Nudist Colony Riots

in that bits of hard times but there’s still some people having fun %uh in north queensland is a nudist colony and that’s falling in itself but of course was a big %uh unfunny happened
there sandy and set me right so %uh news for right you into the story in that headline was too
good to be true was a really a ride of dues than women running around like will act but did not %uh what happened was some people get at upset because complicated closed inviting others to and closed them as the
parade you would say nobody wanted by the other side with them
they were just of linked in the nudists and checking them
out and apparently the guy was proposition some of
the girls but they wouldn’t they got their clothes and %uh units were significantly affected
by the system howland tell you come into a nudist colony
in that regard for clothes and %uh so four of the women bummer figure liability and now we find a place in the art actually relates
to send us a picture decree the couple on the right of the puts
it came very close number one i can understand why they want
to remain close but number two that’s ahead they’re all over that effective
team up do you what everybody else was that it was
like %uh %uh like a little white it’s not respectful city and that’s why i love the manager disliked
the mantra side you know it’s it’s just not respectful of the others banquet moved coming here closed and we can finally here locally that it had to do they go an entire pal and
mister nelson south park the barbie this party barging in so you know that they ought to barge the to get back again with rich or protocol strength the or do you want to hear does get those that are found in india

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