom remaining
for me there’s the rear seat bench it can
easily see three and the transmission tunnel doesn’t interfere too much.
there’s the air-con vent which can be controlled for speed but the problem
with this one is that even at its highest position the air flow is not
directed to the passengers upper body it only is restricted to your thighs
at the most. and that’s the view of the rear window from the back seat it isn’t
the largest honestly but then it does its job you don’t have any interferences
or any problem when you’re viewing it from the front inside rear view
mirror. now let me take you on a spin in this car and talk to you about the
things that you should expect as an owner okay guys so let’s go for a quick spin
on the Creta petrol so this car has ridden about 12,000 kilometers so far
it’s about two years old. the air conditioning in the car works really
well cools up the cabin quite quickly in
terms of how the car drives well let’s begin with the steering wheel so the
steering wheel is quite light although that really isn’t a great thing because
the steering does feel a bit disconnected at times at least at low
speeds it’s just extremely light but yeah in the traffic it’s right a breeze
on the highways as well it does weigh up a little bit but not as much as it
expected to be if I had to compare it to the Duster steering wheel I think the
dusters ways are quite well and is ideal for highways than this one so the
suspension also it really does a good job of soaking up all the bumps and
potholes on the roads but is slightly on the firmer side compared to the Duster
the dusters is even better so if you have to really compare the Duster
suspension with the Creta’s I would definitely go for the Duster’s. in terms
of riding dynamics since this car isn’t all that tall you don’t suffer from a
lot of body rolls this car mind you is a soft roader it’s not really a hard-core
SUV because this one does ride like more of a car and less of an SUV what
gives it its SUV credentials its suspension and its right height the
ground clearance is quite good as well and of course the view that you get on
the road is quite commanding in terms of the feel
and quality of the interiors Hyundai has always been known to produce great
interiors for its cars no matter which price point it is at so the same goes
for this over the years that this car has been used the interior still feels
premium and have not lost their charm so they still feel good for look
and day and age although this model has actually been in the market for about
three years so that’s a good thing let’s take you take you through some bad
roads to see how the suspension behaves yeah so like I said the suspension is on
the firmer side so you do feel these big potholes creeping in through the chassis
but otherwise on smaller ones it really does a good job
now let’s talk about fuel economy in the city this one gives about 10 kilometers
to a liter and on the highways you can expect about 14 to 15 kilometers to a
liter which is quite good considering it’s a 1.6 liter engine so the noise
levels inside the cabin are quite low it’s exceptionally low. Hyundai has done a
really good job with the acoustics you have to .. you you really can’t hear road
noise you can’t hear the tire noise you can barely hear the engine at idle which
is a great thing even when you’re up the engine high like I’m doing right now you
cannot hear the engine rev as well and this is the same engine that’s been
doing duty on a lot of you and I vehicles like the Verna and it really
does pull at all rpms so the top band is quite wide and you
can pick up from just about any speed it’s mated to a 6-speed transmission so
makes things really good when you are on the highway and shifts of the gear are
quite nice really slick shifts and really short rows which is really good
to parse available across the band now this has been used for about 12,000
kilometers as I mentioned earlier and so far there are no concerns or any
problems that have occurred over the time so this thing has also been quite
good is our few and high standards so serviceability isn’t ever an issue. so
small nitty-gritties that can be spoken about as issues are that the car lacks a
passenger side keyless entry button which is available on the Xcent which
is actually a small compact sedan and other things which are solely missed an
automatic inside dimming rearview mirror the other thing that’s missing compared
to other cars of Hyundai are auto folding side rearview mirrors which
should automatically fold when you lock the car, sadly that’s not available the turning radius as you can see it’s
quite good it’s quite short turning the car around isn’t that much of a problem
although this is a long wheelbase car now the overall ownership experience of
the car is quite good it’s got really great feedback and by that what I mean
is that the engine responds really quickly which is a great thing for a
driver and even for the passengers you know the car is quite comfortable the
steering wheel is quite light and easy to use
although lacks a little bit of feedback from the wheels so as you guys must be
aware a new generation Creta has also come up to 2018 facelift now mind
you there aren’t a lot of differences between that car and this one and so I
thought it would be a good idea to take you guys through how this car is to own
except the improved touchscreen and a few extra equipment you don’t get much the overall
feel of the car and the ride is still almost the same except the steering
wheel which I’ve heard has been improved so it’s a good thing if you if you’re
planning to buy the new one because then you get an improved steering wheel and a
few other equipment so guys that was a review of the Hyundai Creta petrol hope
you liked it and if you did don’t forget to leave your questions and feedback in
the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t
already until the next video it’s a goodbye from Automowheels!

14 thoughts on “Hyundai Creta Petrol Long Term Ownership Review

  1. How long did the car take to be delivered to you? I booked one in Guwahati but still haven’t gotten it. I ordered a month back in August.

  2. I test drove Diesel 1.6 and felt clutch is hard and long travel as well. What about Creta petrol clutch, is clutch has long travel like diesel?

  3. I am planning to buy 2018 petrol manual but is it fun to drive and is the milage good please help…as the car showroom sales person says it is good in all aspects

  4. Hii very well reviewed……i am planning to buy petrol sx automatic….but m worried about fuel economy….
    My monthly running is below 1000kms… much mileage does automatic give ? Both in city and highway….

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