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r/maliciouscompliance | I Launched a Business to spite Real Estate.

Deny my request to move from hourly to salary,
then dump all this “extra work” on me? Cool, thanks for the “extra” paycheck!
OC TLDR is basically the title. Years ago I worked as the sole hourly employee
on a team with salaried workers. This designation had been a mistake on my initial contract
and my cool boss said she would switch me to salary just as soon as my first year contract
was up. Unfortunately for me, just before my anniversary
my cool boss left and a b****y co-worker got promoted. Request denied. No reason given
other than “I don’t think it’s necessary.” A few weeks later we had this event that had
been planned by cool boss, but since she left the company it fell to new b****y boss and
the rest of us workers to staff it. The location for this event was nearly an
hour away from the office. Everyone else could just show up to the location, but being hourly
I had to first go to the office, clock in, then drive an hour. Oh well, guess I get paid
for travel time. The night before the event we had hired a
set building team to put everything together, but someone from our company had to stay until
they were finished (per contract with the location). B****y boss decided to make me
stay as I was her least favorite, so the rest of the team left and went home. Well, there
were MAJOR issues with the set and by 10pm it was just me and the 1 set builder left
in the place as he was trying to make this thing work. Set builder didn’t care as he
was making a ton of overtime, and besides this particular configuration had been 100%
his idea so he was determined to solve it. I decided I didn’t care because I had found
some cushions to sleep on. I ended up dozing from about 11pm – 5am when he finally finished
and we could leave. I then drove an hour to the office, clocked out and went home, which
was thankfully a short drive. I had an hour to shower, change and go back
to the office to clock in, then drive an hour to meet everyone back at the location at 8am.
We then worked the event with b****y boss again assigning me to stay later than her
to supervise breakdown. So, in a 36 hour window, I ended up being on the clock for 33 of those
hours. Monday morning b****y boss has to approve
and submit payroll and only then does she realize that she has to pay me time and a
half for those 33 hours. She actually had the gall to be mad at ME for not warning her
about all the overtime, which made me laugh as I explained “I didn’t think that was
necessary since it was your idea to keep me hourly boss!” UPDATES & ANSWERS TO FAQs For those asking, here is the explanation
of why I wanted to be salaried instead of hourly: At this job, salaried workers had
a lot more freedom than hourly employees. For example, salaried didn’t have to clock
in or out so if traffic was bad coming back from lunch or if they had to leave a little
early for a dentist appointment, it was no problem. As an hourly employee, if I was even
1 minute off from my designated hours of 8am to 5pm with a 60 minute break, I was in trouble.
Have to leave early for a dentist appointment? I would have to put in a time off request
and wait for it to be approved before I could take the appointment and my hours and pay
would be docked that week (unless I used vacation time) for the time I was gone. It was just
very annoying to be the only person in my department who had to jump through so many
hoops everyday. The aftermath, for those asking: Nothing major
changed for me immediately after that and I didn’t get fired. That many OT hours did
raise several red flags from her boss and the accounting department. She got majorly
scolded but essentially forgiven as she was a brand new boss. I had already been looking
for other jobs so by the time my contract was ending I was able to walk out. For those interested, the story on how I left
is: Less than 6 months later I was sitting in a review / contract renewal meeting with
b****y boss and her boss. As yet another power move, I had been trying to schedule this meeting
for weeks but b****y boss decided she was “just too busy” and I had to wait until
the very last day of my contract. I had been keeping my department afloat, plus assisting
with two other departments who had people out on various medical leaves, meeting all
deadlines while maintaining zero minutes of OT & 40 hrs a week, which impressed the hell
out of everyone BUT b****y boss. I asked for a small raise and to be made salary with my
new contract. B****y boss doesn’t even blink, immediately denies my raise and my request
to switch to salary. So I smile and whip out my letter of resignation stating that I would
be leaving at the end of my contract (which was ending that day at 5pm, on the dot) AND
I whipped out an offer letter from my new job with starting SALARY $12,000 more. She
looked shocked, her boss looked a little pale and I stood up, shook their hands, thanked
them profusely for their time and walked out the door to start packing up my stuff. In
the end, I left on excellent terms with every BUT her. Those other departments I was helping?
I helped them remotely for a hefty consulting fee until they were restaffed even after starting
my new job. I offered to do the same for my department but b****y boss assured her boss
that she could get someone in there quickly to fill my shoes. Took 3 months to find someone
qualified, they left after 4 months of working under b****y boss, and then the company closed
that position entirely and b****y boss had to beg other departments for assistance on
a project-by-project basis. Less than 2 years after I left, the revolving door of people
due to b****y boss’s mismanagement caused the entire department to shut down. Everyone
there at the time was layed off. Sometimes the mechanic is right.
OCL I think this fits here. not much of a writer
so forgive me for grammar errors. Little back story here, I am a professional
mechanic and have been for a little over 10 years. I specialize in diagnostics and heavy
repair at a do all shop. (basically we work on all makes and models). Now being a mechanic
we have seen the spectrum of customers who get mad over something they did. bad parts.
and what not. but this story even after 5 years still makes me chuckle. It was a normal day when this lady drove her
Hyundai van in for a diag. think of an older looking Karen. nothing unusual about her at
first. she comes up and says her check engine light came on and the car just does not want
to move like it used to.. no problem i tell her. as we write up the work order and everything
i get to work while she waits. upon pulling the van in i notice its making noise. so i
shut it down and immediately plugged in my scanner to read the computers in the car for
errors. a bunch of error codes pop up, after looking over them i see they all lead in the
direction of timing issues. the car sees different positions for mechanical parts in the engine.
My thought is, Oh timing belt jumped. easy. (Timing belt is a Very critical part of some
engines, it keeps the crankshaft and camshafts in perfect alignment) so i open the hood and
go to pull the covers to expose the belt and check the condition. i had to take a few steps
and let out a very audible. Holy s***!. with part of the cover off. i found half the belt
missing. most likely disintegrated from age. and the other is literally about to break
completely. i see a few strands left holding this belt together. its a miracle it ran even
to get into my bay. Just an fyi. this particular engine is designed
with tight tolerances, such as if the timing is too far off it basically destroys the engine.
the valves slam into the pistons, broken metal. banging. bad things that cost a lot of money. we look over it and see the vehicle is 30k
past the recommend change for a timing belt. its amazing this thing runs. We inform the
customer and bring her out to the shop and show her what we found. we try to explain
it in as lamen terms as possible while still respecting her. (some old ladies know their
s*** on cars. its crazy) she sees it and from my story appears to understand completely.
i inform her its a miracle it even drove in. i highly recommend she not drive it or even
start the engine until after the belt has been replaced. We go up front and i go over
a timing belt replacement package with her cost of labor and parts. she flat out goes
NO i dont trust you people. ( we get that alot) i try to answer any questions she might
have but no. shes not having any of it. i let her know we will price match any in town
and that i have already marked it down way below normal price to try and help her out.
but again No she wants her car back. i suggest she tow it to where she wants and she flips
on me. I DROVE MY CAR IN I AM GOING TO DRIVE IT OUT!. okay.. i immediately have her sign
a waver that she understands what can happen and we are not liable. by this point we have
reassembled the covers and pushed the van out to the parking lot. i again try to reason
with her that its a bad idea to run this engine. the belt replacement is only a few hundred
dollars vs 5k for a replacement engine. NO im driving it. she almost refused to pay our
diag fee. until i told her i can hold the car indefinitely without payment.. this whole
time im trying to be nice. but by now shes been screaming at me and my co-workers for
30 minutes saying im holding her vehicle hostage and that im trying to sell her repairs she
KNOWS she dose not need. and as for the MC.. i handed her the keys which she basically
ripped from my hands and stormed out.. we all kinda gathered to see if it would even
start. we herd the engine crank.. fire up then BAM.. followed by stall.. we couldn’t
believe it.. she attempted to start it again. .this time just the engine free spinning with
no compression.. the belt broke and the engine had been damaged.. Oh great here goes the
next hour of my life.. tho im trying hard not to laugh. she opened her door with enough
force that im surprised it did not break. she starts screaming at me telling me i sabotaged
her and i have to fix it. we informed her of her choices and that only made her turn
a shade of red i did not think possible. she kind of went into a scream/squeel/yell thing
that i cant explain. i only made a few words like laywer, sue, cops, as well as every expletive
in the book. she told me if we did not fix it she would call the police/ corporate/ managers/
yelp. the whole thing.. we just said we warned her before hand but she did not listen. the
fault was hers and hers only… she starts screaming in the parking lot and we just went
back inside. laughing with a few of our other customers who where waiting. they herd it
all. about 10 minutes later our local police shows up demanding to know what happend and
how we destroyed her car. i go over it with them away from her. we show them our photo
evidence attached to the work order and the written release of liability she signed. they
agreed with us. watching them walk back to her and seeing the grin slowly turn into disbelief
was priceless.. the van sat in our lot for almost a month
while she tried to get our management and corp to pay for it. they all denied it. we
got a few calls from lawyers who we presented our evidence to also said she had nothing..
i think the best part of this entire ordeal is when she finally came to have it towed.
we informed her she owed us lot storage fees. at 15 dollars a day after the 7th day of work
completed. the diag she paid was the completed work. queue velociraptor screeches… now i want to make a point, mechanics get
a bad name. one out of every 100 shops might screw people over.. its true. i try my d***edest
to prevent that. even giving work away if the situation calls for it. but there was
no helping this person. hell had she been nice and informed me of money issues or something
i probably would of done the job for d*** near nothing to help out. alot of mechanics
dont want to screw you out of money. we just want to make sure your HUGE investment stays
in good shape. Sure, I’ll charge you more
OCM This story isn’t as exciting as most of
the other ones I see on this subreddit, but hopefully it helps pass some time during your
commute or bathroom break. I work at an international furniture retail
store that also has a cafeteria style restaurant. Some days I work as a cashier and ring up
furniture, and other days I’m a cashier at the restaurant. The restaurant sells entrees
anywhere between $3 and $9. This story happened today while I was working in the restaurant. The restaurant is having a special for the
veteran day weekend where customers can get an entree, soup/salad, and drink for free
with a valid military ID. A military family came in today and grabbed two entrees (one
was the $3 one and the other was $9), a salad, a drink and some other things. When I rung
everything up and applied the discount, the computer automatically made the $3 entree
free instead of the $9 one. I told the family I would take the $3 entree off the order and
charge them for that separately so that the more expensive entree would be free. Everything
for the first order ended up to be about $4 with the other little things they purchased. The husband was super confused when I explained
this to him and no matter how many times I tried to clear things up, he kept angrily
telling me to put everything together so he wouldn’t have to pay two separate times.
His wife understood me and tried to explain it to her husband also, but it seemed like
that only made him angrier and he wouldn’t budge. After a couple of minutes of going
back and forth he started shouting to just do what I’m being paid to do and obey the
customer. I’m a pretty non-confrontational person,
and him shouting at me just made me super embarrassed. Finally, I gave up and stopped
caring about trying to save them some money. I put the cheaper entree back on the price
and told them the new price, which had jumped from $4 to about $14. The husband then looked
even more confused than before and asked me what the hell had happened, and I just said
“I did what you asked me to do and put everything on the same order.” His wife started laughing
and before the husband started yelling again she told him to just shut up and pay. And that’s the story folks, currently on
my break so wish me luck as I go back out there and deal with everyone. Business launched to spite real estate.
OCS I lived in a really horrid place that had
an equally horrid property management team. I say team because they changed PM’s whenever
there was a problem. Nothing was ever done and in the end there is a massive report against
them with relevant authorities for their misconduct. But to the MC in question. Property manager told me I had to have the
carpets professionally cleaned (wasn’t in the contract) or I’d lose my $800 bond when
I moved out. After some back and forth, explaining I had
used a professional carpet cleaning machine and was well experienced in doing vacate cleans,
she insisted it must be an accredited carpet cleaner and that she would await for an official
receipt that had their ABN on it before approving the return for bond. I did some research and
found out I could become an accredited carpet cleaner as there are no official licencing
boards in my state. So, I did what any sane person would do. I paid the $85, did the online course and
got my certificate. Registered a business name, ABN etc etc. (all free via a govt program
I was in at the time) Handed the property management a copy of my
accreditation and an invoice for services. I became a professional carpet cleaner and
have since properly launched a vacate cleaning business that is still going 6 months later.

39 thoughts on “r/maliciouscompliance | I Launched a Business to spite Real Estate.

  1. God I hate veterans so much. I appreciate them “saving” our country but I’ve met so many who start all arguments with “I’m a veteran, I deserve everything handed to me” and I’m so tired of it. Yes you are a veteran, something YOU decided you wanted to do. No one owes you anything at all

  2. Nothing to do with the video but customized Google ads I'm getting are for freight shipping because I recently bought something that ships on a pallet and I got this whole commercial about shipping bulk fruit and apparently one of the positions for a shipping company is called a "reefer expert".

  3. The veteran in the cafeteria story more than likely had taken some head trauma that clouded his logic and reasoning ability. Probably mucked up his emotional control too. Happens to a lot of them. Even wearing a helmet, they are continually subject to whiplash, slams, very loud noises, and constant minor concussions. It's an accumulation of many, many tiny injuries that can overwhelm the brain. A veteran may LOOK fine, but be very injured in the brain.

  4. My car was in a tiny fender-bender once. I wasn't even in it. I had just parked it on the street and was walking away, when a lady backed out of her driveway, her brakes failed, and she backed into my car. I took it to a mechanic for an estimate, and it ended up being like $500. They gave me a printout of the work required to fix it. Fortunately my insurance company required TWO mechanics estimates. The second mechanic gave an estimate of about $60. I was so surprised I showed them the printout the first mechanic gave of all the work needed to be done. The guy read it through, couldn't believe what he was reading, and started laughing, and then called all his fellow mechanics over to see it. He read it out loud to them and they roared with laughter. Needless to say, the insurance company okayed the second mechanics to do the repairs.

  5. That timing belt I felt that story. Currently training to be a mechanic and yes that can happen. This women was really fucking stupid.
    Edit spelling

  6. I've only had issues with jiffy lube as far as mechanics are concerned. Trying to get me to replace transmission and diff oil because there are a few shavings on the magnetic drain plugs. Which is normal.

  7. I'm one of those women who knows a little something about vehicles. I know how to put gas in, check my oil, change a tire, etc… But I have an ear for engines and can sometimes hear what is wrong with it. Don't ask me to try and fix it though, I cannot wrench. lol

  8. The problem with Karen is that she sees how much the replacement costs from an autoparts store, then expects the work for free. If you want free work, do it yourself.

  9. I have had some absolute criminal garages. Some of the worst were dealership garages. And when I find the best I keep them as long as possible. My current is Mr Kool in Knoxville TN.

  10. PM – Property Manager, in other words running through a larger real estate agent rather than a private rental.
    ABN – Australian Business Number, free to apply for regardless though business name registration is another matter.

    They could just as easily have challenged the "requirement" through the Tribunal (takes time), but it's not an uncommon dodge by certain franchises. Last I checked it wasn't required in any state or territory to be accredited so that's an interesting dodge because very few carpet cleaners (supposedly about 10% 5 years ago) are accredited. Glad they're doing well off it though.

  11. wtf is going on with car Karen? the mechanic showed her the belt and explained the issue? What's not to trust. If she didn't trust them, why go there in the first place? Was she just trying to scam out a free repair?

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