Real Estate Agent Coaching and Speed Mentoring | AWV 002
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Real Estate Agent Coaching and Speed Mentoring | AWV 002

– He’ll… he’ll be like a
wallflower in the background. Yeah -So what
do you do with these videos? – I’m not sure yet, but we’re just documenting
a lot of things what we do. – Well that’s a good idea. Might as well take it and not use it, than wish you had, right? – Put it on your website, or? – In today’s episode, I have been asked to speed-mentor a handful of real-estate agents. So, check it out. I am taking 16 years of
real-estate experience, and bringing it down to 10 minutes. So, this is my first time
ever speed-mentoring, so… – It’s like speed-dating,
but with a group. – Yeah. I’ve never actually speed-dated either. I’m past that generation. (laughing) I’ve used Google Docs,
I’ve used Google Contacts, I’ve used my iPhone contacts, and at the end of the
day it doesn’t matter what CRM you use. What matters is that you use it. And he was completely brand new, so– – [Speed-Mentoring Moderator] Alright, your 10 minutes is up. You need to go to the next station. – We were just getting warmed up. (laughing) You have to be authentic and sincere. If you’re not authentic and sincere, and say, “hey, I’m helping you in
the real estate business” right? Because I truly want to help you with it. At any point when you feel like
that sincerity is not there, they’re going to pick up on it. So, if you don’t do that, then they’re going to go around, find the next agent, some
dumbass agent next door, and go work with them,
have a terrible experience, and then whose fault is it? – I would ask, how are you doing that? – Why don’t you ask? – How are you doing that? (laughing) – Yes, you should totally do a class. Are you doing a class? – This is a class. The client is not just a lead. You have to figure out who they are. They’re people, right? Right? – [Woman In Mentoring Group] A person. – They’re a person. So you want to meet the person first, and find out. Because a person that comes in, if we start looking at them as leads, then we’re gonna act like the
typical every other agent. Me and my team, I’m the best opportunity
for you to get the house. And then I like to go
through my value proposition. The ability to say no is so powerful. You guys have got to be able
to be willing to walk away, even if it’s a $10
million buyer, or seller, or a $500 thousand condo, if you can walk away, you get the leverage of the
negotiation back on your side. If it’s, for you guys, it’s going to be harder
for you to do what I did, you can go on Yelp, without having– I’ve been in the business
for 16 years, right? I sell, you know, 50 homes a year. So it’s, I have more transactions
to build up those reviews. If you’re just trying to
build your presence online, I would focus on your website, I would focus on Facebook, because it’s all about the relationships. There’s a lot of people trying, but I think they’re not
doing it the right way yet. Is it 10 minutes or 20 minutes? – [Woman In Background] Huh? – Is it 10 minutes or 20 minutes? It’s 10 minutes, huh? That’s fast. So, I’m always curious
to know your thoughts. If you notice, like, some of the questions are pretty similar? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Right? And so, it think doing
these kind of things helps to kind of figure out and pinpoint where those hot topics are, and the we can kind of
circle around the content behind those topics. A big thank you to the Asian Real Estate
Association of America, AREAA for inviting me to
speed-mentor the fellow agents. Had a great time. Obviously 10 minute
sessions was way too short. You know, what you guys can
help me do is comment below, and tell me what other
questions you guys have. I would love to answer them. So please comment and subscribe, and you will have answers coming your way.

6 thoughts on “Real Estate Agent Coaching and Speed Mentoring | AWV 002

  1. I like this guy. He obviously has a level of social awkwardness in front of the camera .but he hasn't let that handcuff him. Total respect. I've been paralyzed…he's motivated me. Alex, if your reading this, thanks, and keep it up.

  2. Love your content so far, huge fan of Gary Vee and that's how I found you from the Agent 2021 event. Can't wait to see more from you and am looking to get started in real estate in Michigan soon. Know a bit about the biz as my dad has done mortgages for 20 years or so. Just wonder what steps I should take to prepare myself for the real estate world. Thanks!!!

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