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Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

100 thoughts on “Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

  1. cool vid, but after the first season noone cares about the medical crap in this show, its literally only about the doctors characters esp dr house.

  2. Doctors do having working hours…. They may be on call sometimes or get updated, but they have hours. I dont understand how you as a real doctor say that they don't…

  3. I once gave someone an emergency tracheostomy at college (where I was studying electronic engineering), when a guy had an epileptic fit. I saw him start to tremble during a lecture, and his jaw was clenched, and he made a sort of shout: and then it kicked off.

    Everybody else seemed scared, as if it might be catching, some screamed and ran off, but I yelled at people to get chairs out of his way, someone else to call 999 (UK emergency number) and put cushions around him. It was terrifying, but I knew what was happening. As he opened his mouth to groan, I pushed a paperback book between his teeth to stop him biting his tongue, but what eventually happened was, he swallowed his tongue. He was literally turning blue – I could hardly believe it, because the St. John's Ambulance guide doesn't make it clear just how striking the effect is. And yet his teeth were clamped so tight that I couldn't open his jaw, and in any case, if I had succeeded, I might have had my fingers bitten off.

    He was getting weak, but he just became more rigid. I had a penknife, and I got a girl to give me some of her perfume, presumably alcohol-based, all I could think of to try to sterilise it, and I cut a cross (stops the opening closing up), about an inch under the cricoid cartilage, and shoved a ball-point pen tube in.

    The guy arched and gulped in air, and he turned pink again, as quickly as he'd turned blue, and the seizure began to abate. A little while later, paramedics showed up and took over. I explained to them what happened, and they took the guy away in an ambulance: and I burst out in tears that went on for minutes. Just the memory brings tears to my eyes, because I hadn't allowed myself to be scared, not even knowing that I really had been.

    When the boy came back, a week or so later, with a plaster over his throat, he found it difficult to talk, but he smiled, nodded and shook my hand. He had never had a full grand mal seizure before, but the doctors had him under better medical control now. In retrospect, it was really brief, maybe three minutes, but it seemed to go on forever, like I've heard people say happens with earthquakes.

    All I got out of that was: I never want to do that again, and I'm glad I chose electronic engineering as a degree.

  4. I'm considering making a video of myself reacting to your reactions to House, M.D. It was so interesting and informative and inspiring. I love House, M.D., but you have a new subscriber and I sense some binge-watching about to happen. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  5. Great video, but the pilot episode was probably the more realistic one. He should watch another. 3×14, for example… 馃槢
    I hope you have watched house enough to know which one it is…

  6. Es interesante como, tras un episodio de convulsi贸n, en EEUU se tenga en la lista de sospechas principales a un tumor cerebral, u otra causa, dejando en los 煤ltimos lugares de la lista de diagn贸sticos a la neurocisticercosis como un diagnostico muy poco probable o raro, eso mencionaste. Yo soy de Per煤 y en esta parte, cambia radicalmente, tras una convulsi贸n, la principal sospecha en la lista de diagn贸sticos es la neurocisticercosis. Muy interesante como cambian los diagn贸sticos tras evaluar el contexto.

  7. Quick question

    I鈥檓 a doctor too and I鈥檓 wondering how you manage to not have dark circles around your eyes or look exhausted, don鈥檛 you take in-house overnight calls?

  8. So, upon seeing the MRI and the anxious look on the patients face, I remembered that there is a medication that can be given to the patient to help relieve some of the anxiety, just wasn't for sure what that medication was, so thanks for explaining that.

  9. Most of your objections are explained as you watch the series. House is not a normal doctor. He basically created this field of diagnostic medicine and is the only one who seems to be able to treat these cases. The abnormality of his methods is avtually the pount of the show. He also has history with Cuddy (the administrator). *SPOILER ALERT* A decision she made in the past has a lot to do with the chronic pain in his leg. That guilt, coupled with his apparent brilliance is why he gets away with so much.

  10. Also the treatment of stuff is just as interesting as the dramatic diagnoses. In a factual medical documentary style show I鈥檝e seen people treat this specific type of tapeworm and that process can also be exciting for the audience (@ medical show producers lol)

  11. Dr. Mike, I can't believe I didn't notice this before, but why'd you edit out your uproarious laughter at Cuddy saying she could out-run him? Don't feel the need to over-censor yourself for the sake of a fictional functional cripple. We're perfectly comfortable laughing about them.

  12. What do you think of doing an episode of Scrubs? The most popular is entitled "My Lunch" and the main story is based off a true story. I'm a big fan of that specific show and I greatly enjoy your takes on these shows.

  13. Mike, I don鈥檛 know if you heard this but Chase is actually a sun if real doctors and he said onetime his parents laugh at Dr. House because it is so inaccurate. The episodes are also combining illnesses and diseases.

  14. Hi Dr. Mike! I am one of your subscribers in the Philippines. I love your reaction videos. Korean has a lot of medical related dramas. I hope you鈥檒l also make reactions on one of them. I recommend Disaster Day and Heart Surgeons. Pleaaassseee! 馃槉馃槉馃槉

  15. Hi Doctor..Awesome to watch these video clips about Dr House with you…I guess on the positive side he creates atmosphere with his staff..But he does make me smile with his patients and the way he does his work..I would not choose him as a doctor. I probably go through phases. But never missed his episodes. He does have some knowledge where to find the problem although he takes unnesesary routes to find the answer.

  16. you probably know that by now that he's taking Vicodin for his leg because they removed a dead muscle in it what's your intake on that?

  17. Opioid crisis? 60,000 mostly white trash junkies is a crisis but 600,000 Americans dying each year from alcohol and tobacco, 50,000 children born with fetal alcohol syndrome and the number one cause of infant mortality is women who smoked tobacco while pregnant and that's not a crisis? Huh. Oh, and trichinosis is not caused by tape worms, it's caused by trichinella spiralis. Maybe you were sick that day in medical school?

  18. I have to agree one episode of House, even one season is not House.
    Also… did you miss at the beginning that they jumped a full month? They said first seizure was a month ago. Others may have done the tests you suggested.

  19. I know I'm late (new sub cuz Mykie), but around 8:00 鈥 wouldn't the tip of the scalpel be magnetic and therefore fly the fuck away out of the doctors hands toward the MR scanner? A nurse at my city's hospital lost an eye because she forgot to take out her scissors from the breast pocket before she went into the scanning room; so when she bent forward it flew straight out of her pocket and into her eye.

  20. That was so sad when she was having problems talking. It reminds me of that news lady who had the same problem on live tv, you could see the fear and confusion on her face. It's hard to watch, at least for me.

  21. OMG! Can we please add Ssrcodosis to ANOTHER DDX? ( That鈥檚 a 鈥淒ifferential Diagnosis鈥 to all of the non-docs…lol). It鈥檚 funny because I remember watching the show years ago and responding by screaming at me television!! But, I honestly think that if you can 鈥渢ake off 鈥 your knowledge of medicine, it鈥檚 probably pretty good.
    BTW, Doc, you ARE a cutie pie!! Glad to see that SOMEONE started debunking TV 鈥渕edicine!!鈥 馃槝

  22. I grew up having to get annual CT-scans, along with a handful of MRIs sprinkled throughout my childhood, and I would freak out and hyperventilate every single time. After being diagnosed with severe agoraphobia a few years ago, it makes sense now. And yes, I鈥檓 on Xanax. And yes, it has done wonders for me.

  23. As a Zebra (mascot for Ehlers-Danlos), I hate the phrase, "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras". :/ Can you do a video on EDS?? Pleeeease????

  24. He's popping Vicodin. Yeah. First time I see you on glam and Gore I'm like , love. I find out you're a Dr, LOVE, I find out you're from Brooklyn, Love!!!!! Now you work in Jersey, marry me!! I'm addicted to your channel. You're great, very funny, very smart, seemingly very kind.

  25. My medical terminology teacher shows us an episode of House every Friday saying it鈥檚 more medically accurate than Grey鈥檚 Anatomy

  26. I would love to see you do a reaction to season 5 episode 11 Joy to the world. A clinic patient comes in pregnant and he rules it a virgin birth.

  27. Just wondering, why does a Doctor these days dont think we have worms that can cause some medical problems to us. But yet they just say its something else and then call us Crazy if we say to test us for worms.

  28. its always crazy to me that the editing team let that episode go to the network with THAT colour grading. Its like they honestly just isolated orange and the desaturated everything else

  29. hey um i have a question should i listen to my mom who has never worked in a hospital a day in her life that my sharp constant chest pain that i've had for three days and keeps getting worse is just a pulled muscle and not a lung infection or something far worse or demand to go to a doctor

  30. House will misdiagnosis a patient and almost kill them multiple times and then wonders why the family doesn't trust him

  31. On the point of patient autonomy, don鈥檛 most doctors require a signature stating the patient is discharging themself against medical recommendation? I鈥檓 assuming to avoid a malpractice issue or Morbidity and Mortality conference?

  32. I think ur here to gain attention and points which is hypocrite and second , if house character would be real ull be not even close to his toes 馃槈

  33. I always find these interesting. When you're watching a show that involves your particular field, you really have to just let it go and enjoy the show. Both my significant other and myself work in the tech field… We find ourselves rolling our eyes a little at some of the "techno babble" we hear on shows. However, I will say that Mr. Robot is fairly accurate. No people, you cannot brute force your way through a password in a few seconds with a thumb drive. Brute forcing can take hours, days, and sometimes even years unless you have a super computer, which are still as large as rooms. Not very portable lol.

  34. Lots of auto immune diseases. : ) Are you still there? Last comment was a year ago. I didn't realized auto immune diseases came on so fast, as to present as an emergency.

  35. i'm going to respond, i'm not a doctor or nurse or anything close – i've seen nearly episode but can't remember all of them, i mostly remember the backstories and drama and the mystery of it all. guess one: alcohol abuse (not drugs), or head injury, or some sort of blood clot

  36. while i disagree with one of hte comments you made regarding black skin (all humans have different sensitivities and densnesses – spelling/grammar – of skin, i think you are probably an excellent doctor. i've lost TWO GPs to leaving my clinic and both were traumatic for me. now i have to get to know a new doctor over the course of three years all over again. it sucks.

  37. AWWWWWW MANNNNNNNNNNNN. MRI woulda been fine for me but i made the mistake of opening my eyes. they should invent a mask that fits over your eyes that doesn't interfere with the machine. that was TERRIFYING. and i'm not claustrophobic at ALL! crowd-a-phobic (parades, concerts – too many things can go wrong – sorta) YES but not claustrophobic. woooo, i still have flashbacks to that.

  38. House MD happens to be one of my favorite modern medically related shows. Its not the diseases that (are probably not treated well) captivate me but the character of House.

    It might be far too old and even less about the medicine, but my personal favorite medical show, maybe my favorite show period, is M.A.S.H., and I would be interested in seeing a review of some of those episodes. Though again that show isn't really about the medicine but more about the state of humanity in tough situations.

  39. My son and I are very into the show "monsters inside me"
    It also makes you very paranoid so swimming in any type of water.
    Curious to Dr Mikes thoughts on the subject and cases

  40. UGH! I HATE contrast! I've got a sensitivity or something, and anything they tried just made me more and more nauseous. Finally, I ended up throwing up on me, on my nurse, and the MRI machine….whoops.

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