REALTORS — Improve your DIGITAL EXPOSURE with these 4 quick tips!
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REALTORS — Improve your DIGITAL EXPOSURE with these 4 quick tips!

(airplane engines roar)
(upbeat adventurous music) – So we just landed in San Diego. I’m super excited because my mom’s here to take care of Grayson while
we’re at the conference. We’re heading to Closing Table Mastermind, which in my opinion, is one of the best Masterminds in real estate, and we’re heading to
Laguna Niguel right now. (upbeat adventurous music) So, I have the opportunity
to be on the Founders Club, one of the best podcasts in real estate, because Oliver goes really deep and gets to know his guests, and really listens to their story and how they got where they are. So I’m super excited to do that. Hopefully can add some
value to his listener’s, and we’re gonna go do it now. (upbeat adventurous music) (upbeat funky music) So, the night is young, we
are just finishing happy hour. I’m really excited because I got to do an interview with Oliver,
for Founders Club, and I’ve just interviewed my friend, Alex, for our podcast, for HyperFast. So, you guys are gonna have
to check this stuff out. We’re talking about ISAs, I just gave a little bit of dirt about one of my previous coaches and how that relationship worked out. So, if you’re trying to
learn about our stories you gotta check it out. Let’s go to dinner. (upbeat funky music) (upbeat gentle music) Good morning, everyone.
We are going to get some much needed Starbucks. Last night was a blast. It was an early night, so we have some energy left for today. Grayson’s pretty pumped. – He’s ready to go. – He’s ready to party. We’ll see you guys inside. (upbeat gentle music) So today is day one of Closing Table, one of my favorite
Masterminds in the country. And for those of you
who’ve heard my story, you know that I value
live events tremendously. It gives you a break from your business to really get some perspective
on where you’re going, and then executable tips on
how you’re gonna get there. So, one of my goals for
today is to just pick up one or two executable
action items that will add another pillar of lead generation, another pillar of success. It’s through events
like this that I’ve met Billy Gene, Grant Cardone,
GaryVee, Tony Robbins. So, if you’re not in the room
with these type of people, what are you waiting for? You gotta get yourself there. (upbeat lively music) So, the first session of
the day just happened, and Sam was presenting. And truthfully, if I left now, I would already get my
money’s worth from the event. So, he blew my mind, because he was talking about purchasing media. We all want to own the media. You guys hear me talking about
being the mayor of your town, but what I just learned is
how to take other businesses that want the audience and
leverage their sponsorships to actually buy media. My mind is blown, and I’m
gonna go do some brainstorming, right now, about how to leverage this strategy in my business. (upbeat funky music) So, I hope you guys have seen
the HyperFast Agent podcast. It’s an incredible way for you
to meet with industry leaders alongside me, to learn some
of the hacks and strategies that will really take your
business to the next level. And now we’re gonna go
outside and interview some of the best and brightest,
so you can learn, too. (upbeat funky music) So, the event today was
absolutely incredible. I learned so much. Everything from different strategies to engage audiences on Instagram, growing the audiences, buying audiences, and what I mean by that
is digital exposure. So, it’s things that blew my mind, I’m so happy that I’m here today, and now I’m headed to dinner. (upbeat funky music)

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