Mercedes Reactivate Run Flat Indicator
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Mercedes Reactivate Run Flat Indicator

ladies and gentlemen i’m looking at a
Mercedes ML 350 and just adjusted the tire pressure on this vehicle because I
was getting check your tire pressure message from the cluster so once you’ve
adjusted the pressure the tires then going to the vehicle still there when
you turn on your ignition you gonna get that warning again using the arrow to
read your messages but the apparel you push the diner and it says check tires
then reactivate run-flat indicator lets go in and reactively orange light
indicator so menu option was to any setting then you push it up arrow
showing up but here’s here’s what you have to really do put your settings two
miles just a cycling through the menu options to miles so I’ll be off
around 10 miles and then pushed up into the run for that indicator and the
reactivation possible plus it’ll go to the right column over your stand we
don’t push to + button button it will then ask you is your tire pressure ok
now you go plus I guess then it says run flack indicators reactivated and that’s
it nation and that portion is complete
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27 thoughts on “Mercedes Reactivate Run Flat Indicator

  1. hey bro how can I reset my tire pressure on my 2007 ml 350 Mercedes Benz can you please help me with that? thanks

  2. Dear, I was scared seeing red ''Tyre Pressure – Check Tyres'' in my 2006 ML 350.  Immediately took to a tyre shop.  He filled the air.  Later it switched off and on.. and saw a black and white message 'Run Flat Indicator' and gave the 'R' symbol followed by Yew or No.  I put Yes.  then it said Run Flat Indicator active.  Now what should I do?  Make it NO or continue driving.  When this message will disappear?  Many thanks in advance.

  3. My car wouldn’t start because of this “run flat indicator inoperative”. I did your suggestions reluctantly. For some weird reason it actually worked. Thanks a lot man.

  4. I live in Minnesota and own a 2012 ML350 4Matic. I have 2 sets of wheels with tires, all season and winter tire sets. Both have separate TPMS on them. Costco tire center refuses to honor the rotation and wheel balance policy for the winter and summer change although the wheel and tire set was bought from them saying it’s more of a luxury than maintenance when actually it’s the same service that’s done on the tires. I have decided to change the sets myself but should I set the TPMS again for the tire that is installed or once it’s set would the SUV automatically connect each time I install the set? Costco set the TPMS the first time winter change only since I paid for the service when I bought the tires but come next summer I will need to change it myself.

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