Liverpool’s transfer spending breakdown under nine years of FSG ownership
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Liverpool’s transfer spending breakdown under nine years of FSG ownership

 This week marks nine years since Liverpool were taken over by American consortium Fenway Sports Group  The owners started their reign by declaring they would do “whatever is necessary” to guide the Reds back to past glories  They went through some ups and downs early on, but the appointment of Jurgen Klopp in October 2015 proved a turning point, culminating in last season’s Champions League final success  Players have come and gone underway FSG, ultimately leaving Klopp with a star-studded side already eight points clear after a perfect start to the Premier League season  But just how much have the group invested in the Reds squad in the form of transfers over the course of their nine years in charge?  The likes of Philippe Coutinho, Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling have left the club, replaced by new heroes Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane amongst others  There have also been failures such as Andy Carroll and Christian Benteke who have come and gone   There has certainly been no shortage of transfer activity at Anfield over the last nine years – but just how much FSG have invested to get Liverpool to their current standing back amongst world football’s elite?   In terms of net spend, the Liverpool Echo calculate FSG have invested £205 43million, with an average spend of £22.83m per year.  They splashed the cash in Brendan Rodgers’ last transfer window in 2014/15, spending over £100m, but have also given Klopp substantial backing  Their two transfer windows as he rebuilt between 2017 and 2019 saw spending in excess of £300m, although the big-money sale of Coutinho and others saw them recoup nearly £200m in 2017/18 Net spend on players since January 2011   January 2011 : Ins £57.8m Outs £55.8m Net spend £2m   2011/12 : Ins £53 48m Outs £23.3m Net spend £30.18m   2012/13 : Ins £49.9m Outs £13m Net spend £36 9m   2013/14 : Ins £41.3m Outs £28.7m Net spend £12.6m   2014/15 : Ins £116.85m Outs £78 5m Net spend £38.35m   2015/16 : Ins £93.85m Outs £70.4m Net spend £23.45m   2016/17 : Ins £63 9m Outs £85.75m Net spend £-21.85m   2017/18: Ins £167.9m Outs £185.7m Net spend £-17 8m   2018/19: Ins £175.2m Outs £33.5m Net spend £141.7m   Summer 2019: Ins £4.4m Outs £44 5m Net spend £-40.1m   Total: Ins £824.58m Outs £619.15m   FSG net spend on players in nine years: £205 43m   Average per year – £22.83m

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