Real Estate Master IIIx Loan Amortization How To

Now let me show you basic amortization
on the calculator. We’ll look at a two hundred fifty
thousand dollar loan amount, a thirty year term at 5.875 interest. We’ll go ahead and press our payment
button. Now to get your simple amortization
you just go ahead and press [Amort]. This will give you your amortization
schedule, which is 360 payments. Press [Amort] one more time –
this will give us our total interest. Press [Amort] again – this will give
us our total principal. Press [Amort] one more time – this will give us
our total principal and interest. Press [Amort] again – this is our remaining
balance. If you forget you can go through the
steps here. This is our tax deduction if we had a deduction and we’re back to our original amortization schedule. So you
can round robin and walk through those one more time if you’d like. So that’s a quick overview on the
amortization function. For more details you can download the
user’s guide at

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