Lana & Lola’s Top 28 Twinning Moments πŸ§’πŸŽ€ | The Loud House | Nick

The two cutest twins in town! [music playing] – You look silly!
– You look silly! [roaring] – Get him!
– Get him! You’re ruining the picture,
maybe you should take off that gross hat! Maybe you should take off
that gross face! [splashing] I must insist you go first! I shan’t hear of it! And I would never forgive myself
if I went before you! – Oh, dear brother, you go first!
– Oh, dear brother, you go first! Thanks! [groaning] [crashing] Hey, Lincoln, you like seafood?
Sea? Food! [screaming] Hey, Lucy!
I want to suck your blood! You got this, girl! You got this, girl! Oh, we got this! [fighting] What seems to be the problem? Lana’s supposed to be
guarding my princess tower, not attacking it! – Now, Lana…
– Guarding is boring! Attacking is cool! [grunting] – Tea Party?
– Thank you, Lincoln! Hey, I don’t wanna be part
of some dumb old tea party! I’m gonna watch TV! Not even if these guys are invited? [squealing] Thanks, Lincoln! – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! Oh, aren’t you two adorable! [door closing] – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! So cute! [door closing] – Trick or treat!
– Trick or treat! Great costumes! – Thank you!
– Thank you! You know what she’s capable of. [fire raging] We’re headed for the red zone. Copy that,
we’re headed for the green zone. [growling] Lola, what are you doing?
This is the red zone! The door is red! Uh, hello, the carpet is green! – Stop looking at me!
– You stop looking at me! [fighting] I’m gonna teach you a lesson! Mirror Mirror, in my hand,
who’s the prettiest in the land? Not you, once Mudzilla
gets a hold of you! [screaming] [splashing] [coughing] Lana, heel! [whining] Snap out of it, Lana. – We have to pick up trash?
– We get to pick up trash? Mmm, Spicy Italian! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! [screaming] Lana, where’s your Sit-Upon? Er, this is dumb,
I already have a Sit-Upon, it’s called my butt! Lola, I’m so sorry I pretended to be you,
please don’t be mad at me! I don’t like what you did
but you did win and I respect a winner! I think this belongs to you. No, you earned it. ♪ Hallelujah ♪ Oh, I snore, do I? How can you hear me
over all your sleep-farting? More tea, Lady Lillington? She doesn’t wanna have a dumb tea party,
she wants to play with Izzy! – No, she doesn’t! No, she doesn’t!
– Yes, she does! You must dig a latrine! That sounds French,
a latrine, what is it? It’s a hole you poop in! [screaming] – The trolls have cookies!
– The trolls have cookies! I got ’em– I… [squealing] We can’t get ahead of ourselves,
we gotta pass the try-outs first! Which is why I’m giving you
my lucky princess wand! Aww, thanks sis,
and I’m giving you my lucky plunger! Oh, don’t worry,
I only use this one for sinks. Thanks! – No running in the hallway!
– Huh? What are you talking about? Lana, is this maggot giving you lip? We’re the new hall monitors at school,
so we’re practicing at home. If we catch you speeding again,
you’re going down town! – Sorry for being so hard on you today.
– Me too. – We’re just good at different stuff!
– I don’t care as long as we’re together! – Woohoo!
– We did it! [squealing]

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