38 thoughts on “KTM 1290 Super Duke R | 3 year Review | Total Cost of Ownership

  1. Awesome video.. covering all bases! Only thing you didn't mention was tank range etc but that's another video!

  2. Nice job. After watching your video I'm giving the KTM super duke another look. I hear nothing but great things about the super duke. The looks of the SD is probably the biggest sticking point for me. Keep up the great work.

  3. I actually LOVE the way it looks. Excellent video. I'm already waiting for the exhaust installation video. Cheers!

  4. The only thing that worries me about KTM is RELIABILITY. Oil leeks from very low mileage engines. The rest seems fantastic performance spec looks.

  5. Very good summary… For the past year I'm thinking about the 2018 Superduke on special here… I took a test ride and it feels good. I'm now on a "tuned" Yamaha MT 09…. which is just a blast to ride and best value for money as it is half the price of the Duke and has the heart of a "lion" in that fantastic torquey 3 cyl motor!. After the hour test ride on the KTM (Track & Performance packs installed) I'm sure the KTM will have a very hard time to run from my MT up to about 180 km/h. The ergonomics on the KTM is excellent. I'd say the MT 09 has a much faster (better) Quick Shifter… the Duke's felt slow and harsh. I'm set on getting a Duke but they are expensive and there is always the worry of reliability….

  6. Oh and tyres, did you ever consider the new Michelin Road 5 tyres? They get very good reviews dry and wet conditions and give good mileage whether on sports or touring bike. Just a thought. What bike next for you?

  7. WoW thats a lot of bike ! im more an off road guy but i did ride a 1290SAS and wow i can see that engine with more street going chassis and rubber being a monster and a half and thats a great analogy breaking down the ownership cost ! excellent review ! you get it the ktm thing , its not about the looks only capability

  8. Jealous how cheap you can have a bike like this in Europe. In my country the price is more than double from what you paid.

  9. I have gone through 4 sets of Rosso III’s on my Tuono and typically got 4-4,500 miles on the rear and 6,000 on the front. Front tire was rarely on the ground which is why it’s lasts longer. Great video!

  10. Two thumbs way way way up 😜💪🏻 … and there’s nothing to prove. Guess, that’s the magic with the SDR: you can drive her fast & slow, enjoying the wonderful sound (even better with a sc exhaust) & the perfect V2-motor … today, I’m gonna dream of it for sure, thx for that 🌅✨

  11. I get very good mileage out of the Metzeler RoadTec 01 on an S1000XR. The Rosso 3 will only last about 3K.

  12. Thank you for your honest appraisal. I am looking to change my bike and this is in the top three. Keep the vlogs coming.

  13. I promise you, who travels on a motorcycle never gets old. I share with you the love for them. Great videos !!

  14. Very nice motorbike! In my opinion is 5.000 kms with one set of tyres absolutely normal for every bike with more than 100 hp and so much ccm. I think, that other owners of this Duke only need max 3.000 kms to destroy the back-tyre.
    But what you also need for your Duke is a pretty short part for the license-plate ;o)

  15. I just test rode the 2019 Superduke 1290R last saturday. As a taller guy it was heaven! Im not a fast rider nor do I want to go super fast on the road and do wheelies. But I still want that bike so bad! I also test rode the new 790 Duke. That bike makes much more sense for me to own but it just couldn't produce the same excitement when riding.

    Right now I'm trying to convince myself why I need to save up for a +170hp bike that on paper makes no sense at all when you consider total ownership cost (maintenance, insurance etc)… 🙂

  16. A very thorough review, covers everything. I am at that stage in biking and I am now considering this bike!

  17. Very informative and interesting. The tire wear while understandable may be a real issue to some who are maxed out getting into the bikes.

  18. Bought myself an 18 SDR last year and loving it. Only negative is that the front shocks were leaking after 1000 km.

  19. Great video! Everything broken down to the smallest detail, that was exactly what I needed and couldn't ask for more. Love it!

  20. Why is it all motorcycle manufacturers can't put on the best tire possible for that particular motorcycle? Add the cost whatever just do it. I ride a Kawi concours 14 and I ride it pretty hard, 14k kms (mostly hwy) and I'm on my second set, Metzlers and they're a far better tire than Dunlops.

  21. Came across your channel while considering the African Twin or the Duke..super calm n clear in your thoughts on each bike..subbed..greetings from Singapore

  22. Looking for an opinion. Getting back into riding after 30+ years. Past experience includes dirt bikes, street, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, etc…I like to go fast and lean, but not sport bike lean or fast…reactions not being what they were. Bikes you would recommend looking at? Thank you-

  23. Delighted I stumbled across this very informative review, I’m planning buying the 2019 Superduke r, after watching this I think I’ll try buying between Christmas and New Year to see if I can grab a bargain. Love the bike and after watching this I think I love the fella a bit as well 😆

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