Making GRANNY’S First Floor Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!
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Making GRANNY’S First Floor Miniature House in POLYMER CLAY!

(upbeat electronic music) – Hello everyone, I am
LoreChirik and today we’re gonna make the Granny’s first floor, so let’s get started from the sketch. As we see, this will be pretty
similar to the ground floor. One more secret room, and
we’re finished with the sketch. (playful electronic music) Where I am, guys, I’m lost. The sketch is ready, look at this. We’re gonna use it and now
we’re gonna make some clay, but before we’re gonna
do that, look at this. In the previous video,
I made a little mistake. I placed this element, right here, and it should be right here and this brown element should be here. But we’re gonna fix it
later in this video. (clay thuds) So let’s get started
with unpacking this clay and we’re gonna cut it. So this is the clay from
the previous project, from the Granny Ground Floor video. We’re gonna add a little
bit of red to this clay, and a little bit of brown, and a tiny bit of red. And now everything is going
to the conditioning machine. (machine whirring) Almost done! Okay, it’s ready, let’s just
place it onto our sketch. Or maybe no, we’re gonna
cut this sketch first and then we’re gonna place
this sketch onto the clay. This will be much easier! Now we’re gonna mark some corners. And now we’re just gonna cut it out, also we don’t want this area because this will be our hall. Whoo! Let’s just place it on the baking tray. (clay thuds) (gasps) And what is that? Repaired it. Okay guys, as you see
the floor in the bathroom is a little bit different so
we’re gonna make the tiles for the bathroom. And we want to make it very thin, so let’s for maybe level seven. Okay, so let’s place it on the base and let’s make tiny dots. But wait, wait, wait,
over here, over here, just, just here, oh. (playful electronic music) Okay, it’s ready so let’s
just place it somewhere. (clay whooshes and thuds) And we’re gonna make some tiles so let’s get started with the texture. You know what guys,
we’re gonna use the blade because this will give us
a much more straight lines. This is wonderful. Okay guys, so now we’re gonna create the structure of the wood for the base, so we’re gonna use the hook for this. And the last one guys,
are you ready for this? Ya, we made this! No walls. But guys, look at this. In every room, the walls looks different so I think we’re gonna
make them separately. This will be my most detailed
creation in my entire life. Leave a like. Okay guys, so let’s create those walls and as you see, I’m creating
the wall for the room, for the room that we
just, that we are born! (chuckles) That we starting
when we first enter the gate. Okay guys, we have the
walls for this room. Now we’ll just cut the doors out of it. Now we’re gonna make the
structure for these walls. Whoa! (tool clinks) That was fast, right? Okay guys, when it’s ready let’s place it on the baking tray. Okay guys, so what make now? Maybe let me know in the comments. What, you’re saying bathroom? Okay. So let’s make the walls for the bathroom. (explosion booming) This is moving, not nice. Look at this. Back to school trick by
Chirik, very professional. Now let’s just make those bathroom walls. They will be in the white color. Okay guys, now the tricky part. As you see, this is our room that we start when we first launched the game. This is the wall of the bathroom
and we’re gonna connect it. Yes, like that. Now we’re gonna just place
everything on the baking tray. Now guys, we’re gonna make the hall so let’s make the clay for this. (machine whirring) The color is matching perfectly. (chuckles) Okay okay, enough of this hugging. As you see, the walls of the
hall are slightly thinner because we’re gonna be
sticking them to these walls. We’re gonna do the same with
the one wall for the bathroom. This will be like that. Guys, you often ask me in the comments how I do that, that when
I’m mixing the colors, always the right color cames
out so let me show you. We’re gonna make this wall so it’s brown with a little bit of yellow. So let’s first cut it into little pieces. Oh yeah, and that shot was great. Then we’re gonna just place all of it in the conditioning machine. (machine whirring) And this is the color that
came out, is it the same? Not really. So for example, if I would like
to make the same exact color I would probably add
some more yellow to it, but in this creation that
doesn’t matter that much because we will paint
the walls afterwards. Okay, so now we’re gonna quickly finish the rest of the walls. (fist thumping) We have to stick them very
well to the baking tray because we want them to be straight. (finger thuds) The baking tray is full
so we’re just gonna throw it on the ground. I guess it don’t want to go on the ground so we’re gonna just bake it. ♪ Baking completed ♪ And now guys, ASMR by LoreChirik. (clay crackling) (clay thuds) (clay crackling) (plastic packaging crinkling) (clay thuds) (machine whirring) And this is exactly what I
told you in the previous video, in the Granny’s Ground Floor video. Old clay can be brittle if you not use it in a very long time. Now let’s create some of the paintings that are placed on the hall. Those are those paintings, details on them we’re gonna create later. Now we’re gonna create this little shelf and this tiny something on it. Now we’re gonna create
the frames for the doors. I forgot to add them to the walls, so we’re gonna make them now and we’re gonna add
them at the gluing step. Now the barriers, guys, we’re
gonna make one additional for the previous creation. No, please, please don’t
bend, please don’t bend. And those are the doors for the attic. Now we’re gonna make the
objects for the bathroom and we’re gonna make the broken window with the transparent FIMO clay. And guys, we are so close to one million, it’s like 10,000 subscribers
and we will hit one million. I will do a special
video for this occasion but right now I don’t have much time because I’m really busy with those videos, with the Granny house. You will have to wait a
little bit for this video, and if you are new to the channel, if you’re watching me for
the first time make sure to subscribe and smack the
bell to get notifications. Right now on the channel, we are making the whole Granny house. In the previous videos,
we made the ground floor, we made the basement, we
made the Granny garage, and the Granny miniature car, and now we’re making the first floor. In the next video, we’re
gonna make the attic and I hope that the attic
will be much smaller than the first floor because this creation took me a very very long time to make. Please subscribe to LoreChirik. (cat purring) My cats thinks that I am
their mommy or something, look what he’s done. Now all my T-shirt is wet. I am their father, not mommy. And now guys, we’re gonna make
the toilet (chuckles), yes. The most important thing
in this whole house. In the game, I saw that
inside of the toilet is some kind of blood. So we’re gonna try to imitate
this by using the liquid clay. We’re gonna mix some of
it with the red paint and we’re gonna place it
inside, just a drop of it, or maybe do two, two drops, and there was something
that looks like a meat, yes, I think that’s a meat
so we’re gonna place it inside like in the game. Also, we’re gonna put some of it to the sinks and to the bathtub, we’re just gonna fill it with liquid clay and we’re gonna just
add a drop of red paint. This will create a cool effect. Okay, so now we’re gonna
create the other tiny elements like these three windows. There were so many tiny
elements and tiny objects that I created in this creation, so I’m not gonna show you everything because if I wanted to
show you everything, this would take like a few hours. So while I’m creating these tiny cabinet that we can hide in the game,
I’m gonna read some comments. I have only two comments in this video, so let’s get started with the first one. You have braces? Yes, I have braces. How does it feel because
I’m getting braces. Well, when they have
put these on my teeths for the few weeks I,
like, feel it all the time but after a few weeks you just
completely forgot about this. I remember that in the beginning,
I was lisp a little bit but then it kind of faded. But sometimes it can occur, but overall it’s not a major
inconvenience to wear braces. You just have to wash your
teeths after every meal, and kind of forgot about
eating very hard food like nuts or something like that. But overall, I like my braces. They doing good for my
health and for the look so yep, let’s get back to the creation. As you see, we’re still
do the tiny elements. Right now I just created the shelf. Now I’m making another shelf for the Granny clothes, I think, for her pajama and her panties. (gagging) And guys, I have another news, there will be closed
captions for every new video that I upload, English subtitles, so if you have problems understanding me, or you like just watching
videos with subtitles, just click on the little
CC icon in the video. And now guys, we’re gonna
repair the wrong position of the tunnels in the
Granny basement creation. I actually didn’t know about this. I just read some comment that
someone was saying about this. So yeah, back to today’s creation. As you’ll see, the little
elements, objects, tables, drawers, and things like that, are baked. Now we’re gonna paint them. So yeah, just like in
the previous four videos, we’re gonna mix some red, black, yellow, and we’re gonna just dirt
every item in this creation and while I’m dirtying everything, I asked you in the previous video that should I create tiny
Granny and most of you say that you would like to
see something like that, but unfortunately we won’t
do this in this creation because this is already big project, but I think we’re gonna
make the tiny Granny in the next video, in the attic video, because I think attic is very very smaller than the first floor but let’s
get back to the creation. I see that I still dirt a little elements. Those were very very hard to
dirt because they are so tiny, and this little window for the bathroom should be transparent
because I’m pretty sure that I picked the
transparent clay for this. Or maybe I just mess up
something, who knows? Guys, the last part assembling everything. Let’s assemble this Lego. So as you see, I’m just gluing and yes, sometimes I have to cut the elements because they came out too big and now I think that I
should really make every wall in one color, that could save me time. But at least it’s looking different. Let me know in the comments
what you think about this, and in this part something went wrong. I just forgot about adding some elements and I have to cut also some
elements for the stairs, and also I have to make some new elements because maybe they go
missing or something? So there was a lot of trimming, cutting, making new elements, and I have
to make a brand new element for the first floor, and that’s
how it look from the back. I have a really hard time figuring out where those elements should be. So guys, I think we make a record. This is the most advanced polymer
clay tutorial I ever made. This will be probably the longest one. I’m also pretty curious about the house from the outside. I want it to make, look
good, also from the outside so for this I would need to create, like, completely new walls to cover
these ones from the outside. And also I will have to
somehow make the roof, so that would be something
very interesting. I’m really hyped to do this
because I never done that before but back to this creation. As you see guys, I’m still
placing the little objects. There are so many of them,
and my favorite ones, the sinks for the bathroom,
and the broken window, and the bathtub, and
the toilet. (chuckles) Yeah, the effect of the blood
in the water came really nice. And yes, I hate when
they stick to the wall, then I have to remove them. And here we will just drop
it, and finish the wardrobe. This is like a small hanger,
so we will just position it in the wardrobe and now guys, we will just place tiny cardboard boxes. I think those are the cardboard boxes we’ll place on the table one. And the elements that
were missing just came from the baking, so we will
finish the secret passages, and we’ll place some elements over there. And guys, this video is
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if you also are interested make sure to go to and you will get three months
free with a one-year package. – What? I have hearing difficulties! – Okay guys, so now let’s
see the final shape. This is the bathroom, one of the rooms, the other room, and the
kids room, and the hall, the wardrobe, and the secret passages, and let’s place it over the
previous three creations, and look at that guys, this how connect with the grand floor hall. Check out the other parts of Granny house by clicking all those cards
and see you on next Wednesday. We’re gonna create the attic.

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