My First BMV Property | A 29% Below Market Value Property Investment UK!
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My First BMV Property | A 29% Below Market Value Property Investment UK!

11 thoughts on “My First BMV Property | A 29% Below Market Value Property Investment UK!

  1. Another great video Tony thanks.

    Is this what’s called a Lease Option?
    Also, if yes. How was the vendor able to move on and finance their next home (in Wales) if this was a Lease Option? Surely they would need the funds in order to move? Or have I missed something? Sorry.


  2. Thank you for sharing, Tony. May I ask what refurbishment work was carried out at this particular property and is this now a single let or HMO rental ?. Thanks !

  3. I've found and bought 2 houses at well below market value in exactly this way. Not done delayed completion yet but it's a great tip. People seem to think it's a bit like taking advantage of someone to buy at BMV. I dont think it is if you are helping them., or if they genuinely want to help you. Of course the best deals work that way for both of you. Ive found that people who aren't even sure they want to sell soon realise they do when a ready buyer comes along. A serious ready buyer removes all the stress of advertising and all the agents commission too. Surprising how demotivating having to give away a percentage of your equity to an agent can be. Thanks Tony.

    Edit ; That bit about agents fees may seem like a contradiction……I suppose selling at BMV (whilst this amounts to giving away a percentage of equity to the buyer, ) is justified by the state of the property or the circumstances of the seller. Whereas, giving that percentage to an estate agent ALWAYS feels like they took it and did nothing for it ! P.s. I've always made my own for sale signs and handle viewings myself. No problems selling either.

  4. Thanks Tony. You are a great mix of having a trade but also having sales and people skills. Plus you are very smart on the numbers. Would you maind saying how long the delayed completion was roughly? Thanks.

  5. I'm trying to find a LOA or rent to serviced accom to get the ball rolling 🤞 I went to my first property networking meeting tonight. Very exciting

  6. Hi Toney love your videos. On a delayed completion the valuer values on what they see I.e they value what it’s worth done up rather than concentrate on what you paid for it. I’m just curious how you got 55k profit if you refinanced to a mortgage. For example 75%ltv x 190k=142k less your costs 135k =7k profit with all money out the deal. I understand if you was going to sell there would be 55k profit on completion but how does that work on a refinance. Kind and humble regards.

  7. Excellent video as always! I really want to get into property but I went self employed this time last year. Just had a mortgage advisor come in as it’s time for renewal and we wanted to release some equity to build a air bnb in our garden. He basically said we can’t as I only have a years books but In two years time the market will be more open. Is he having me on? Or does that sound about right? I don’t mind waiting the two years to gain as much experience as possible. Just making sure. Thanks!!

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