Real Estate Listing Coordinator vs Listing Manager??

Hi I’m Vanessa Rosenblum I am the
President of Pro REA Staffing and on this channel we focus on fostering
careers in real estate and growing real estate teams and I’m going to start a
new series of videos on decoding the various job titles that you’ll see on
job ads for positions with real estate teams you might see terms like assistant
executive real estate assistant listing coordinator listing manager transaction
coordinator transaction manager and you may be wondering what do all those
different jobs need and what qualifications do I need to have in
order to get that job well that’s what this series of videos is for now I’ve
already created a video on the difference between licensed versus
unlicensed real estate assistants if you haven’t seen that go ahead and check
that out but today we’re going to talk about listing coordinators and listing
managers and then next week I’ll talk about transaction coordinators and
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let’s get into it now before we talk about the difference between listing
coordinators and listing managers I just have to give you a quick caveat I’m
going to give you an overview of the general job duties and responsibilities
for these two jobs but in truth every team does things a little differently
and there are different customs and practices in different parts of the
country so your specific job duties might be different and it’s possible
that you might be the listing coordinator and the transaction
coordinator or the general administrative assistant and the listing
coordinator so this might be a piece of your job if your team isn’t large enough
to require a dedicated listing coordinator or listing manager but so
let’s get into what does a listing coordinator do the listing coordinators
job starts when an agent gets a appointment for a listing presentation
and there are some really essential steps that the listing coordinator is
responsible for in order to prepare the agent for this appointment so first
you’ll want to prepare the listing agreement and the disclosures depending on
your team unit the transaction coordinator might prepare these
documents but often the listing coordinator will prepare the listing
agreement and the necessary disclosures they’ll also pull the property profile
and this is essential because the property profile tells you who is
legally allowed to sell the property who’s on title and it will also tell you
if there are any liens against the property next you will want to prepare
the listing presentation and this is the marketing piece or book depending on how
the agent structures their presentation but this might include things like
examples of marketing bios of the people on the team information on the brokerage
sales awards that the agent has achieved and any other information that the Asian
fields will help them put their best foot forward and land the deal when the
agent comes back with a signed listing agreement now the real work begins
in most of the markets we work in the pre listing prep process can be fairly
intensive often the home needs to be painted or cleared out or staged or the
landscaping needs to be tidied up before the home is ready for sale and the
listing coordinator will play a key role in coordinating this process with
various vendors this can become a very intense process in some markets for
example in a San Francisco Bay Area the pre listing prep process is expensive
it’s such a competitive market that agents offer a lot of services to their
list or to their sellers in order to land the listing and this could include
overseeing major renovation projects on the listing before the listing goes live
you’ll also need to get the photography done and print the property description
and get your marketing pieces in order and it will need to go on to the MLS the
Multiple Listing Service and your listing paperwork will need to be sent
into the office so all of that happens before the listing even goes live and
this is usually a very condensed very intense period preparing the listing for
market then it is to go on the MLS and go live and it’s time to implement the
marketing program at your agent has decided on for this
listing as a listing coordinator your job is to follow a listing checklist and
make sure that every marketing piece goes out on time that every deadline was
met and then every I is dotted and t’s crossed the listing coordinator is
responsible for coordinating open houses both broker opens and Sunday open houses
they may also open the house for showings and they will also coordinate
showings and collect showing feedback because part of their job is to provide
a seller update every week so that the seller knows what’s going on within our
listing and this this communication piece making sure that everyone involved
in the listing knows what’s going on and feels like they’re getting all the
information they need is really essential and a core responsibility of
the listing coordinator now at some point you’ll start to receive offers and
as the listing coordinator your job is to coordinate these make sure that the
agent and the seller gets this information as quickly as possible and
again coordinating communication between all parties listing coordinators can
vary in experience but it tends to be a more entry-level role in a real estate
team often somebody doesn’t need to have prior real estate experience to come
into this role generally two years of solid administrative experience
excellent attention to detail great organizational skills a love of serving
others and great customer service skills those are the things that are really
essential to succeed in a role as a listing coordinator all right so we’ve
talked about listing coordinators now let’s talk about listing managers now
listing managers are more experienced listing coordinators they are almost
always licensed in many ways they act as the agent during the listing process on
some teams the listing manager will even attend listing appointments with the
agent so that they can build rapport with the seller and also talk about the
marketing strategy without implement if a team has a listing manager they either
work with a very high-end very demanding clients and/or they work with a very
high volume so whether it’s luxury or high volume the exact duty
of the listing manager will shift a little bit but in the luxury market they
will take on a full project manager role in the pre listing prep process they
also will write the property description oversee the photography pick the photos
and really take ownership of the marketing of the listing since they’re
less than they’re licensed once it’s live they’re often going on showings and
attending open houses and when it comes to receiving offers they may have
discussions with the clients about the various offers the pros and cons and
they might write counter offers and negotiate the deal that’s usually the
last thing that an agent will take off their plate but if if an agent has a big
team and a very experienced listing manager it’s possible that the listing
manager really will handle the transaction piece from beginning to end
so that the lead agent can just focus on generating new business so there you
have it there’s the difference between a listing coordinator and a listing
manager and tell me what you think did I miss anything does other things that you
do as a listing coordinator or listing manager that I didn’t talk about here
leave your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to hit subscribe
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