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Juwan Swan – Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors

My name is Charlotte Martin and my name is David Martin and our agent is Juwan Swan. Really it was a fun experience because
he’s young and you know he has lots of energy, right, he’s
young always real upbeat all and always really like you know ready to go, go, go
and which is what we needed. I think he’s very pleasant, and he’s a very
polite, and courteous, and he respects elders. And I think he also really really
tries to do the right thing for you. Three words to describe Juwan are
professional, courteous, and energetic. I like to pick on him for his nice clothing. I think I’d have to say that it was I’d say like an unusual and fun experience
because he was so young and energetic. We do want to thank him for everything and
also for you know some of the times that you know being older we had
trouble getting papers and that to him. I guess we should thank him for
his mother also because we enjoyed her. Right and you know she’s the one you
if we wouldn’t of know her we might not have met him.

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