Kedi Sahiplenme Kedi Bakımı Kedi Pirelenmesi (Cat Care And Cat Ownership , Flea)
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Kedi Sahiplenme Kedi Bakımı Kedi Pirelenmesi (Cat Care And Cat Ownership , Flea)

Come on Yes. This girls name is Mujgan She is very nervous. She gave birth 10 days ago she is breastfeeding kittens just opened their eyes today leaving their babies alone and began to walk around in home well Mujgan.. her father is scottish fold her mother is iranian white iranian cat her fathers like tiger . she has 4 more siblings.
only she is scottish fold ok, let you go .. ok ok :))) she is very aggressive now :)) she was born 16.03.2018 16 monts old pregnant at fourteenth month She gave birth to 7 babies Unfortunately we lost one of them 6 babies living now first of all how to take a new cat to home talk about this we take Mujgan from our familiar she was 2 monts old we suggest you. please do not take before 2 monts old because babies taking milk from mother like 2 monts after that, feeding on .. when they feeding you can take that baby to your home firsly we took her to the vet. you must take it to the vet who you trust you must have it to checked the vet is looking her eyes, ears , nose and everywhere her sex organs also nails , paws the vet decides that she is healthy after 2 monts vaccination parasites, rabies, mixed when we took her… vet said : she must stay 1 week in your house and adapt to you and home because she already leaved from her mother well. the vet give you ID card she registered on internet to state here is writting her name and other informations.. birthday , sex, color owner.. owner telephone number address etc.. and vaccines.. out vet sending outo messages before 1 week about vaccines also nice system here is stickers about vaccines on id card also and you can fly with your pets with this ID card also air ways looking this card we are young couples with my wife .. we are quite. we work during the day we play with her when we come home she get tired she losses energy then no aggression.. she has racecourse in home. she can jump , run maybe she can doing this mornings jump on tables… that’s why she is a calm cat. she does not know to attack. rarely when I squeeze her, she gets little bit angry. except that one, you can fondle her everywhere. you can keep her tail, fondle her abdomen. all animals have a sensitive feelings. they feel your love, kindness we never saw any scared children from her. she is so cute. kids try to catch her and play with her. Mujgan just run away from them. sometimes she stops and let it.. usually she runs away she is quiet she lives at home so we don’t need to give her external parasite vaccine this madication like gel.. put on the back of the neck skin takes in this gel we did not do this to our cat our vet said also, do not need this parasite madication bu we let her to go to balcony in springs because izmir is very hot city especially after the martch is very hot.. she goes every early mornings to balcony to cool down she looks around from the balcony there are constructions around one day.. we saw mujgan was
itching.. licks herself. at first we did not care about it but she was goes on to itching we thought that she was afraid about it we heard licking sounds at night we searched on net: what is this? this is FLEA and we looked into feathers and found them i give you an information about flea external parasite vaccine is protecting 40 days your cats.. from tick , louse, fleas etc.. this parasites come from outside , gardens and constructions.. with air , with wind.. birds care also.. parasites like cats body temperature their body temperature abow than our temperature parasites go their tair , back and abdomen very fast and full active she is white cat.. when we looked in her feathers saw fleas faces like ash grey colour my wife catch 2-3 fleas we killed them and looked closer this is exactly
flea i took from petshop medication about this. and put that gel to her neck and wait 2 days have to put their neck because this medication is toxic so cats could not lick this this medication was not usefull then i ask our vet what will we do about this we were upset and went to vet clinic vet gave her special and very quality medication. (don’t take from petshops because petshops have basic medication about flea) vet put the gel her neck after 2 days itchings gone

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