Marketing for Estate Agents – How To Win More Instructions With My LEGEND Formula

Would you like to know how to win more instructions?
How convert more market appraisals to a signed agreement? That’s what I’m going to show
you in this video. Hi I’m Sam Ashdown and I help estate agents
just like you to grow their business using innovative and 21st century marketing techniques,
and something I’ve been honing for the last 12-13 years is my LEGEND formula and this
is specifically for sales and letting agents who want to increase their conversion rate
in the market appraisal. If that’s you, then you need to listen to this.
So legend is L-E-G-E-N-D, I spell out because I’m just as prone to getting the spelling
it wrong as you are I’m sure. But legend those letters is a formula for my conversion
technique which I think can really work for you. So let’s just go through them from
L to D. L is about LISTENING. We’ve all been told
that as sales people, we have two ears and on mouth for a reason and that’s because
you need to listen. If you haven’t listened to what that prospect want then how could
you possibly tell them what the answer is and how can you help them to get from A to
B. You need to know what their A to B is to be able to help them whether you can help
them; otherwise you’re like a doctor prescribing a pill when you don’t know what the ailment
is. So listen first, take lots of notes and really be attentive and really be present
in that market appraisal. E is for EXPLORE. Once you know a little about
that prospect, you really need to dig into what is motivating and what’s the decision
behind the decision, what are they not telling you. So obviously this needs a bit of sensitivity
and needs a little bit of careful probing to make sure that you’re not treading on
any mines in the minefield that isn’t sometimes a market appraisal.
So G. G is the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. So it could
be that where they are now, the house no longer fits them. It could be the house is too big
or too small or in the wrong place, too expensive. Whatever the reason is, for some reason they
have contacted you because they are not happy with their current situation. If they’re
a landlord it could be they’re not happy with their current agent, which is a fantastic
opportunity for you. But where do they want to get to isn’t usually a landlord just
because they want lots of properties. Usually they’ve got an end goal in mind. Perhaps
they want to sail around the world or they want to buy a super car. What’s their dream,
what’s their goal, why are they trying to get from where they are now to where they
want to be and how can you demonstrate that you can help them doing exactly that? So that’s
gap. The next is for EDUCATE. Now is the time where
you can show up a little bit about what you’ve done in the past, your case studies, your
success stories, how can you help them and how can you prove, how can you demonstrate
expertise and credibility in your position as an expert in the local market.
And then it comes on to NEEDS. So you have been into the market appraisals for maybe
half an hour or maybe even an hour by this time and now it’s time to recap on their
needs. Go back to that gap, go to what they said they wanted, use their own words back
to them, it’s very powerful to do that in the sales situation.
And that brings you then to D, and D is DECISION. You need to ask them for a decision at that
point. Now I’m in favor of asking them a close question at that point in the meeting
which is, “have you made a decision?” If they say no, then you ask them when are
they going to make a decision. Maybe it’s Thursday and you say, “Okay, Mr. Jones could
you make a decision by Monday?” “Yes, great I’ll give you a call morning or afternoon,
2 o’clock or 4 o’clock” “Fantastic I’ll phone you at 4 o’clock on Monday
for your decision”. What are they expecting to give you on Monday at 4 o’clock? Their
decision, and then you at least know there’s no fancy things, no maybe, there’s no thinking
about it, hopefully you’ll get a decision even if it’s a no on Monday then you can
stop wasting time, move on to the next one. If they say yes, great! You’ve done your
job and legend has worked for you too. So do try this formula, let me know how you
get on, I’d love to hear from you, [email protected] Thank you very much for watching this video.
I hope it’s been of help to you and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Bye
for now.

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