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Mid-Season Catch Up | Season 5 | EMPIRE

100 thoughts on “Mid-Season Catch Up | Season 5 | EMPIRE

  1. The writting got so bad after the first season, creating their own companies dynasty, was such a bad move, Anika killing Rhonda, and then resorting to just make Andre a crazy fool, instead of the savvy business man he was, tiana became a supporting character that just opens her mouth 24/7 looking confused, the music got awful I don’t know where their writers went, Taraji and her phenomenal performance as Cookie is the ONLY things that keeps the show together, barely though.the cast seems to have forgotten how to act, the actor of Hakeem thinks he is modeling, andre’s actor keeps playing with his lips and says “pop” 24/7, tiana’s actress too, and the thing is that I don’t think it’s their fault, it’d be hard to bring life to a script like this, at this point they all know the show is a sinking ship, tarajis is taking on solo movies, Jussie smolett tried to start a music career that failed, the actor of Hakeem is going to star in a movie soon, trai Byers actor is stuck and will probably be known as the empire guy 10 years from now, but his wife just got cast on a show so he’ll live off her, and the actress of tianna, since she can’t act really well, and hasn’t seen her music career go anywhere, will maybe model or become an Instagram model idk.

  2. Dey should let Andre be rived then make something big happen with Jussie that causes him to die and that's who's gonna be in da casket

  3. This show is SO dumb. The only one who can act is Terrance Howard. Everyone else STINKS! The whole show is like a parody of a bad soap opera. Yuck! And that moron Jussie is one of the worst actors on it.

  4. First Cookie, then Lucious, and right behind there's Andre.

    "Jussie, I meant Jamal. Come on down! You're the next contestant on "Caged Lyons."

    Except his prison term is a lot longer…and real.

    Plot twist…I don't believe Jamal is in the casket.

  5. They could kill Jamal off – recall Felicia Rashad's character said, she wants Lucas to feel her pain – and Eye for an Eye… Jamal killed her son, so she will kill one of Lucas's sons.

  6. Y'all I missed the first night back, please how where can I watch that episode that just came on…or at least someone tell me what happened 🤔…

  7. I would never watch this show after you all keeping Jussie are you all that Desperate … No matter I did not watch it anyway but a lot of good ppl he put threw way to much I hope it does not effect the show but you all need to use your heads on this one …..

  8. So they just going swoop in kingsley to take andre place smh😤😤😤spoiler alert 🚨 Andre is dead 😭😭u will be missed

  9. Who wants to bet that its Andre in the coffin, or maybe Cookie since she was the 1st to say she want to leave the show.

  10. I was told doing to his marriage he's is on his honeymoon… they said he's supposed to return to episode six, I hope he come back cuz Jesse do play his part right regardless of what his situation is he's still God's child…. at the end of the day God has the last say and God is in control…. so let's all pray that Jesse as Jamal will return back to Empire.😇🙏😍💯

  11. I think Kingsley shot Hakeem because Cookie said "Not my Baby" and Hakeem is the Youngest 🙁 I hope not I hope it was Kingsley 😄

  12. Stupidest show on tv. I’ll bet Jessie not Jussie still makes an appearance! Hollywood has no morals!!!!!!!!

  13. Canceled. No Jussie return which is good b/c he should be in jail. Guess he's not getting that raise he thought his hoax would get him. GG

  14. You know it really surprised me for some of the black people and entertainment to come out and support for Jessie Smollett. But that's the greatest thing about our country is the freedom to express yourself, many of the black entertainers also came out against what he did. At the end of the day it's kind of sad that the people that were in that show are now going to be unemployed because of something that he did because he was only getting $150,000 an episode I should be so fortunate

  15. Are there any more episodes after 18, they just left me hanging n waiting……..I need updates of what’s going on with my fav show

  16. Please empire stop with the shenanigans Jamal needs a break and Andre dr needs to be fired because the treatment is not working literally this show needs a reboot not a recast and I miss Anika and Rhonda

  17. Jessie was the star….. Chicago has a lot more to worry about then Jesse…. Empire is garbage with out him…. Lofl

  18. Dame I was on episode 8 season5 but on movie ninja because Netflix doesn't have it…so movie ninja was the only way to watch.but for some reason now I cant seem to enter that site anymore 🙁

  19. Sad Jussie smollett won’t be on the next episode or season of empire ☹️

    – that’s what I heard ✌🏾☹️

  20. Jessie Needs to Go PERMANENTLY! 🔇⤵💨🔥❎🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴📴🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🚯🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚

  21. Ok… Now this is how the show should go off the air…. Tamar Braxton is P Rashaad, daughter! Tamar gets signed too Empire, too infiltrate and help her mother seek revenge for her brothers death! They kill the lions off, one by one!! In the end P. Rashaad. Has Empire and Bella!!

  22. The taraji henson and the nia long I don’t want to be in no group of non Caucasian crips or bloods that keep you two .

  23. This all mess starting bcz of luscious and anika.. now everything is a mess..

    Luscious is toxic.. causing mess and dragging down his kid and the rest of family…

  24. This show was 💯% 🔥 when it first aired! The 🎶 the acting! Terrence Howard and Taraji P have the BEST CHEMISTRY!! Ever since Hustle&Flow..

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