Ladue Missouri Property Updates By JD Hippler (Creve Coeur, Real Estate Agent)
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Ladue Missouri Property Updates By JD Hippler (Creve Coeur, Real Estate Agent)

hi this is doug hippler and i’m the broker owner of JD hippler real estate located in the paragon building on Alma boulevard just west of i-270 in creve coeur missouri in a Ladue resident this is the 63124 if you get on the internet and look at either LeDoux our 63124 zip code it’s not a hundred percent overlay so keep that in mind because it might skew the numbers just a little bit we’re having a shortage of homes to buy in the lease across the metropolitan area this has been going on for two three years and we see the same thing for the city of Ladue in the 63124 zip code as you can see in 2017 we had a six point seven months supply in 2018 we had a five month supply and for August 2019 there is a five month supply so again you got if you get that pre-approval know what you want to buy and get out there and look and you can’t be you know clowning around you know go for that property if you have any interest and more than likely we’ll kind of show you you know the percentage of list price that let’s do that now percentage of list price is on average ninety six point five percent of the list price sale price let’s click that on here if we can there we go and the average sale price for 2019 is one million one hundred and eleven thousand dollars and that’s for all properties condos residential if we go to townhouses you can see it’s a little bit lower in the 63124 185 if we go to condos it looks like it’s 284 in in the 63124 zip code let’s go back to the residential okay and so we see that the sale price has increased by nine point one percent year-to-date and so again shortage of supply get that pre-approval have a good idea what you’re looking for and so if you’re looking to list or you’re looking to buy in the ladue 63124 area please give me a call Doug Hippler JD Hippler real estate three one four four one four thirty seven eleven

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