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James W. Ryan, Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney

Hello, thanks for stopping in. My name is James W. Ryan — friends call me Jim Ryan. I’m a certified specialist in trust and
estate law, have been since the beginning of the testing that the State Bar of
Arizona does, so that we can tell people that we are knowledgeable in this area. I’m
also an elected Fellow in the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, which
is a very elite group of estate planners across the United States. My
mission statement as an attorney is to help families preserve wealth in their
families. One of the things that I think sets me apart from other attorneys is
that I have been involved with the Probate & Trust Section of the State Bar
for several decades now. I was asked to chair the committee for the State Bar of
Arizona to codify trust law in Arizona. We worked on that for four years and
ended up with the Arizona Trust Code being passed unanimously by the House
and Senate in the spring of 2008 and went into effect in 2009. When I’m not
involved at the office helping clients or devoting time to charitable work, I
have a lifelong interest in music. My rock band from high school back in
the late ’60s was inducted in the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. The name of the band was the Mojos. And then I had a rock band here in Phoenix for a
number of years called the Mid-Life Crisis band. I have been involved in a
number of faith-based charitable organizations for at least 35 years. I’ve
also been elected as a director of the Arizona Community Foundation. I really
believe that giving back to our community is an essential part of what
makes our lives worthwhile, and it fits very nicely into
the estate planning work that I do, helping clients to initiate charitable
activities in a way that carries out their mission of giving back to the
community. We would look forward to having the opportunity to help you and
your family. I like to consider my role for many families as the consigliere to
the Godfather. I’ll help you understand the rules and how things work, and then you
make the decisions as to how you want to implement those strategies. Thank you.

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