Living Tiny Legally, Part 1 (Documentary)- Innovative Tiny House Zoning
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Living Tiny Legally, Part 1 (Documentary)- Innovative Tiny House Zoning

100 thoughts on “Living Tiny Legally, Part 1 (Documentary)- Innovative Tiny House Zoning

  1. Good for Rockland FL and their progressive thinking and planning! What I'm seeing here in California and elsewhere is that people that already own homes are putting in tiny's as an additional structure. This model takes the affordability and ownership factor out of the hands of people who want to own tiny homes on their own land or to have the flexibility to own their home but rent the space. The planning department in our county is allowing corporate builders to construct 70 vacations rentals but will not allow a county resident to build a tiny home unless it's a secondary unit. Love the idea of a pocket neighborhood but I'd like to be able to build a tiny on my own land. The idea that there is a minimum size for housing is ridiculous. There is a huge need for housing in Northern California but our planners are looking for revenue not what's best for the community. Allowing big developers into this movement spells trouble … they will drive the cost up and quality down.

  2. I'm a bit confused. Was this video saying they want to zone so people who already own large homes can build/put a "second home" on their property and then charge rent? If so then doesn't this thwart the idea of a tiny home being yours, built the way you want it with your needs in mind? If however they're saying you can put your tiny home on someone else's property and pay rent then that's good but what about you purchasing your own piece of land and putting your tiny "first" home on it? It seems to me this was not addressed. Am I wrong about the video content?

  3. 6/17/18…. Man is right….NO WAY that ALL cities/communities will allow "tiny houses" thru out the 50 states.
    Local rules/regulations vary….local
    codes/ordinances also vary b/c
    of land use zoning according to area/type of zoning/amount of land/commercial or agricultural/
    public opinion/established subdivisions/possible options.
    City managers & mayors & governors—all have their own groups of lawyers & other experts on building & rebuilding & "best & greatest use of land" & larger pieces of land as well as smaller lots……
    Great video—lots of info…..lots of interest for "pocket villages" as well as regular subdivisions & even
    expensive/expansive golf club communities.

  4. love how the counties and cities are getting their buddies cut in on the piece of the pie, now tiny houses will cost damn near as much as a house. negating the whole reason for a tiny house.

  5. The young man at the end moving his tiny home with the Uhaul is smart, he doesn't have the overhead of owing a vehicle to move his home. Rent a truck, load up your outdoor furniture and porch attachments, hook up the tiny home trailer and go!

  6. This documentary angered me more than anything. The GD government people. They act like they are concerned with health and safety as if they actually care about people. The real issue that they won't say is how they are going to assess and tax these tiny homes. They really only care about themselves and their jobs, whose salary is paid by property tax. I'm getting super tired of being a tax slave for these government people. They are squeezing the life out of us. And it absolutely disgust me the woman who showered these government people with accolades and gratitude as some kind of subserviant slave only to boost their control freak egos to get them to pass the ordanance. The reason why they are okay with pocket communities packing tiny homes on a lot is to maximize the amount of property tax they can collect from the owners living there. And the other guy concerned with how developers are going to turn a profit. It's all about the money to them. Government's unending greed is creating an increasing number of people who cannot afford to live. That needs to end somehow.

  7. I honestly believe the problem people have with tiny living spaces is more physiological than anything else. We have been conditioned that in order to be considered a success, we have to accumulate stuff and things, and if we don't we are a failure. If one really thinks on it, how many pairs of shoes must a person have, or just how many articles of clothing must a person have? I also believe the issue with tiny homes in certain areas is tax driven, the bigger the lot or home the more taxes the community gets. The only down side i see in tiny home communities are personality clashes and rather to allow children in the community. For me personally my children are grown and on their own, so i would want to live in a community that does not allow children as permanent residence. Now i am not saying i dont like children, because i do and there should be communities that allow them but there should also be those that don't.

  8. its some good stuff in this video but its a lot of bull shit too. everyone is worried about profit instead of quality of life and affordable housing for their citizens…

  9. They claim tiny homes depreciated property values. The reality is the banks that own the politicians want to keep everyone slaves to mortgage payments.

  10. This is an over simplified explanation of legal tiny house building. There are several more code bodies that apply. All in all it’s not that difficult to build and certify a tiny house. There are basically two classifications of tiny houses. One is RV if they are built on a trailer chassis and modular house if they are built to be moved once. Additional codes are NFPA 1192, NEC 2017-550 or 551 or 552. Do not go into this without doing some research into your local and state laws, codes and regulations. We are here to help.

  11. Hooray. We can petition our masters and bargain with them to live the way we want. But we must bargain with them and still do what they say. Seems better to just live in your car.

  12. Each person requires a space 7'X7'X7' for basic needs. A way to eat drink and depose of waste. A communal building could provide these needs as jobs by each community. New York people pay $1000.00 a month for a closet, to stay in the city. A tiny house, is the future, capsules for existence.

  13. The whole way we handle land and home ownership in this country is wrong honestly zoneing and code are unconstitutional it inhibits our liberties if I buy the land it is mine I should be able to use it as I see fit I own it. I can understand concerns about dumping and contaminating ground water and other pollution but building codes that is just wrong in its thinking there should be best practices manuals but no codes if your house collapses thats on you thats your fault and your problem if you built it and if you contracted someone to build your house write into the contract that they must adhere to the best practices manual or be sued for any and all repairs. Also taxation on land you own is also wrong it turns it into an open-ended lease from the state if you really own your land no one should be allowed to take it but that is not what happens if you don't pay your taxes on your land you supposedly own they will come in and throw you off your land. So I ask do you really own that land. I understand the state needs revenue to operate for the public good but how about instead an additional municipal tax on goods and services at a percentage amount so the more you use the more you pay in taxes that way wealthy people who buy expensive things pay there fair share and poor people who live far more modestly pay theirs. I really don't think the government should be in the business of making people homeless it just seems like the opposite of what our government should be doing. Our government should enrich lives by providing safty and security not destroy people's lives by making them homeless.

  14. Are these considered a part of a homeowner's association? I wasn't sure what the stipulations were when owning one of these homes. Carbon footprint is BS, but I'm just wondering what all the stipulations are. $750 is a lot for rent. Sorry, but it's still a lot..not all retired couples want to live in these houses. Most of the time, their homes are already paid for. Single individuals would be more attracted, because they don't want to live with other people or have roommates. They need something affordable. Apartments suck.

  15. This guy sounds as if he's against it because he wont make any money from it, but the episode i seen before this one in Florida is all for it without the BS like he's coming up with.

  16. Why tiny houses are important.When you think about it less people would have to worry about their house being forclose. Not to mention it but instead of making the working class poorer we should try to make homes more affordable. Reducing the square feet requiretment would be helpful. If anything changing the zoning laws to help the working class so more people are off the street or illegally living. The requirement should be Atleast 500 square feet and have indoor plumbing and kitchen has to be required. I think this would be more fair. Because to me this seems to be a discrimination against people who are poorer. So many people are coming up with home design that are safe and liveable but our government who still consider us Truly free gets to decide what can and can’t be allow? doesn’t that seem like they have too much power? Would you say we are truly free in a world we’re our government has to much power? Would are founding father agree what are government or our officials are doing now? All we want is affordable living we don’t want to prisoners of larger banks anymore. We don’t need to put ourselves in the hands of legal loan sharks anymore. We’re smarter then that.

  17. The way our society has let municipal administrations redefine land ownership when it no longer amounts to rights and freedoms of ownership at all is really amazingly sad when you think about it. We can't create tiny communities, but who created things such as 'the projects', or wasted, economically depressed cities going to rubble such as Cleveland or Detroit?

  18. I want to live in a tiny house mostly just because I want to have control of my life. I'm 22, my first house will be a tiny house as soon as I finish building it. The best part about it is that if a townships by-law is ridiculous then I can just pack up and move. I was a truck driver for over a year. I know where I can drive and park. And if I have too I'll park at a truck stop for a few nights haha.

  19. Too bad property rights have been so abrogated by zoning laws, so that freedom no longer exists for housing in America, so that a person can buy their piece of property and still have the right to determine what sort of home they choose to have there, to place or build there. We used to have those rights. Most zoning laws favor the "have more" over the "have less". If we truly were free, then property tax values would only be determined intrinsically, meaning not recognized, even rejected, as depending on what others had nearby, similar to tax values on agricultural land. After all, both are just land. The problem with govt is they always want more tax money, and this too often drives their zoning laws in order to achieve what THEY consider the highest and best value of someone else's property. This is not that different from Communism, except at least in name YOU own the property, just with fewer rights than should belong to YOU. There's no reason a mansion can't sit next to a small home. Both can be happy with what they have. If they can't, the failing is theirs.

    We need to move away from the concept of homes being an "investment" rather than just being a place to live. What's the difference between some 5000 sq ft home on a 1/4 acre lot and a tiny house on a larger 1/2 acre lot? It would seem the latter would be more acceptable, yet it's exactly the opposite where zoning is involved. It's even worse if all lots are 1/2 acre and the first homes there are the tiny homes, one per lot. Will they allow the huge barn of house to be built there? Of course, yet doing it in reverse is often blocked by zoning. Is it OK that larger homes in a neighborhood cause property taxes to rise on those with smaller homes too? Yet, that's allowed, but the reverse is not because it might lower the property taxes on the larger homes. If you think of your home as an investment, this upsets the owner of the larger home, but if you think of it as just your home instead, then there's no problem.

     If I have a small home, I don't care if someone builds larger near me, so why should those with larger homes be able to block the person who wishes instead to have a home that is smaller? It's all due to zoning and property taxes, which is an unnatural condition, and interferes with the rights of property owners.

    My grandparents bought property in 1940 and beside their home, built two rentals, each about 500 sq ft. Not a problem then. Now, 70 years later, so long as they are left there, they are grandfathered in, but if I want to remove and replace with newer the same size, it's not permitted, because they would need to be over 1,000 sq ft. How does that make sense to zoning officials other than wanting more tax money from the property. Yet, those rentals have served low rank service members, newlyweds starting their life together, and lately, those on disability and Social Security, because it's all they could afford then and now. That's not very fair, is it?

  20. Being a senior citizen, it's increasingly more difficult every year to take care of my 2000 sq ft home in Maryland, but when I visit my other place in florida which is only 12×40 in size, grandfathered in, it's much easier on me, and I'm not talking financial but just in the upkeep of the property and home. Eventually I will sell the larger home and retire permanently to my florida place, for more than just the warmer weather and lower taxes. I would like to replace the florida home with a new tiny house, but anything new placed there that's not at least 1000 sq ft is restricted. I have hope since Panama City was wiped out by Hurricane Michael and there's more talk there about allowing tiny homes rather than permanently lose population. Surprisingly my small place survived, MAYBE because it is small, but in that particular area just outside Panama City, it's 80% damaged homes and fully half of all homes will probably be condemned and torn down, the damage was so severe. It also might be a place those interested now in finding room for their tiny home to investigate. Lots in Springfield area are quite cheap, about $13-15,000 for 60 x 130' size, and many are zoned to allow "new" mobile homes (5 years old or less) and probably would be able to get approval for tiny homes as "mobile homes" easy now.


  22. I love my tiny house!! Its about de cluttering you life and getting priorities straight….
    Besides, who needs rooms you only visit in a big house!!

  23. The reason for zoning is because construction worker, big banks, central banks, wall street and big government makes money and keep the economy going through taxation and peoples debts. The regulation is to prevent people from living free from enslavement by society and government. What I really hate is how can you expect a person or family to pay a bank 4.5 to 10% of interest rate to buy a house in the hundred thousands or more. Big lobbyists bought out our government and only wants big profit for 0 percent of their effort. This movement is caused by our governmant failure to prevent inflation caused by Gov spending creating a trillion dollar deficit. So now they are relying heavily on us central banks to collect those interest rates aka your debt. For home owners it's time and money away from your family and life. For them they are not losing anything, selling subprime loans for absolutely nothing. If we truly define money it shows that the government has no right to be printing money that they do not have, which once was a conversion from gold. That's why our deficit is so high and our gov spending still had not lowered. Print more money, continue gov spending for big gov, remove amendments rights so your citizens cannot fight back, brainwash your kids in school so they believe in the system. Tiny homes are a threat to big corporations and government. I dont say to get out of the system but dont enslave yourself if you do not have to. I rather live in a tiny home, debt free on my own land, work the hours I want and have extra money for my family to enjoy for ourselves. Great part if I want to move, I can do that with the home i have. Yes please legalize tiny homes stop infiltrating into people's lives.

  24. I've lived in three separate communities in the US where owners have gotten into renting tiny homes on their properties (San Diego, LA, Seattle). And I've been to a tiny home village off one of the lakes in Northern Cal. In each case, the tiny homes are so expensive that it would make more sense to rent an apartment. I don't trust the "private market" to supply affordable housing.

  25. reinventing the trailer park, yuppie style. how are the realtors going to live? how can the govt. make more in taxes? everyone would buy less furniture. it's too practical; we'll have to form more commitees to oppose this & keep control. it's unamerican! haha

  26. I guess the word affordable is definitely not the same for everyone. When I look up some of the prices of these homes, many are more then what I paid for my home.

  27. The Rockledge thing is a good start, but it's still massively regulated. I'm still waiting for the hunt on truly alternative dwellings to stop. As long as you're chill and don't shit in the wrong places you should be able to live in whatever. Safety concerns matter, but that's it in terms of justification for regulation. There's way too much rigidity about city design for how things look. It's sucking the soul from us, we aren't allowed to live as we wish.

    I'd have a hard time talking to the city planners without bitterness. Spoke to someone in the VT govt about off-grid stuff and it was somewhat heartening. He was chill and agreed with me about a lot of stuff. But govt is slow, takes a while to build up proof of concept. Examples of families living simple lives, healthy and happy. Their concerns about basic stuff like fire danger, polluting groundwater, radon, etc are all fine but there are other ways of dealing with those issues than just the ones they force on us. Like composting humanure instead of putting it closer to the groundwater inside a septic tank that can fail. Chop wood, carry water. Feel tied to the basic stuff in our lives. Tending the fire with wood you worked for feels beautiful. A tiny shelter is easy to heat.

    When you have extra space, you fill it. Modern lives build up such a glut of junk, and we can become stuck in attachment to all that stuff. That tidying up show actually has some real depth to it. A tiny tidy shelter can change the way you look at life. Nice to know so many other people want to live the same way.

  28. Indiana will not let you. They will not allow you to put a trailer on your own land or less it’s a trailer court. I have land in the country with no neighbors and I can’t put a trailer on it. Now I can put a modular home on it but I don’t want that. It’s not right that I can’t build what I want on my own land.

  29. We are a military family, I can't think of a better way of housing. PCS and take your home with you to your next duty station, it makes so much sense it's scary!

  30. Living small is not a new thing. I can't believe the control the government has. The shack that my great, great grandparents built when they first moved here is still on the property.

  31. Tiny house idea is good, but the flip side is that they should be on larger land so they can at least have gardens and space from next tiny house.

    Having a bunch of tiny houses crammed next to each other does not sound very fun.

  32. A mobile home park that is a cooperative so rent is stable! I got a Social Security raise and right away my land lord took $25.00 increase for lot rent! Rent in a cooperative would only cover taxes and up keep for the property determined by those living in the park!

  33. im broke , im handi capped & tired of not having a place i can call home 55 years old tired of fake news n bs … what can i do …… big ? what were can i go .. answer no were your almost at the last stop …this tops the pain i deal with losing my mom now im gonna have ta face this sooner or later…..

  34. In my opinion, The reason tiny homes are not accepted in most cities and towns is because taxes are based of the square footage of home. Most cities are not iterested in Tiny Homes because there is no money in it for them. The "system", can only flurish if you stay that robot doing what the government needs you to do to keep money in their pockets. SMH

  35. I very rarely comment on anything! But, this video is so full of wonderfully informative information that can help anyone else to follow what has been done! Thank you for this! I’m thinking of following the same way to get this talk going in my own community! I’m really looking forward to watching the rest of these videos! I can’t thank you enough!

  36. I’am trying to live full time in a 16ft Scamp trailer, would that fall under tiny home or as a “recreational trailer”?

  37. My husband and I are looking to go tiny. We have already run into so many problems here in Central Oregon. Just with the banks alone, not being willing to lend money for tiny houses. It’s definitely going to be hard, but we’re determined!

  38. Housing, even Apartments, cost so much and the fact they seem to not want a cheaper alternative out there pisses me off. Let there be a big competition for housing and apartment. Then prices could go down to a more reasonable range.

  39. No man may not buy or sell except he that has the mark of the beast Revelation chapter 13 we must recognize why we are here and learn what truly is our destiny and how much God truly loves us study your bibles book of Daniel and book of revelation must be studied together look at the history of how God said this country would speak as a dragon ( SATAN) oh so much to learn so little time

  40. Jesuit plan is working get the people to live like rodents ,how do you have a family live like midgets brilliant how people fall for this without being forced like Manhattan

  41. It looks like the government can't stop the tiny house communities from being set up so they've found a way to make money off of them therefore preventing people from being free. They'll find a way to ruin it in the end and it will cost more, not less, to live in one. You wait and see.

  42. Y’all know like tiny houses already exist? They’re called trailer homes. Oh wait these middle class white folks don’t want to be associated with that.

  43. What is a tiny house? OR is it a tiny mobile home? A house on wheels is a mobile home. a real house sets on the ground and is not moveable. So a real tiny house is like the house being built in Detroit.

  44. The suburban dream is rapidly becoming the American nightmare, with suburban sprawl in places like Chicago being so vast their hired help might have to ride a bus for hours one way just to get to a minimum wage job. Cities like Chicago are often demanding the banks and real estate companies including a certain amount of low income housing in every suburb. Past a certain point, money always takes on a life of its own, and tiny houses must learn how to create their own new cracks to inhabit, by becoming more creative! Steam roller banks are all too easy to predict.

  45. My mother owns 3 acres of beautiful land in NC but I cant have one built on her land because her land is in the city. Its so frustrating.

  46. I was educated by your video. I do not understand why there is so much of the red tape to be able to have a tiny house whether on wheels or not. The tiny house community would be a better concept. There are mobile home parks clearing out and leaving empty lots that are being untended to, so why not allow in a place like that to develope. I know then there would be a lot rent expense, but if the homes are off grid then that expence could be a smaller bill. Going off grid with the utilities would knock down part of the cost of the city to have electricity and sewer. There can be rules on the compost toilet and grey water disposal and placement of the solar panels. The whole idea that the city thinks they have to make a profit from all this is very frustrating. Yes I can understand the safety part…easy access of fire equipment is needed….have a fenced in dumpster for the trash collection. You video has brought several ideas for me to get things started in my community in Iowa. Thank you

  47. IF I won some major $$$$ l would buy about 20 acres and create a tiny village. We should NOT let fat cats make money off our idea's when they see fit! I'm still on my 400sqfoot tiny journey. But after seeing all the long shaped and very expensive "tiny" home's, I've been forced to recalculate my options. 65k-75k is just too much for me right now. So I plan to downsize to 300sqfoot which is pushing it. I've taken up DIY thanks to all the amazing YouTube's peps who show me that even a pricey little chick like me can use a circular sander and paint. San Francisco California 350sqfoot studio in the hood is now $3,100 a month. You can have up to 3 roommates at the time of signing a lease in a studio. 😣lm just no longer ok with being 33 with a masters in accounting living with grownups who don't buy me dinner. Tiny is the way to go but zoneing and land rentals make it impossible for normal people. I do plan on getting my tiny house by the end of 2020. You just have to make sure you know your CITY and State law's before clearing out your savings and buying something that may not fit your lifestyle.

  48. America is the most beautiful land,has many spectacles such as grand caynun, Yellow stones, Niagara falls, tiny house movement would be growing up to more for future generations to enjoy all of America.

  49. All of a sudden it should be listen to that u some people that miss place socalled black people and killed alot of them want people to understand and listen to yall but u didn't and dont care about those people around the world but when u caucasians want something every one supposedly should listen yall need to clean up all the killings yall have done to people on the globe!

  50. the government hates this because its going against the "AMERICAN DREAM " they have been selling us forever . slavery and debtors servitude for life is what they want.

  51. Regarding minimum 1000 square foot dwelling size . . . Consistency to preserve property value is understandable, however conspicuous consumptive inefficiency reminds me of water waste as a status symbol in Frank Herbert's Dune:

  52. -Where does the human waste go?
    -Where does the water to cook, drink, shower, clean come from?
    -Where does the grey water go?
    -Where does the electricity come from?
    -Where is the parking?
    SOMEBODY is going to pay for all this. You want to know who? The people who pay property taxes.
    This video is all fluff. NONE of the real issues are addressed.

  53. @FallonTonight @theroots This sb Theme Song for #TinyHouse.#TinyHomes @TinyHouseNZ "Zac Brown Band: The Woods"

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