Oh My! Play House is On Fire (Pretend Play Paw Patrol Rescue)

Pretend Play Paw Patrol Rescue Fire Truck Pretend Play Toy oh my goodness
can’t believe what I’ve done yeah what are you talking about well you remember
the cookies I baked earlier yeah well when I took them off the oven I forgot
to turn it off are you serious yeah and now Teddy’s Playhouse is on fire
oh brother now we have to wake him and tell him what happened
Teddy Teddy Teddy Oh what are you kids want I was having a
sweet dream it better be good hi teddy well mr. beer over here has
something he wants to tell you I do well um mr. monkey over here forgot to turn
off the stove and now your Playhouse is on fire oh my goodness
Jonah we need help where are you I have to get a piece steps as fast as I can
but Jonah where are you he’s probably sleeping after eating all those snacks
Jonah wake up we have an emergency there’s a
fire wake up Jonah please wake up it’s an emergency I
need your help what’s wrong the Playhouse it’s on fire
I sure yes the fires getting worse we need help to save the Playhouse can
you help Jonah let’s go okay
I really hope you can help us because it’s getting really bad I’m starting to
see smoke the place is empty Jonah no one’s in
there go ahead and put the fire out be careful Jonah you’re doing a great
job the fire is almost out yeah watch out a tweet Wow oh my baby eyes arse
about fire man yeah looks like it looks like yeah
oh my goodness I think he’s done it again guys Jonah to the rescue Thank You
Jonah yeah thanks a lot Jonah oh thank you so much Jonah I owe you big time I’m
very tired time to go to sleep and just like that children saved it the
day thank you boys and girls for watching make sure to LIKE the video and
subscribe to the channel have yourselves an awesome day bye

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