Overwatch – The REAL Survivor of Horizon Lunar Colony (New Lore Theory Analysis)

What’s up everybody this is Master Ian Gamer. Overwatch has many mysteries when it comes
to its expansive world and cast of characters. But one mystery in particular stands out as
being exceptionally notorious among others, and that’s the Lijiang Tower wheelchair. At this point, the wheelchair may seem like
old news and nothing that’s really worth your time. But while most gave up on it long ago, I’ve
been keeping an eye on this strange map object and watched as more and more developed around
it. And now, more than a year after its discovery,
we seemingly have enough information to not only confirm who survived the ape uprising
on Horizon, but also reveal a much larger and darker plot behind the Chinese space corporation
known as Lucheng Interstellar. Now in order to make sense of all the puzzle
pieces, the first thing we need to understand is the Lijiang Tower wheelchair and its history. So, let me briefly summarize all the important
details. On February 12th, 2018 Reddit user Karahe
made a post highlighting a wheelchair which had suddenly appeared in one of the side offices
of the Lijiang Tower Control Center map. This sparked rampant discussion and speculation
in the community for a brief period of time, and after personally doing extensive research
into the matter, I discovered that the wheelchair had actually first appeared there on August
29th, 2017 in the same update which introduced Deathmatch as a new gamemode. I’ll have the video where I covered all
my findings linked in the cards on screen if you’re interested in seeing that. But anyways, this meant that the wheelchair
had gone more or less unnoticed for nearly half a year before the community became aware
of its addition in February, and given that it didn’t seem to have any tangible impact
on the Overwatch story or hero roster at the time, interest in the mystery soon fizzled
out and many people wrote it off as nothing important. But, since I’m a sucker for mysteries, I
continued to keep an eye on Lijiang Tower as time went on, and wasn’t disappointed. All was quiet for about two months until the
2018 Archives event. On April 10th along with the launch of Retribution,
the wheelchair once again became relevant when it was spontaneously relocated from the
blue office on the right side of the Control Center map, to the red office on the left. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this
change was that the wheelchair now resided at the desk which featured a framed photograph
of young gorilla Winston and his scientist father figure Harold Winston. This led to speculation about the possibility
of Harold having actually survived the Horizon ape uprising, and instead having escaped with
injuries that now left him crippled and unable to walk. This theory became even more convincing when
it was revealed that a second change had been made to Lijiang Tower in this exact same update. The Night Market news ticker which had previously
mentioned some seemingly arbitrary information on existing Overwatch heroes, now had three
new lines of text running across it. When translated these read: “Lucheng Interstellar
to start a new group of top aerospace projects”, “Attempted to re-establish contact with
the Horizon moon base,” and most importantly “The current CEO was once a moon base scientist”. And if even this wasn’t suspicious enough,
it should be noted that the attacker’s second spawn room on the Horizon Lunar Colony map
features the science team’s space suits with specific scientist names above each one. And low and behold, the one and only suit
that’s missing, belonged to Harold Winston. All together, everything seems to point towards
Harold having survived and escaped the Lunar Colony with extreme injuries that have since
bound him to a wheelchair. With this physical handicap and the Horizon
Lunar Colony now essentially a lost cause, he’s remained at Lijiang Tower where he
eventually rose to the rank of CEO. At the surface, this seems like a satisfactory
theory and even a slightly optimistic outcome of what was otherwise thought of as a horrible
tragedy. With Harold alive, Winston can reconnect with
his old father figure and help to grow what has become his gradually shrinking family. But that’s just it. If Harold’s alive and him and Winston could
reconnect, then why haven’t they already? This is where the Harold theory begins to
fall apart. If he survived, he must have fled to earth
immediately after the ape uprising. With his body in such critical condition that
he’d ultimately become wheelchair bound, this escape in and of itself would have been
incredibly difficult, if not flat out impossible. It is possible that whatever method he used
to escape was fairly makeshift, and thus he may have sustained the crippling injury not
at the hands of the violent apes, but rather upon crash landing back on earth. Either way though, he would end up back at
Lucheng Interstellar and continue on as an employee. But during this time, gorilla Winston would
have himself fled to earth and eventually joined Overwatch. Even if initially Winston hadn’t realized
that Harold survived the uprising, how do you explain the two not reconveening at any
point after both of them returned? Given Harold’s eventual rise to the position
of CEO and Winston’s existence as both a genetic anomaly and top scientist in Overwatch,
I think it’s safe to say that it’d be downright impossible for neither one of them
to ever become aware of the other’s presence back on earth. Given the immense amount of affection they’re
shown as having for each other in the Recall animated short and the degree to which Winston
is time and time again shown as somberly missing the man who was his father figure, I don’t
think there’s any possible explanation for why the two wouldn’t have reconnected. Aside from, of course, the fact that Harold
never made it back to earth. He never came back to work at Lijiang Tower. And in actuality, did perish along with the
others back on Horizon. But if Harold met his untimely fate on the
Lunar Colony, then who is the moon base scientist CEO? Who’s desk and wheelchair is in the red
office on Control Center? For a long time I was unable to come up with
a good answer for these questions. That is until the release of Baptiste rather
unexpectedly shed some light on things. More specifically, it was his teaser where
we get the logged report from Captain Cuerva. Aside from Baptiste, the only name present
in this log which we see anywhere else in the Overwatch world is Nguyen, which just
so happens to be a name mentioned in one of the emails from the Horizon scientists. Now as a quick interjection, I realize that
we have no confirmation that the Trung Le Nguyen from Baptiste’s teaser is the same
Nguyen mentioned in this email. In fact, given that Nguyen is the single most
common surname in Vietnam, realistically it’d be unlikely that the two are the same or even
directly related. But given that this is a fictional universe
where character names are specifically selected by the writers, we’re not talking about
a realistic situation. I mean, how often do you see multiple characters
within the same fictional universe who share a name, even very common names, unless there’s
a plot relevant reason behind it? It’s perhaps one of the most consistent
story tropes ever to give every character in a story a unique name, which is why I think
it’s safe to say that in this instance, the Nguyen we see mentioned in the Baptiste
teaser is in fact the same person mentioned in the Horizon emails. Now, given that we don’t have a first name
for the Horizon Nguyen, I think the only real alternative to them being the same person
would be if Blizzard intentionally named the two characters in this way as some kind of
red herring. As I said, you don’t give two characters
the same name without a good reason, even if that reason is just to trick your audience. While these two could be siblings or even
entirely unrelated, Blizzard knows that by dropping the same surname in two different
locations, the community will pick up on the similarity. These names being the same isn’t just a
coincidence. But assuming that Blizzard isn’t just trying
to trick us, what exactly do we know about this suspicious Nguyen character. Starting with what we know from the Horizon
emails, he was reportedly sent to the infirmary after being injured by one or more of the
colony’s gorillas. While this seems like fairly insignificant
information, we can actually deduce quite a bit from it about the character. First off, it confirms that Nguyen was at
one point stationed on Horizon, as that’s literally the only place where the gorillas
could have harmed him. Secondly, he sustained significant injury
in the accident, so much so that he had to be sent to the infirmary. Now whether this infirmary was in the colony
or back on earth is unclear, but either way, we know that he did eventually end up being
sent back to earth permanently. This is because when we go back to the room
containing the scientist space suits, there isn’t one with his name on it. Sure it’s possible that there is just another
inaccessible room elsewhere in the base which is holding more suits than what we see here,
but given that all the other scientist names we see from the emails are present in this
room, I don’t think that’s the case. Furthermore, since his name isn’t even marked
on the walls anymore, its seems likely that he was sent back to earth some time well before
the uprising which killed all the others, as it would have taken at least a little time
to find a scientist to replace him, and even longer to go ahead and change the names in
the space suit room. Now evidently incapable of doing work on the
moon, likely as a result of whatever injuries he sustained, Nguyen would need to find some
other work to do for Lucheng Interstellar. Given his previous position on Horizon, it
would make sense for his new position to be relevant to the work he had been doing there,
and thus ended up with an office inside Lijiang Tower. From there he could easily work his way up
through the ranks over the years, and I think you see where I’m going with this. Nguyen is the former moon base scientist who
now serves as Lucheng Interstellar’s CEO. It’s his wheelchair we see in the red office
on Control Center, not Harold’s, and he is the sole human survivor of the Horizon
Lunar Colony. Not because he miraculously managed to escape
the ape uprising, but because he was relocated due to his crippling injuries prior to the
apes going full murder rampage. When you think about it, this scenario makes
a heck of lot more sense than Harold having somehow survived, especially considering how
we see Winston remembering him in present day. I will admit though that this doesn’t explain
why Harold’s space suit is missing from the Horizon Lunar Colony, or why there’s
a picture of Harold and young gorilla Winston on Nguyen’s desk in Lijiang Tower. However, I can think of a few possible explanations
for these as well. Given the bond Winston and Harold had with
each other, I could easily see Winston having taken the space suit with him as a keepsake
upon leaving the colony. We don’t ever see the suit again anywhere
on Watchpoint: Gibraltar or anything, but it seems like a realistic possibility, especially
given how many other Horizon relics we see him still holding onto to this day, including
Harold’s own glasses. And as for the desk photograph, this one is
a bit trickier. My first assumption would be that it signifies
Harold and Nguyen as having been close to each other, possibly being even more than
just friends. However, another aspect to consider is the
fact that this picture has always been present on this desk, and hasn’t changed or moved
at all in relation to the wheelchair being added or switching offices. While story based map changes are often seen
as being retcons to the world itself, what if in this case, the introduction of this
chair was actually signifying an in universe event having transpired. Like Doomfist trashing the Numbani airport,
the appearance of the wheelchair may have been the result of Nguyen moving into a new
office in the present day Overwatch timeline. This would also explain the chair’s transition
from the blue office to the red one, which just so happened to coincide with the news
ticker starting to mention the Lucheng CEO. The chair’s relocation wasn’t Blizzard
retconning it having been put in the wrong spot originally, but rather Nguyen being elected
as CEO and moving into his new managerial office. This would mean that the picture isn’t tied
to him specifically, and thus isn’t even necessarily relevant to this mystery at all. While it’s definitely not the most satisfying
explanation, I think this photo may just be a bit of map flavoring which doesn’t play
into the mystery surrounding who owns the wheelchair. Now, while so far I’ve been focusing on
Nguyen as the injured Horizon survivor and Lucheng CEO, I have yet to touch on the other
and possibly more significant side of him, which is that he’s working for Talon. In the Baptiste teaser his position at Talon
is revealed to be that of Senior Analyst, and seemingly oversees an indeterminate number
of Talon agents. This is strikingly similar to what we’ve
seen with Sanjay Korpal, who’s been shown to be both a Vishkar Corporate official as
well as a Talon inner council member, and could very well be suggesting that, like Vishkar,
Lucheng Interstellar is a company operating under Talon’s influence. Also, given that Nguyen seemingly holds a
higher position than Sanjay in his respective corporation, and Sanjay is shown as being
part of Talon’s inner council, there’s a good chance that Nguyen is also on this
same council. While it’s unlikely that he’s one of the
individuals seen here at the end of Masquerade, given that none of them appear to be in a
wheelchair, Nguyen may still hold significant sway in the organization overall. Beyond this however, it’s unfortunately
difficult to theorize anything further. The hidden writing we can see on Baptiste’s
teaser, which so far hasn’t amounted to anything, may be tied to Nguyen in some way
or another. Also we don’t know how exactly Nguyen got
involved with Talon or to what degree this connection may be responsible for his own
rise through the ranks at Lucheng Interstellar. And considering Talon’s possible influence
in controlling the space oriented corporation, you also have to wonder about them possibly
having a hand in other major events. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest foul
play being involved in the fall of Horizon, so is it too much to try and make a connection
back to Talon here, too? That’s a theory for another day, but for
now, I think we’ve successfully identified who really survived the ape uprising, and
possibly further pulled back the curtain regarding Talon’s true influence on the world of Overwatch. Will Nguyen be a future playable hero? Maybe. I would not be surprised to see Blizzard add
a wheelchair bound hero, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting your hopes up
for that being a thing anytime soon. Also as I said, there’s the possibility
of Blizzard pulling a red herring by intentionally giving two different characters the same surname,
but even this raises suspicion as it suggests that there is in fact something going on here
which they may just be trying to obscure until the time is right. There’s a lot left to be revealed in this
mystery, and I’m going to be keeping an eye out for anything new that happens in the
months and years ahead. Anyways, thank you all so much for watching! I would love to hear your thoughts regarding
the mysteries of Lijiang Tower and Talon, so feel free to leave any thoughts or theories
you have in the comments down below! Be sure to leave a Like if you enjoyed this
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