Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard
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Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard

100 thoughts on “Luxury Modern Small Home Built In Suburban Backyard

  1. House is nice, would be great for a bachelor, but stuffing your kids in a closet so you can have a pool bigger than your house? Come on guys.

  2. You have great swimming pool and outdoor dining area but why you put your children and baby sleep in wardrobe???

  3. I love that you can see the outside so often. In my own home, i most of the time see only the next room over and while it gives a sense of privacy, it doesnt give you the same satisfaction as seeing nature/outdoorsy things. Love this house!

  4. I'm assuming they did this so that they could rent out their house in the front for financial reasons, which is fine, but let's be honest.

  5. UMM…..RIDICULOUS. Rich Yuppies who are trying to be minimalist and live in a fancy tiny house behind their own house. Has NOTHING to do with the Tiny House Movement .Disconnected AF.

  6. Capitalists and bootlickers: communism will have us living in huts.
    Capitalism: can’t afford to buy a home? Here how about this 500 square foot hut.

  7. Hi Bryce, can you give us approximate plan of the house with dimension of all your tiny house video? especially this one.

  8. If only we had a climate here in UK suitable to spend more time outside, I would definitely do this. Of course land price is v expensive.

  9. It's beautiful but, as they said, they now have an even BIGGER mortgage, they haven't even paid off the first one yet, but if they are happy and it works for them that's all that matters.

  10. This episode reaffirms that the lot is what makes or breaks a tiny home as a desirable living space. Here they have a summer climate, a beautiful pool and patio with some garden area and suddenly the "tiny" house feels bigger, roomier, something that would be uplifting year after year. It is a real plus that the house is positioned perpendicular to the other house so thwy have their privacy and yet lots of windows!

  11. I am only 10 but I am already falling in love with the world of Architecture and watching all these videos really inspires me to build something similar when I am old enough!

  12. My husband and I are planning to build two tiny houses on our property for our daughters so they can start their life attend college and graduate into their careers without worrying about bills and debt and they can save money for their future ❤️

  13. I would love to know where I can purchase bean bag chairs like the ones they have in their lovely home.I can't find anything like them in my search. They seem very practical and high quality in fabric and design. LBiaTH is my fave. Bryce is a thoughtful and engaging host.

  14. Australia must not have the bugs outside like we do in the Midwest USA- Iowa. Couldn’t have that open concept from the kitchen, because you would be battling bugs from outside all the time.

  15. Wouldn't doing most of your "living" outside of your house annoy the neighbors?
    I'm sure those outside TV speakers are a nuisance to every home around them.
    Yeah it's great when you live in an open field, but it's pretty rude when your surrounded 
    so closely to other people who maybe don't want to hear your kids and telly all day.

    ps – that "play space" is a death trap –

  16. how is the pool bigger than the house? i'm looking at the aerial view ( 2:26 ) and its very clearly smaller. i believe either they mean the pool-area including the surrounding dry enclosed section and lounge area, or they are just stupid as shit and cant even basic-math. because the entire pool and outdoor lounge area may be slightly bigger but the pool itself is not remotely as large as the house. it's visibly obvious.

  17. This was an exceptionally and incredible tiny house. I loved the view of the big
    picture window looking out into the beautiful pool area. 💯❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Bryce is a Kiwi, he is honest and passionate about Small homes. Its because of him that I watch these. I have not desire to build or own one but it certainly makes my imagination work over time.

  19. Nothing about this house is small…

    Both in price and space…

    It looks bigger than my apartment too…

    And it even has a pool

  20. I long to have a modern home. Hated them all my life, then suddenly something changed. This one is not really modern, it's more modern-traditional. I would love a concrete home with very little furniture. Not a single picture on the walls, as the windows would provide the decoration. When you buy a traditional home nowadays, it demands THOUSANDS of dollars worth of knick-knacks and decor and throws and throw rugs and matching pillows and baskets. A modern home really only allows for views and your thoughts. Think how freeing that would be.

  21. Spent a lot of time trying to get the right height and angle to be able to wach the tv while in the pool…
    Rich people probs.

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