Lincolnโ€™s Holiday Gift Guide ๐ŸŽ  | The Loud House | Nick
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Lincolnโ€™s Holiday Gift Guide ๐ŸŽ | The Loud House | Nick

Holidays in the Loud house
can be stressful. [screaming] Especially when it comes to presents
so to decide who gets what, we made the Loud house
holiday gift guide! – Wow!
– Wow! Alright, let’s get started! Our first gifts are a board game
and a mic! Well the board game can go to Lincoln
because he’s all about family game night! Oh, that’s so easy! And the mic can go to Luna so she can rock us with holiday classics
all season long! ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ [music playing] Alright, 2 down and 9 to go. Our next gifts are a hair dryer
and a book of poetry! Well the hair dryer can go to Lola,
she has a lot of pageants coming up but you know what they say,
the higher the hair, the closer you are
to taking over the world or something like that. And the book of poetry can go to Lori because she needs romantic things
to say to Bobby. Happy six week-aversary,
Bobby Boo Boo Bear. On second thought, all the poems are about darkness
and vampires and spirits, this is definitely going to Lucy! If I had a heart,
it would be swelling right now. OK, next gifts, a cell phone and a tiara. The phone is definitely going to Lori because talking to Bobby
is literally a full time job. Bobby, you look so good
on all of my devices! – Do you think we’ll always be together?
– Aww. Who is that girl
and why is she smiling at you? And the tiara has to go to Lola, right? And wave… More teeth… Less teeth. But then where does the hair dryer go? Oh, Leni needs a new hair dryer, ever since she dropped her old one
in a pot of stew. [hair dryer blowing] Dinner’s almost ready, guys! Deck the halls, we are nailing this! The next gift looks to be
some sort of toy watch. Let’s give that to Lily, wait a minute! What does that say?
Inter-dimensional Portal Device! Whoa, imagine what would happen
if Lily got her hands on that! That definitely has to go to Lisa. Holy Moly, awesome! Wait, why are you doing this for me? I need beta testers. Next up, a new guitar! Let’s give this to Luna.
Oh wait, she already has the mic. I know, we can give the mic to Luan because she has a holiday stand up special
coming up. What’s that, Mom?
I can holly hear you! [laughing] And with the guitar, Luna can still serenade us
with some sweet jingle jams! [music playing] Next up, Ace Savvey number 1! Whoa, super rare, this is Lincoln’s dream! I know, give the board game to Lynn
because she loves to win! Yes, I win! Ha! Losers clean up! Maybe a little too much… Winner! And Lincoln can have
a nice, peaceful read in his undies. Well deserved and much desired
peace and quiet, check! OK, next up we have
a Burpin’ Burger gift card! This is going to Lily
because she loves Burpin’ Burger! [burping] [laughing] And finally the last gift is…
Dog biscuits? Who do these go to? I want dog biscuits! Oh, I guess Lana wants dog biscuits,
then it’s the perfect gift for her! Sorry, Charles. They are great for my teeth and my coat! If you say so, Lana. We did it! And remember, at the end of the day, the best gift you can get
for the holidays is time spent with loved ones. – Aww!
– Aww! See you next time on the Loud House
Holiday Gift Guide! Usually I’m impervious to human emotions,
but… [sobbing]

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  3. When Lucy said "If I had a heart, it would be swelling right now," would that be cardiac arrest or would it be swelling UP? 'Cause that swelling up thing reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because Violet Beauregarde was ending up as a blueberry.

  4. Also, I think Lynn should come up with a New Year's resolution: Try to be fine with losing, and don't look too brutal and gloat if you win.

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  7. My favorite: Leni's hairdrier, Luna's gitare, Luan's microphone, Lynn's games, Lola's tiara and Lisa's invencion.

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