Last harvest from Renegade Estate // Renegade tea growing vlog
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Last harvest from Renegade Estate // Renegade tea growing vlog

So, Tomas last plucking at Renegade… Wohoo! So many emotions! So how long have you plucked? I feel so good… Two and a half hours. And how much of this field? Almost 4 rows. Yayy, amazing! And no back anymore. Back is aching a bit, but, othervise it’s quite nice. Weather is cool, Occasional noise from those trucks, but othervise in the nature, good weather. Done with this one. Ok, fair enough. How long are you planning to wither? Until you are crunchy from the sides or…? Until I am ready to roll! Hah, ready to roll… Roll over. Rock’n’Roll! My life is perfect. Splendid, Splendid, wonderful, Splendid, wonderful, fantastic, Splendid, wonderful, fantastic, magnificent! Why? Why? This is a complex question… I just feel like that. So you have to say some magic words so it would be green. Magic words? Yes. (Weird magic words) Ara – ara (In Georgian “No”) Well, that’s a complicated thing. Very complicated. First you have to wither it a little, or a lot. Then you need to fix it at high temperature or low temperature. Anything between 80-200+ degrees. In between 2-10 minutes. And then you have to roll it. Rolling is obvious part. You need to roll. Less complicated. But there is also the thing if there needs to be a lot of juice and foam coming out or a little bit. I can always try. Obviously. I think it’s going to be a challenge Because also yesterday’s green ones Differences were not big in essence. It was the same leaf and differences in the process were… There were differences, but they didn’t seem so big initially. But the result was completely different. But in the future the leaf is also different from day to day so… Maybe this is the key to success? You tried to make green tea, but made oolong. Now when you want to repeat the same oolong
you will get a nice green tea. Yes? Look, how expencive it looks! We just discovered a new type of tea. Ah-ah… What is it? World will go grazy! It’s blue-ish – gray-ish – green. Blueishgraysh.. Well, for example one this is, that if you want to make green tea, you need to fix it. Yesterday we understood what fixes it. I think this changes the perspective, when you understand what you need to do, in a more percise way or what is the condition that you need to achieve. Then it’s easyer to understand what you are doing and why. I like the composition with the braclet and the tea leaf. Oh, you noticed! Yes, that’s really cool! I tried really hard to make it. Looks tea-master-ish a bit, right? Next year you can put another leaf so… Yes – second season! Haha, second season… Oh Jesus… Should start making tea I think. Ho! (In Georgian “Yes!”) Ho? Ki! (Also “Yes” in Georgian) Ki- ki! I fix. I make good tea. I glory!

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