88 thoughts on “Man not allowed to live on camper parked on his property

  1. Can't live there till he's paying the power companies and his rates…..that's the real reason it's nothing to do with freedom! Corporate greed at its finest right there!

  2. I believe I'd defend my property to the death on this one. They'd be eatin bullets before they would get me off of my property.

  3. i have land in the middle of no where with little to no neighbers. i live in a travel trailer and i have done so for 6 years even tho my local county code law forbids it- i have talked to some ppl in the county goverment that have said that they will not do anything about it…. unless someone a neighber complains about it and makes an issue. at first i was gonna live in a tent on my land untill i noticed for miles on the main hwy there where ppl living in rvs and travel trailers out in plain sight on the main hwy so i was like fuck it im gonna do it. so far ive have no problems…..i suggest if anyone buys land they buy land with NO neibhors in the middle of no where

  4. The shipping container had sliding glass doors which makes you think he was trying to turn it into a habitable space. That is probably what got things going.

  5. How the hell is that illegal? Especially in this day in age where a large majority can't afford a mortgage so buy an RV and look for property to park. Outrageous.

  6. I bought two and a half worth worthless Acres in the California City desert that I can't use it's only good for paying taxes how do you like them apples welcome to the USA

  7. How in the he'll did an illegal immigrant get into this country and buy property ?! Wasn't there a background check ?! Yeah, give the fuck a foothold on American soil and create a can of worms….

  8. And this is why it is okay to execute law enforcement on your own land. If you think I am wrong you have only one way out. Suicide.

  9. The same in Canada, you have to start building your house within a certain period of time and can't park RVs. Zoning.

  10. It's ridiculous. Most people can't afford to buy or even rent houses anymore, but the people in charge go out of their way to make affordable alternatives ether incredibly inconvenient to use, or just outright illegal, and then they complain about the amount of homeless people on the streets. I'm in Canada, have lived in an RV in my parents yard for over a year, because I can't afford to live anywhere else, but my parent's house doesn't have enough room for me. I've been keeping to myself and not bugging anyone. It's not even hooked up to water or sewer, and I don't cook in here because I spend a lot of time in the house… and yet, one of my neighbours complained that I live here, and now, right before winter, there is a good chance I will have to vacate.

  11. You don't own that property. You are just renting it from the Township/County/State/Government. And because of that, you have to do what they say.

  12. The sad thing is that most of these corrupt politicians don't even realize the magnitude of their injustice.
    It's just a way of life for them, far removed from the realities of the honest man.

  13. I wonder if some lame-ass jealous neighbour filed a complaint. However, apparently these 'code-protectors' can fabricate a complaint to cover their ass.
    The Police need a warrant to enter property, under criminal law, but under civil law, municipal employees apparently can access anything they want. HUH !

  14. My question is, can they physically remove you? When he wants to build and pull permits, then he will have to abide by the rules to get his permits…but can they remove him, and if so, what is the process in which they do that? Anyone know?

  15. Someone had to complain, prob because he had a bunch of shit lying around, topping that off with sliding doors on a shipping container. Common, who puts sliding glass doors on a tool shed lmao.

  16. I wanna know what scum bag ratted him out for staying on his own property. If I ever get that vengeful and pathetic, someone just put me out of my misery 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. I bought some land for a cottage and the paperwork stipulates that I cannot have a camper on the property for more then 12 months no I cannot move it and a day later bring it back it is very clear on this point.

  18. The bylaws also state that the bldg. must be minimum 1800 square feet and must be built of bricks I am not allowed to build a wooden structure or a 2 room cottage. If my land was 200 miles north of where it is I could stay in a trailer or build a shack and no one would care there is no bylaws up there

  19. the twelve months that I am allowed a trailer on my property are to allow me to build but they do not want people living permanently in trailers in the township

  20. My Hart go out to him. Any town or State run by Leftists progressive Democrats has these law's rules and
    ordinances I noticed. It's all about people control we have to vote them out! it may take 30 years to recover our Right to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness but we need to start now.

  21. See…the thing is the county or city where his land is cant collect higher property taxes bc its still raw land and thats why they say he cant live there…tho he has drilled a well…he doesnt have septic. His land im sure has some sort of municipal code ie agriculture..residential etc…and how its used or developed determines how much the county or city gets for prop taxes. They can assign prop taxes to his motor home as a vehicle but not to the land as a liveable dwelling. This poor man has a mess on his hands.

  22. That would make me want to put a fence that they cannot see past. How ridiculous that they won't work with an owner who wants to be cooperative. I would build the smallest, cheapest, lawfully allowed house I could and live in that just to shut them them up and start work on the real house.

  23. What sort of grumpy Gus jerk reported this poor guy to the county? What a major JERK. I hope property owner/RV dweller gets himself a good lawyer and fights fights fights!

  24. People with a bit of power makes rules just to make rules… Thats the way to show they are something worth. Its so freaking stupid and in this case, its is his land, he should be able to do What he wants. There is power and water there so whats the problem. Grotesk!

  25. What if you invite the neighbors to build a barn over it? Use your own trees for a pole barn? Darn it all anyways.

  26. Thats exactly what my dad had to do when he was building his home by hand as well (contracted help only for the more difficult phases) and is now a beautiful masterpeice today, some 10 yrs later. He had a little camper along with a shipping container (which he still has on the property today, used as a storage unit). And this was on desert property that's only 1.5 acres. Unlike this mans, which looks to be hidden behind the lush forestry. So if their reasoning was due to vanity with the sake of his neighbors property, thats absolute bullshit!

  27. See this is what the younger generations don't understand. They think we live in a free country but don't understand what freedom is. We live in a government regulated dictatorship. Their are very few places were we are free anymore. And this didn't use to be this way, but because people grew up after we lost such freedoms, they just assume things are the way they should be. Their use to be a time were kids could go out and play on their own. Now they have to be supervised at all times or you risk CPS taking them away or getting arrested. You use to be able to ride a bike without a helmet, not no more. Kids cant even be left at home or in a care while you run into the store.

    People use to actually have rights to smoke a cigarette, now you get treated like a criminal. I mean you cant even smoke in your car if you have kids in it.

    We use to be able to pretty much do anything on our own property, now towns dictate what or how to use your land, when it has to be mowed, if you can water it, weather or not you can have brown spots, or what bushes, trees and flowers you can grow, what highest, its location, and so forth. The dictate if you can have a shed, even a temp canvases one. Where you store your garbage can. How many vehicles you have and the condition of them. I mean I was litterly told that my vehicle made the neighborhood look bad, people didn't want to look at it, and it devalued the property values simply because the tags were expired. Yes on a HHR in excellent condition sitting on our own property. Because the little tag on the license plate in the back of the car that nobody can even see was expired, it does all this. And this is freedom? God forbid I came disabled and I had surgery and was going through Physical Therapy so I could regain the use of my legs and get back to work. But that didn't matter.

    The point is, we no longer live in a free country. Our rights and freedoms have been ripped away from us. Week by week, month by month, and year by year, we slowly loose more rights and freedoms. And people just keep accepting this. Eventually will have absolutely no rights. As hard as this is for people to believe, soon we will probably not even be allowed to raise our on children. We already cannot properly discipline them. Soon you will have to give them up to the state from them to raise and we may get visitation rights. Soon they will be telling us what we can and cannot eat, it may even be provided to us with no say and we have to pay for it. Soon, we will only be able to watch what they want us to watch on TV. We will be required to work where the gov tells us too. And we will have to live according to their standards. You wont be able to fish or hunt. Which that maybe why they are saying every body of water is slowly becoming "do not eat".

    You will b required to be medically screened yearly and have whatever treatments done they require.

    You guys can laugh now, but this is he road we are headed down.

  28. He is responsible for knowing the code and following the law and blaming government is a waste of energy. Communities have agreed on laws that protect the integrity of the community and folks living in non-traditional dwellings aren't permitted. There are areas that allow almost anything and he wouldn't have an issue in such a locality.

  29. So ….. whatever happened to this man? Did he have to leave his own land? I'm telling you people, this is why you don't want government in your business.

  30. We the people are putting up with this nonsense. The state should NOT exist. This guy owns his property and also another thing, why are we paying taxes to live on our property. The reality is that we have been scammed into joining their "nation" and when you do that, you forfeit all your property, including you. But you can get out of it and it's time more of us start taking back what is rightfully ours and stop believing in the state because it's not even real. It's just a group of people that have no more rights than you or I, so how are they getting away with writing "law" that binds and controls us? Because we allow it, that's the only reason. Why can't you or I get a radar gun and go pull people over and extort them for speeding? You'd go to jail if you did that, but police?

    They are expected to do that and it's not right. If we did any of the things police and government do, they'd arrest us and imprison us so that tells me that these people are criminals by definition. Why can't I go write up an act and a law that I can come to your house tomorrow and tell you whatever you're doing is "illegal"? Cause it's not right and if I can't do it and you can't do it, then they can't do it either! Wake up! Things like this should wake the masses up to the scam that is government. You're under mind control! Actually, government literally means mind control. Govern- control. Ment- mind.

  31. If anyone buys land they should be allowed to live on what ever they want! So what does this mean? “Buying “ land is never yours to use as you please and still have to be treated like it’s their property???
    That’s completely BS!
    I feel they should only stick their nose in if the property starts looking like trash. If the property is clean and maintained, it shouldn’t be their business on what shelter the person uses! 😡

  32. Can we sue the government for corruption? I don’t want to join their nation it’s corrupt and we are their modern slave

  33. Ridiculous and the democratic socialist's probably did it "for his own good"… Don't give up your guns.

  34. FUCK off government & nosey ass cranky neighbors! Let the man alone! His land! His money! Paid AND ain't bothering anybody!

  35. I'm essentially homeless and I run into this same issue. I can not get a mortgage but I have almost enough money to buy cheap land and a crappy camper. Unfortunately, I have found that finding land that you can vacate WITHOUT building a home first is near impossible in most places. Furthermore, usually the houses have to meet requirements so building a "shed", "shack", or "cabin". isn't an option either. I've given up on the system because it just doesn't work for me. I'm entitled to a home (especially if I can afford it) even if someone else thinks it doesn't "meet code".

  36. Park county says I cannot farm my land. Park county doesn't honor their right to farm act. I see a multi-million dollar law suit going to hit park county, and their county workers getting fired.

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