New Home Realtors – How Round Robin Realtor Are Hurting “New Home” Buyers

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to talk about new home Realtors. and
talk about what I call round robin Realtors or one and done Realtor’s,
what this is and how it’s hurting consumers like yo. So I’m going to go
over that and what do you need to do so you don’t run into one of these agents
and moreover use one of these agents if you’re buying a new home all right so I actually got inspired to
do this video from one of my YouTube customers Craig and he ran into this
situation in Orlando and it just really really ticks me off as a real estate
agent so the question is what is a round robin agent what is a one-and-done agent
well when you’re looking at new homes what a lot of agents will do is they’ll
get you in their car they’ll cut they’ll get a hold of you they’ll get you in
their cart and they’ll just round-robin you all the builders so they don’t
really put a lot of time and effort into trying to find out what you want what
you’re looking for what works good for you what’s a good match they don’t
educate you on the different types of builders on the differences between
builders point things out negotiation all that stuff they basically put you in
the car and now and I’ve seen this it happens actually more often than most
people that they get done but they’ll put the fires in the car and Adele just
round-robin them they’ll just go from builder to builder to builder to builder
and when they walk in they’ll basically spend five or ten minutes with each
builder sign a registration card on to the next billing cycle registration card
on to the next voter and they’re basically one and done because then
after they won you think you know one as far as menu once they’re basically out
the door and done you probably never heard from the Big Ear for me again
because what they do is they just they filled out the registration card so it
protects them as an agent to get paid and is completely unfair completely
unprofessional I know this stuff happens all the time it’s a really really a bad
service and just really puts a black eye on the real estate industry so an
actually great situation in Orlando what happened is the agent was saying oh how
she could get really negotiate the purchase price and the closing cost and
she wants to meet him and if wipe out at the Builder who two other buyers and
she’s going to negotiate a really good deal well let me tell you builders
absolutely real estate agents like this they have
an obligation to pay em and it’s unfortunate but they hate them they know
who these people are I know it kinda builder reps and I’ve known over rep for
years and we talked about this stuff on how agents just come in they don’t know
what they’re doing they you know they just like okay let’s go to the next
builder let’s go to the next filter let’s look at the next home and it’s
just a completely unjust service and it really picks me off because most of you
who knows we’ve been watching my youtube videos who’s called me beep emailed me
I’m here to help you I’m here to educate you the best thing that I can do in the
real estate agent is educate my buyer educate my seller educate my investors
educate people so they can make an intelligent decision a wise decision for
them and their family not just get them out and act like a taxicab driver and
take them from home and home the home a builder the Builder the Builder it
really picks me off as a real estate agent when I see this stuff going on and
when Craig called me up he actually did just call me he shared me shared with me
the email messages and the messenger messages from this agent and yeah I was
gonna do this yesterday but I was so kicked off I just decided not to and I
decided to do this today so what you really need to do is so we don’t work
with an agent like this is this talk to the agent and ask them what are you
gonna do to help me find a new home what value do you bring to the table what’s
your game plan because if it be if they don’t really have a game plan
they don’t go employing value to the table to educate you on different
builders what’s praise what’s the cons and different areas different floor plan
all the stuff quality of failures from the outside of the home to the inside of
the home let’s hide them all if they’re not doing this what’s the point
go find an angel wherever you are that knows what the heck they’re doing that’s
gonna be able to educate you and negotiate for you because it’s about
relationships are vigorous as real estate agents is all about relation
ships with a builder rep with the management with the builders etc so the
agents that just come in and they just round-robin the buyer and then they
don’t talk to them again they’re not going to negotiate but they don’t give a
credit or they would be doing it the right way and educating themselves and
educating the higher so I just want you to be aware that if you have any
questions at all don’t hesitate to give me a call if you’re looking for an agent
in your area that is familiar with new homes let me know I can hook you up
about anywhere in the country and you know or give me a call should contact me
my contact information is below and just leave a comment if you like these videos
or if you have any questions thank you I appreciate you watching my youtube
videos I wish you the best of luck you

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