Military Veteran Finds Success With Small Business Ownership
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Military Veteran Finds Success With Small Business Ownership

I’ve always had in the back of my mind a
dream to own my own business. I think you owning your own business gives you control of your own destiny. It’s also a legacy you can leave behind. Something you can build. Something you can grow. It’s something I always wanted to do. My name is David
Therrell. I have two partners. We’re all in the military, or were. One of them still
is. We own Atlantic Auto & Tire in Sanford, North Carolina. We do general
automotive repair We first heard of Stearns Bank through
our broker who approached them after the first two banks we approached weren’t
interested in the financing. Stearns Bank immediately got on the phone with us and
was starting to acquire documents for us for the lending process. So the
communication was excellent. Stearns Bank was extremely knowledgeable and helped us
understand how the process worked with the SBA loan. All of our partners are in
different locations. We were in three different states. The SBA loan portal enables everybody to sign without having to ship documents from
location to location location. So leaving the Army after 21 years, yes, there was a
little trepidation. I wouldn’t call it fear. I would call it nervousness. You’re
changing careers. You’re going from one lifestyle to another. We were entering
into something new. This is nothing I had done before and none of my partners had
ever done it before. Stearns Bank made the process much more streamlined. It was much easier than I thought it would be. It was very stress free. I would absolutely recommend anyone use Stearns Bank.

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