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Lance Armstrong Shows Us How to Fix a Flat | Outside

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  1. It's almost like a worldwide awakening to see the controlled mainstream media pushing one narrative (he's the most evil bastard in the world) and the people, through collective discourse on the internet, coming to the conclusion that he was just playing by the rules of the game at that point that everyone else was (everyone else was doping in those peloton's), and after everyone realizes that, then you logically have to agree that he was the true winner, and he does deserve those titles. He wouldn't deserve them if he was the only doper and nobody else was — which is the nonsense the media pushed, and WHICH IS WHY NOBODY TRUSTS MSM WITH ITS SENSATIONAL BULLSHIT TO SELL ADS — but they were all doing it, so the playing field was "technically even," which means he won.

    It's bullshit that history shows there's no winner for his won TdF's, yet you look at all those guys before him, and ESPECIALLY all those guys after him until present, and anyone with two braincells who understands these arguments has to just say "oh fuck you people, those guys from 2005-2017 are all doped off their asses too, you might as well make no winners if you're going to revoke Lance's wins on the doping charge."

    He's a king among athletes, and those people who profited off of him and then have the audacity to point the finger and judge when they all knew damned well what was going on, these moral cows trying to save face and their cash cow sport, they are fuckwads. And they deserve what they get, because nobody gives two shits about pro cycling. The sales volume of Pearl Izumi cycling jerseys is comparable to cactus dildos.

    The only exception to this, of course, is Chris Froome, who is breaking all of Lance's records on Sprite and multivatimins.

  2. whatever he did he took all that shit and all that pressure like a man ,much respect to you lance,may god bless ur family too and may ur kids be the best in the sports they participate

  3. Just give it time. He'll eventually be forgiven by all, and the world will let him out of "time out". Mainly because almost everyone (like 90%+) in the Peloton were using various drugs to enhance performance.

    Even the officials are quietly murmuring the reinstating of his wins in the next couple of years.

    When everyone is doping to the point of keeping their blood just below the max levels allowed, it puts them basically all on the same playing field. And, it's not like they were pumping tons of steroids into them. Very small amounts of testosterone and EPO were the primary drugs used over time to help with training, yet always staying just below the line of popping positive. It's almost like NASCAR. All the riders were using small amounts to be at the max allowed. That way, the real win comes from experience, sheer will power, team tactics/strategy, and simply who trained the hardest.

  4. He has done more for me during my bout with testicular cancer than the UCI,Novitizki,David Walsh and the other accusers together.
    In balance what he has done for thousands of cancer victims well outweighs the mistakes he made.There are many sport greats who have done very little or nothing for the public good.He has done more than any I know.

  5. I agree almost everyone from that era was doped to the max,their accomplishments prove nothing to me,if you want to see a nondoped rider of that ers watch Frenchman ,Christophe Moreau race with these guys .He stays with them to the point of human endurance and then you can almost see the drugged riders when he is dropped.All of the big riders of that era have been caught that does not make it right.To me Lances biggest downfall was that when busted he was not man enough to admit it and d"do the time".

  6. Don’t care what you say I lost to ppl that were on steroids just wish I was on it my self would have gone far I don’t blame him

  7. It's funny that in Europe they call it getting a puncture and in the US it's a flat tire. What's with the valve cap do they do absolutly nothing. It's one extra step to remove it when inflating the tube but why have one at all if it does nothing.

  8. You really need to inspect the tread a little more carefully; just running your finger inside is not enough. You might have a small cut in the casing that pinched the tube. If it's small enough, it can be booted from the inside with a double layer of duct tape.

    Also, check the rim strip to ensure it's in good shape, and it that it wasn't an impact puncture. It's also a good idea to put a little talc inside the tire before inserting the new tube.

  9. I wish he was that funny and amusing when he was a rider.That kind of tyre is very easy when "How to fix a tubular with the sew and the mastic etc etc" with Lance Armstrong?

  10. Lance é o melhor o campeao e por mais que use o dopping todos tambem usavam naquela epoca vc sera pra sempre lembrado como o unico homem a ganhar 7 veses o tour de france

  11. Lance has the agility and the ability to be the best in the world. His doping didn't help his image or cycling world. At least he was honest enough to bring to public attention. Forgive and forget the past the move on. Live Long and Live Strong Lance !!!!!. it would be cool to buy a decent bike from Lance world..

  12. Lance should take some more drugs and get back into racing. It’s demeaning to see him working in a tyre repair shop.

  13. Wao, interesante e instructivo el accionar del gran Armstrong quien con toda humildad nos muestra un cambio de tubo ponchado. Muy valedero, tratandose de su persona aunque ya sepamos como hacerlo. tambien nos puede indicar como nivelar o centrar los rayos o radios, otros aspectos de mecanica, asi como tecnicas de respiracion, de pedaleo, tips de psicologia, consejos sobre superacion, etc. Es muy valiente al decidir volver aqui, exponiendose a la burla o a la ironia de la gente. Es por eso que hor, valoramos su esfuerzo y le animamos a darnos un poco de su buen accionar en el ciclismo. Buena, Lance…

  14. I don't put the black plastic valve cap on either, I get a coloured aluminium one. They look very cool. Just don't forget it at the side of the road.

  15. There's something reassuring seeing a severely humbled Lance Armstrong changing a punctured bike tyre. Makes me feel like singing to him – it would have to be "Punctured bicycle on a hillside – desolate. Nature make a man of me yet !!" – lol. (Lyrics from This Charming Man. By The Smiths. All the best for the future Lance. Rx

  16. Everybody was on juice but still could not beat Lance he was just better. No matter if he "cheated" as a kid of the 80s i will always remember Lance as the number one cyclist of the world! People try to act like he killed someone, time to move on!!

  17. America, We Still Love Lance Armstrong. You will always be 7 Time winner of the TDF to me and they can't strip that from my heart.

  18. I've been watching those Tours on youtube and they are still the most exciting races to watch. Screw all that doping nonsense. Everybody was doing it anyway. He was the best cyclist at that time with the best team.

  19. I truly believe that he just learned to fix a flat. I've watched GCN videos where they ask all the pros if they can fix their own bikes and most of them are clueless. Easy to be ignorant when you have a staff of mechanics.

  20. You lucky youtubers! And you thought he was just a zillion time world champion bike racer. You thought he had a bike mechanic change all his tires

  21. Like your alter ego. Mellow Johnny bike mechanic. You should do a bike maintenance and repair show that’s real world with you as Mellow Johnny.

  22. I recommend listening to his podcast, the episode featuring Lance Armstrong and comedian Bill Burr. It answered a lot of questions I had as well as being entertaining, amusing, and hilarious all in one good chat. Go check it out.

  23. Try using Continental Tyres Lance – they are such a tight fit that you need the strength of a lion to put a new tyre on.

  24. He is a champion. No doubt about that. You may say that he is a bad person as he ruined lives. But he is a champion, in an era of doping.

  25. Lance, why don´t you start a vlog series about your bikes? The bikes you use during your carrear. I would be so interesting recarding the evolution of different materials like from alloy to carbon, downtune shifters to handlebar shifter etc. With best wishes, Teacher Frederik Olsen, Sisimiut, Greenland.

  26. I like Lance, he's the one that inspired me to get into cycling. I would watch him race in the tour, and then get out on my bike and try to mimic each stage.

  27. This guy probably doesn’t know the first thing about cycling…with his lil poser hat. I mean who does this guy think he is anyway? Neil Armstrong?

  28. When you drain the pool you find out who's been swimming without a bathing suit… if everyone is in their birthday suits don't pretend to be shocked and or outraged, it's called a nudist colony. I followed the TDF for the excitement and thrill of it, not for spiritual guidance. Selective indignation is a big turn-off for me. Lance has more talent in his little finger than I or just about all the rest of us have so I admire Lance to this day. Keep it up Lance and never, ever give up…. it's really hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys who's livelihood it is to bring important people down.

  29. The man prob never has to work a day in his life but still spends time in the bike shop. Shows his love for the bike. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

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