Pet of The Week Halloween Special 2019
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Pet of The Week Halloween Special 2019

Dr. Von Robinson, Robinstien, Robinstien!
what are you doing? I am building the perfect pet. Why are you doing that you can find the
perfect pet at the Escambia County Animal Shelter. Are you sure? Yes! There
are so many to choose from, let’s go take a look. This is a waste of time! Hey
can you point us in the right direction to the perfect pet? Just one? Okay as many
as you have. Right through there. See I told you they have them here. Of course. That way okay. Oh hey
this is McKenzie this is dr. Vaughn Robinson Robin Steen Robin Steen it’s Robin Steen!
How are you I heard y’all had the perfect pets. Sure do.
Madame Igor was right McKenzie has told me all about Mimi she’s eleven month old
pitbull mix she’s been here you know what’s scary being at the shelter for
two hundred ninety eight days Mimi has been here 298 days she’s looking for a
home she’s great with other dogs she’s got to learn a little bit she she hasn’t
been around a lot of other dogs since she was raised in the shelter but she’s
ready for a home come meet Mimi. A perfect dog. Mackenzie has found another
perfect dog for us can you tell us about Mr. wonderful yes absolutely so Mr.
wonderful is an American Bulldog he’s about two years old he’s neutered and
he’s heartworm negative he’s been here since May 15th and he’s a very good boy
very gentle as you can see very calm. So he’s very calm look like he’s ready for
a nap there for a second. so Mr. Wonderful’s heartworm negative? he
is. Ready to go home I need to go awesome healthy boy. So Mackenzie you found us
another perfect pet? I sure did this is Bubba
Bobo looks like he was made in a lab yeah he does he’s got little short legs
he’s a lowrider boy he’s a basset hound mix that’s where he gets not from. He’s
about seven years old he’s heartworm negative and he’s neutered so he’s ready
to go home. So he’s a senior so he would fit the senior for senior program? He
sure would. That’s awesome I know there’s a discount for seniors who adopt senior
pets I’m not a senior yet but we’re getting there pretty quick hey Bubba. He
looks like an amazing dog now we’re running specials y’all running specials
at the shelter right now mm-hmm through the end of the month. Well sure yes
correct so all of our cats are $20 our dogs are $40 and you live in Escambia County there will be an $11 licensing fee and you are good to go with your new pet. That sounds like
the perfect deal on a perfect pet. McKenzie let me loosen the catnip cafe
which is this great room at the shelter where cats can just hang out and be cats.
It’s a great place for people to come visit them we found gypsy over here kind
of scary to be at the shelter since she’s ready for adoption she’s about two
years old spayed and she’s ready for a home super sweet obviously good with
other cats all the cats in the catnip are good with other cats. Come see Gypsy. Makenzie actually pointed out to me that there are two gypsies in the
catnip cafe this is the one speckled gypsy
she’s got speckled feet she’s also 2 years old black with a white streak on
her chest speckles feet and gorgeous obviously
good with other cats just like all the cats on the catnip cafe she’s ready for
a home. You know what else is scary at Halloween? Being a kitten that’s no
longer with their litter mates and still at the shelter looking for a home and a
lap to sit in. This is Kiwi zoom Kiwi zoom has been here since September she’s
about 12 weeks old now and she’s really ready for a home. What are you doing?! it’s alive! Never mind
that you won’t believe what I found at this gave me County Animal Shelter all
the perfect pets are there! Lets go.

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