Returning Home 10 YEARS LATER Part 1 | Ryan Serhant Vlog #83
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Returning Home 10 YEARS LATER Part 1 | Ryan Serhant Vlog #83

– [Ryan] Adrian, get the vlog camera out you’re getting this? – Yeah. – [Ryan] Hey mom, mom
say that one more time? How long has it been since
I’ve been home to Colorado? – [Mom] It’s been like ten years, Ryan. – Ten years?! – [Mom] Ten Years. – [Ryan] No, I’ve been home
to Colorado since then. – [Mom] No you have not. – Trust me. – [Ryan] Okay, stay
there I’ll call you back. – You want to go to Colorado? – [Adrian] I guess. – [Ryan] Right now? – [Adrian] I mean yeah, let’s do it. – All right, let’s do it. – [Ryan’s Assistant] Hey what’s up? – [Ryan] Can you check
and see what the soonest flight is to get Colorado? Cancel the rest of my
appointments for today and probably tomorrow and
then I’ll reach out to Joe and Puma so maybe four seats? And the quickest one possible
and I’ll just literally turn around and we’ll
go surprise my parents. – [Jordan] Oh my god, okay. – Okay, don’t have a heart
attack, it’s gonna be okay. – [Jordan] Okay. – All right? Okay, bye. – [Jordan] All right, bye. – [Adrian] You’re actually crazy. – [Ryan] Get Puma, pack a bag Yeah, I’m serious Go to Newark I can’t believe we’re
actually gonna do this. I have an idea. My mom needs me let’s go. I can’t believe you showed up – Are we actually doing
this? Are you serious? Yeah! Did you bring your stuff? (luggage clicks) Yeah, vlog crew assemble! All right, so we’re going to Colorado. We have to move really, really quickly. I cannot believe this
flight was even here. I haven’t told anybody cause
I literally just decided right now to go to Colorado
so let’s talk to them and try to get them to accept
this offer really quick before I get on this flight to Colorado. (clock ticking) Welcome to Denver. Part One. My parents are in Colorado. (music playing) – [Joe] Colorado Baby! – [Ryan] Well hey there! We’re just here over in
Steam Boat Springs, Colorado and we’re picking you up in my Yukon. My Yukon’s one of the SUV’s. You want to get in the car? Get in the ******* car, let’s go! Unbelievable! (music playing) – [Ryan] I haven’t been here in so long. – Why am I nervous for you, Ryan? – [Ryan] I don’t know, this is so weird. I see them! – They’re they are. – What do we do? – No cameras in their face? – What do we do? – [Ryan] You could put cameras
in their face for a second. I don’t know, just haven’t
been there in forever. We made it! – I haven’t been here in a long time. – [Ryan’s Dad] Hey. – [Ryan] We came and saw you! Hey mom! – [Ryan’s Mom] Was it crazy?? – [Adrian] I can’t get
over this air, dude. (music playing) How long has it been
since Ryan’s been back? – [Ryan’s Mom] Twelve years? 2009? Is that what we decided? – [Ryan] Yeah, you said 2009 on the phone. – Oh, maybe I was thinking 2012. Okay, 2009. – [Ryan’s Dad] Could be ten years. – Yeah, I mean – [Ryan’s Dad] I mean, I don’t know. – [Ryan] We’d just go to
Arizona, we’d go to New Hampshire Oh, Yes! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (laughing) – [Adrian] Oh, a classic! Classic! – [Ryan] Unbelievable! Right where I left it. Dude, what movies was I watching? Armageddon – Classic Last time I was here. And The Shadow starring Alec Baldwin. Okay. That’s what we got going on. VHS a little bit of The Shadow. – [Adrian] You’re the only
one whose watched that movie. – Look at my CD collection
that’s still here. Nirvana. You’ve got Nirvana. Oh, Joe! – [Joe] Huh? – Sublime – [Joe] No way! Is that yours? – [Ryan] Yeah, it’s my
whole CD Collection! – Wow, I actually like
you a little bit more now Welcome to my childhood house, bro. – [Adrian] Wow, there’s more. Here’s my other video games. – Oh, The Mighty Ducks one of
my favorite movies of all time Home Alone. All my old movies. Everything. So crazy, right where I left them. That’s what’s so weird. Like, literally where I
left them, hasn’t moved. All right, come to my room. Crazy – Wow Dude, my bunny! (laughter) My bunny! My bunny is still here, bro. – Oh my god A cool one. Ah, yes. I think I’m gonna wear this. – A cool one? Yeah, this kind of looks like the more, – Yeah, it is. natural one. Yeah? What is that? (laughter) – What is this?! – [Ryan] Don’t look at my stuff! – This is gold! The dream is always Oh – Is it the same let’s find out! The dream is always the same. Listen, I went to through
a really hard teen period. – Wow WOW Dude this, I must have made this – I wake up I was fifteen or sixteen. – Oh my god! (laughter) – Wait, hold on can we please start over? (laughter) – [Ryan] What is this? I have a vague memory of making this. This was my first car, the babe mobile. That’s my Ford Taurus. I try to get out. Look at my hands. This book explains a lot. I try to open the door – That’s when the hand modeling started I push hard enough that the door opens (laughter) – This has to be a new
profile picture, dude I pull myself to the ground I get up and stare at my car What kind of shoes? It’s like boots or something – [Ryan’s Mom] He was
always very dramatic. You see, his dad is
like really into sports and Ryan’s really into football and stuff but his dad never quite
got the acting thing but he did, you know, he
supported him and then he said he wanted him to go to New York and try it and be an actor. Because he didn’t want him
to ever feel like he didn’t you know, like “Ugh,
I could’ve done this.” – Thank you for having us, by the way. – [Ryan] Okay, so this
one’s dad’s, one for me. You guys can just hang out now. (music playing) – [Adrian] We were informed
of where your G.I Joe toys are Mom, my G.I. Joe’s are here?! My G.I. Joe’s?! (music playing) – Thank you. – Thank you so much for
bringing us out here. Cool right? Look at that! Dude, look at that! (music playing) Yup, got my college flannel on. My dad’s got a fire going The wine out. – Wow, that thing is up there right now. Yeah. What’s kinda crazy is that I like the last time I was here, right it was like 2009 It was Christmas 2009 I’d been a real estate agent for a year At that time, I was thinking
about like quitting. I was still acting, I was
still trying to figure out life and I think honestly, I was thinking about going to grad school. I was like, “I’m either gonna
go to grad school for theater or this real estate thing, I
can go to grad school to NYU.” I was gonna go to NYU maybe and do that. I was just trying to figure things out. And then that happened. That was the last time I was here. The last time I was here, I
was like standing out here was that time and having those thoughts. Literally fast forward
ten years and knowing now what I know then that like I
went back to New York right and I was still working in Financial District renting apartments and then Million Dollar Listing happened three months later. Because I haven’t been back to this house since basically the beginning of my career like, the smell of the house reminds me of I don’t know like just how terrified
I was back then of like what’s gonna happen with life? What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do for a job? How am I gonna do things? How am I gonna pay rent? If I could stay in New York? At that time honestly, the last time I was here part of the thing that
was going through my head was moving back to Colorado. – [Ryan’s Dad] If you learn how to work, you’ll always know how to work. I remember when you worked for Jim Testa, I said “what’d you learn?” He said “I don’t want to have to do this when I’m out on my own.” – [Ryan] That’s true. Carrying shingles and doing
demolitions and then never wanting to do that, it’s just like – Made an impression on him Cause you remember, it’s like physical memory. You remember it on your shoulders. That’s why I talk about
painting this fence. I know it sounds ridiculous
but now you see this fence you see how long it is and
you have to stain the entire thing and you’d do it for
eight hours and you look back and be like “that’s all I did? Oh my god, I have to do this for months?! It’s gonna take me forever!” He’d laugh – [Ryan’s Dad] It’s true! See! Vindicated! – [Ryan’s Dad] The thing
is though, Ryan if we don’t paint the fence, the fence will fall down
and then you have to put up a new fence. If you paint the fence, it lasts longer. Every now and then, a rail falls down, you replace the rail. You don’t have to replace the whole fence. It’s part of what you
learn about taking care of the things you own. – [Ryan] His fence needs a staining, okay. You can tell. This is not right. – See what happens when you leave? See what happens when you go? Yeah. Mom! (laughter) – [Adrian] Good Morning, Mrs. Serhant – Good Morning! Have you seen Ryan? – He’s out running. Really? – Yes. He went out for a run. – [Joe] Oh, I hate him. Oh my gosh, Okay. Let me go find him. Thank You. RYAN! Really? (breathing heavy) Dude, you’re absolutely crazy. – [Ryan] Just going for a run, doing hill sprints,
bro what are you doing? – Not running and doing hill sprints, bro. Good ‘ol Rainbow Ridge Oh man, totally thought
I could pick that back up like I used to. That sucked! We’re 7,000 feet above
sea level so the air I just forgot and I don’t think about it. The air is so awesome but
it’s so hard to breathe. My mom making breakfast? – Yup. Mom! Are you making breakfast?! (music playing) This is bear spray? – Yes For all your bears? Could you do me a favor and
maybe NOT touch the bear? – If I’m caught If you are close enough to
a bear where you have to spray it in the face
with bear spray paint, I don’t think the spray
is gonna do anything. Have you seen The Revenant? Remember when Leonardo
DiCaprio got raped by a bear? – WHAT?! What? How long has this house
been on that market? – [Ryan’s Dad] Well we
took it off the market a year ago. It’s in a location where we
don’t get a lot of people, traffic looking at it. Then we took it off the market and figured it will be in my estate. – Oh, great. (laughter) – [Ryan’s Mom] You can
deal with it in 30 years – I’d still like to sell it
because we’d like to spend more time in the east because
of you and your brother’s and your children. So we could see you more but, you know as long as we have this place, we’re gonna use it, at least in the summer
when the weather’s good. – Yeah, I just thought I
was always cool to have an awesome ranch house
surrounded by 2400 acres where you could hunt,
where you could fish, where you could do all that. We don’t really have to
worry about the ranch. Right, it’s kind of like
New York City living but – Right Steam Boat Springs. – Because we own it jointly with others, we share the expenses of
maintenance of the ranch. I’ve never shown anybody this house before cause I haven’t been
back here in ten years. Want to give us a tour? – Sure, why not? All right, let’s put the
dishes away and do a tour. – [Ryan] What?! You burned the chair I made you? Well, it’s over! That’s it, Sorry. But you could still watch more. Maybe you could watch this one Maybe you could watch this one See, this one’s pretty good
you should watch this one Actually, you know what,
this one seems pretty great you should definitely watch this one Actually, this one seems good. Maybe you can watch them at the same time Maybe, try clicking like both!

100 thoughts on “Returning Home 10 YEARS LATER Part 1 | Ryan Serhant Vlog #83

  1. This is exactly how parents should be when receiving you and your friends. Their home is tranquillity at it's best! How proud you must be to have such awesome parents.

  2. The place is so nice….. it could be a holiday lodge literally…. but the most amazing thing is…. after a decade back …… it’s like all coming back. At the same time, the memories, the muscle memories…

  3. Beautiful wood cabin home. Stop putting him down – just because he has not been home. It is not our life – it is his life – he was honest about the time he was away and he has a relationship with his parents. They love each other. It is simple his business/his life.

  4. Thanks for watching! To be clear, I see my parents often, just not in Colorado. Although I do agree we could ALWAYS see our parents more.

  5. Who gives a fuck and to not see tour mom means you are a peice of shit, we dont care about you or your shit life ficking little bitch

  6. Wow Ryan, that's awful you have not been home in 10 years. I'm glad you married and having a baby cuz it sounds like you're self-centered. Your parents raised you, don't you forget that it is your and your wife's job to take care of your parents and their Elder years. You really have lived a privileged life, but may not be aware of it. You make sure to take care of your parents physically, financially, emotionally, and any other way that they need. It's your turn.

  7. I HOPE you see your parents often like you said. I lost my Dad in 2000 and my Mom in 2012. I am an only child. Of course, I have a wonderful husband, daughter and son in law, and grandson,,,,but it is not the same as the parents you grew up with as a child. Sometimes without those connections, I feel lost. So totally enjoy them as much as you can, cause when they are gone, they are gone.

  8. This was awesome, compelling, touching, and a great inside look into Ryan. You can also see a bit of his old self… the kid in Ryan.

  9. Hey Ryan I’m currently a student in high school. I watch your videos and am just amazed as to how much energy you have every single day regardless of how much stuff you have to do in a day. Could you please do a video on your tricks and tips for having more energy to keep doing all the stuff you do every day? Thanks!


  11. 4:05 duuuude that was my all time favorite albums I love nevemind my my favorite song off it is “drain you” that song is so dear to my heart

  12. Dam so you were born into rich people that’s awesome that house your Parents have is a dream a literal dream a little piece of heaven

  13. Ryan Serhant looks a little like Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, the mma fighter

  14. At the age of 34 but have so much grey hairs on its head.. not a bad things shows hardwork, dedication and its pays off

  15. It’s sad that it’s been 10 years! Hope you understand how important family is going to be with a child! You should buy house house near them so you can chill there once or twice a year. We drive 12 hours to our Colo. twice a year to Pagosa Springs with our kids & family!

  16. it makes me wonder if it was so easy for him just hop on a plane and go home why did it take him 10 years…and would he still do it if it werent for a video or if he couldnt film? probably not.

  17. Ryan is such a cringe and psychopathic asshole. Ryan's parents are too good to have been given such a narcissistic psychopath like Ryan as their son by the lord!

  18. I loved it all! Your mom is sweet, and how cool to keep all your stuff in the same place. She misses you. The book…that picture caption "Auditioning for Thiller on Broadway!

  19. You should check out Terra's Key in Florida. Its a 15.5 acre estate on its own island in the keys with a tennis court private sheltered beach and beautiful house. its only 17 million dollars

  20. What kind of person doesn't go home in ten years? You remind me of just some arrogant asshole. I couldn't even imagine being with someone like you. Gross

  21. I’m in your exact position right now as you were 10 years ago.. it’s scary as hell. I hope to come out on the brighter side like you have! Thanks for sharing your story Ryan

  22. Shows that you are an entitled asshole, who cares more about business than coming over to your parents and meeting them at home. If it wasn't for your friend forcing you, then the only time you'd be going to that house is when one of your parents died. You would regret it and wish you were there earlier.

  23. This reminds me so much of how I also grew up. The way his dad explains that you have to take care of what you have.. oh man.. tears are in my eyes because thats exactly my dads views on things as well. Happy to see that even my little "odd" family is similar to someone as successful as you Ryan!

  24. Weird you haven't been home in 10 years. Even if you see your parents often….still very strange you havent been to their home, the home you grew up in

  25. Caption for this Photo:

    If a person looks closely enough at the ground, one will be able to calculate the price per square foot of the property.

    …From there, he/she will eventually have the skills to "Sell It Like Serhant" (besides reading the book, of course!).

  26. Would have loved to grow up in a place like that. Ryan, you are very blessed.
    Congrats on the hard work & success; along with such loving Parents 😊
    Dang it…..gotta wait till next time for the TOUR. Ya know how to set the hook, don’t ya😉

  27. Don't sell the ranch! Just buy a house closer to you for your parents! How nice would be one day going back there with your kids and sit down by the fire and tell them all the memories from this beautiful place! Come on Ryan, even Though your parents said that they wanna sell the place, deep inside they don't. =)

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