My Visit to a Leprosy Colony
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My Visit to a Leprosy Colony

Recently I had the privilege visiting a leper colony in South Asia. It was the best experience I have ever had! I saw many things – things that broke my
heart and things that filled me with joy. When I first arrived at the leprosy ministry I sat down in front of the lepers, and to be
honest I didn’t even notice they had leprosy
because most of their wounds were not exposed. It was not until the doctors came and
treated their wounds that I really noticed. Two things that struck me in the leper colony were as the wounds on
the lepers were being cleaned you could tell they knew something was
different. They felt love, accepted and cared for. I saw the smiles on their faces it was the most beautiful thing I have
ever seen! It was great to see all the medical
supplies that have been provided to treat these
precious people who have leprosy. These supplies were practical, yet when applied it was much more then a bandage. The second thing that stood out to me
was the fact that this leprosy ministry was in the middle other village where
not everyone knew who Jesus was. The people in the village gravitated toward the leprosy ministry and were coming out of their houses to see
what was going on. Children began coming out. I was able to sing and play with them, which drew even more of a crowd. It was wonderful to witness this because not only does our leprosy
ministry help show the love of Christ by cleaning
wounds but the ministry itself, just being in the middle of the village, is such a
testimony to the people there. When I realized this I could not help but praise the Lord! I remember after a while I had to leave the leper colony and as I drove away, all the children
chased the vehicle I was in. I thought to myself, “What is it that makes these children
chase this car I’m in?” I think it could be many things, but I
believe it all comes down to this one thing, and that is love. The children saw love on display. By simply playing with them, chasing them laughing with them – it was a breathe of
fresh air. Because who knows how many of them
actually get to do that? Who knows if love is always on display? I then realized it wasn’t only the
children that got to see love on display, but their
families witnessed it too, and the lepers saw. Because this leprosy ministry was in the middle a village, many where able to witness Christ’s love. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to show His love by our words and actions. My experience at the leprosy ministry was one I will
never forget. The world cries out for someone
to heal their wounds, to bandage their hearts and to make them whole. Jesus tells us to be the light of the world, so let’s be it!

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  1. Ashley you are amazing. Thank you for letting God use you for His glory. Continually praying for those who continually serve the Lord amidst trials. Included in my prayers are those I read in reports on

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