Recruiting + Retention Tool for Real Estate Brokers
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Recruiting + Retention Tool for Real Estate Brokers

Recruiting plus retention is often overlooked but imperative to the success of your brokerage. Most brokers are too busy running the office, handling compliance, and solving transaction issues leaving little time to connect with their teams and prospect new agents. Are your current recruiting methods outdated? Inefficient? Difficult to manage? and overwhelming? Are you targeting your prospects based on the specific agencies needs? Have you ever lost a good agent because of lack of communication? When a timely high five for a job well done would keep them on your team. Do you take the time to congratulate your agents when they take a listing, or have a successful closing? Recruiting new agents can be time consuming, expensive, inefficient, and may not yield the results you’re after. OnTask Recruiter is the only recruiting plus retention system fully integrated with BrokerMetrics data. Change the way you recruit and retain your sales team with OnTask Recruiter! Target agents by production, location, and recent listing activity with BrokerMetrics integration. Keep on top of your existing agent’s listings and closings and let them know you appreciate their hard work with the high five agent retention tool. Automatically generate follow ups with co-op agents creating warm recruiting leads. Know exactly who is in your true pipeline and the value they bring to your company with pipeline reports. Schedule a demo with OnTask Recruiter to see how it can benefit you and your brokerage!

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