Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E10 (18 Oct 2019)
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Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E10 (18 Oct 2019)

APPLAUSE Well, hello there. What a week we are having on House
Of Games – the closest week in the history of the show. At the end of today, somebody is going to walk away
with this trophy. But, as yet, we literally have no
idea who it’s going to be. It could be any one
of the following four. They are Scarlett Moffatt.
APPLAUSE THROUGHOUT Iain Stirling. Angellica Bell and Gyles Brandreth. Shall we see
why we have no idea who will win? We’ll take
a look at the weekly leaderboard. We’ve been here four days. Gyles has
won a couple, Angellica’s won one. Scarlett won yesterday and here’s how the weekly
leaderboard stands. Two points between the lot
of you. Gyles just edging in front with 12. Scarlett, you have 11, Angellica ten, and Iain ten,
as well. But only one person can walk away
with the trophy. Iain? Yes.
Now, three second places. Yes. This would be a good day to win –
it’s eight points for first place on Double Points Friday. Six for
second, four for third, two for fourth.
Surely you’ve got to win one. I’d like to think I’ve got
a win in me. Excellent. Fingers crossed for you. Scarlett. I’m just pleased that I’ve
got some points. Honestly, on Monday, I really didn’t
think that I was going to get
any, so… And look at you now. Look at you fly. Scarlett blossomed. Didn’t she just? She turned into
this extraordinary thing. Frankly, the rest of us were just
flattened against the wall, gasping in admiration. Says the man
currently top of the leaderboard. Yeah! But, no, only temporary.
Just a moment. But if you can win today,
you will win the whole thing. Angellica. Hello. You have a win under your belt,
as well. Took home that lovely wheelie suitcase.
I know! Shall we take a look at today’s
prize board? These are the things you could have.
THEY GASP IAIN: There’s booze! There’s booze.
ANGELLICA: Oh, my goodness! Look at the doll! What would
everyone go for here? Scarlett? The doll. You. Yeah.
The posable doll. Iain? I’m going to go for the doll.
You’re going for the doll. That’s got to be universal, hasn’t
it? Yeah, exactly, the doll. Gyles. I’m quite tempted
by that deckchair. It’s good isn’t it? It is.
Yeah, it’s nice, that one. Listen. What a week. Been terrific
quizzing from everybody. It’s been great fun, as well. But
one of you is going to win that trophy. Could be any one of
you. I wish you all the very best of
luck. Shall we play our first round?
Yup. Yes. On Friday’s House Of Games
and our final House Of Games of the week, our first round is… I’m going to go along the line
and give you each a question. You’ll see a bit of that question
is in capital letters and the answer is an anagram of those capital
letters. Oh. OK? So there will be a question and, within the question, the answer
will be there somewhere. First question goes to you,
Scarlett. Mm-hm. OK? And the first category is… Oh, yeah. Famous Peaks. What famous
peak is this…? Um… Oh! I know it! Go on. It is… ..Mount Everest. Is that right? Mount Everest is the right answer. APPLAUSE Iain, here’s one for you. So lumpy. Lumpy. Lumpy. So… So… Olumpy… Mul… Molumpy. LAUGHTER Moulpys. Moulpys. If you would like to learn Latvian,
you can… LAUGHTER Let’s go with M as a start. Molsupy. Molsupy. Molsupy! Point, please, Richard,
thank you very much. Has he stumbled across it? Is it Molsupy? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER
No! It’s not. Gyles? Olympus. Olympus is the answer. SCARLETT AND IAIN: Aaaw. Angellica. Here we go.
Here’s your first one. Um… I’ve got quite a useful
technique that I use. Just go…
Yeah, basically. So many letters. Angellica, we can time you
out if you wish. Yeah, time me out. Dah! Gyles takes it. Sugarloaf Mountain. Is it? Sugarloaf Mountain is the answer.
Well done. SCARLETT: That sounds lovely,
doesn’t it? Gorgeous. Gyles, a peak for you. It’s a European mountain. But what is it? Scarlett has a finger on the buzzer. But we know that often
that’s a very, very heavy bluff. What do you think at home,
have you got this one? Shall we time out you out, Gyles?
I think you have to. Agh! Scarlett? Is it…?
I’m making this up, just because…
Is it Mont Anther? Is it Mont Anther? I made it up! It’s not. Iain, you can buzz in, if you want.
I didn’t know what it was, I just wanted to look clever.
I thought she’d know the answer. And now! See how that’s blown
up in your face. Yes, Iain? Mont… ..Remorth. I think that’s the baddie
in the Harry Potter books. Yes. Is it Mont Remorth? The word’s like there and there,
I can’t put it… Grr. Yeah, that’s the problem. Mine is that I don’t know the
answer. Yeah. I was just guessing. Shall I put you out of your misery? Well done at home if you said
Matterhorn. ALL: Oh! Matterhorn is the answer.
There was no “mont” in it. I would have got it if you hadn’t
said “mont” and thrown me off the scent. ANGELLICA: Yeah, the “mont” threw me
off. Scarlett, back to you. Your next
category is… The answer is in the question
in the capital letters. The only Egyptian women
I can think of… Go for it. They’re all on the buzzer. Cleopatra. Is that an anagram
of “a clear top”? Course it is. Yeah! It is indeed.
Yeah, it is! There you go. APPLAUSE Iain? Yes. Sir, here is your
historical figure. You can do this, come on. Oh, my God I know it! Oh, no. If I know it… You, come on. You can do this.
Shrewd cranial activity. Everyone’s on the buzzer.
Come on, think about it. This is so embarrassing.
I hate… I hate this game so much. I can’t think. Shall we time you
out? Agh. I can’t. I’ll time you out. Have a little buzzer race between
everybody else. Scarlett wins the race. Charles Darwin. Is that right? Charles Darwin is the answer.
Ironically, I gave very good evidence there that we
came from apes. LAUGHTER Angellica, here is your historical
figure, but who is it? Marie Antoinette.
Is that the right answer? Well played, Marie Antoinette. Gyles, you’re the last player
in this round. Yeah. I’m just checking all the words
are there. Emmeline Pankhurst? Emmeline
Pankhurst is the answer. Well played, Gyles,
well played, everybody. It’s the end of that round.
Shall we take a look at the scores? I’d rather not. Ouch. Iain, you have a zero.
Angellica, you have one. This has literally been the last
few days in a row. We have joint leaders and they are
Gyles and Scarlett. Happens every day.
Three points each. Maybe mountains and historical
things aren’t your… Not for me. Hills and the past.
Don’t like it. Shall we see what round two is?
Yup. It is… Old hills. LAUGHTER This is a pairs game. The person
in last place gets to choose their partner.
Iain, once again, it’s you. Every day this week,
you’ve been with Scarlett. Yes. And every day this week
Angellica has been with Gyles. Would you like to carry
that on? I think it’s only fair that we end the week
as we started it. I’ll go with Scarlett,
of course. OK, going with Scarlett. Now,
what happens in this round, I’m going to read you some
questions. Every answer has two words in it.
OK? If you buzz in, I just want
you to give me the first word of the answer. OK? If it’s right, I will then ask
your partner to give me the second word of the answer. OK.
And you only get a point if you get the full answer.
Here’s your first question. It has a two-word answer. Iain. Arthur’s. Arthur’s is correct.
Scarlett, for the point? Hills. Is it Arthur’s Hills? It’s not, I’m afraid. Gyles? Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the answer. A point to Gyles and Angellica. Here’s your next question. Give me the first
word of this answer, please. That is Scarlett. The. Is it? Correct. Yes! I didn’t know “the” was
going to be the thing. Corrs. It’s The Corrs. Yes! You’re back in it!
We’re back in the room! Next question. Good luck, everybody.
Fingers on buzzers. Yes, Iain. Mr. Is correct. Scarlett? Tic… Tiggle…Tiggles! Yeah. Mr Timbles! Mr Tiggles! It is not, I’m afraid.
I can’t take it. Angellica. Mr Tumble. Is that right? Mr Tumble is the answer. Well played. Well done.
APPLAUSE Next question. That is Scarlett. Ah! Oh! Er, oh. Er… Er… Sally. Is it Sally? That’s a correct answer. What you do with ten pins.
SHOUTING Hey! No, no! I know the answer! Oh, do you?! SCARLETT WHISPERS ANSWER I literally know the answer! What is it? Bowles. ANGELLICA: She
just told him. I genuine… Listen, hand on my heart, I genuinely actually know the answer
to that. RICHARD SIGHS Also hand on my heart, she bowled at
me and said Bowles out loud at me. I did cheat. I’m sorry, Richard. Oh, I know you cheated. Would you be comfortable if we give
Iain a point and not give Scarlett the point? Do we believe
that Iain knew it? Yes! SCARLETT: Yeah. Scarlett, zero points. Yeah,
sorry. Iain, look me in the eyes. Did you know the answer? I knew
the answer to that question. A point for Iain,
no points for Scarlett. Wise judge. There we go. Here’s your next question. Yes, that is Iain. Get. Is correct. Scarlett? Out. Is it Get Out? Well played. Get Out. Oh, well done. Final question in this round.
Two-word answer. Give me the first word
of this answer, please. Yes, Iain. Rabbie. Rabbie. I’ll give you that. Scarlett? M-M-M-McDonald. So close. So close. Angellica. Burns. Is it… ..Burns? Is that who Burns Night’s named
after? ALL: Yes. Oh, that’s amazing! We are two rounds down in our final
day of House Of Games this week. Let’s take a look at our
leaderboard. ANGELLICA: Oh! It’s very close… ANGELLICA: How did you get that? Well done, Gyles. Who is going to win? Let’s play
Round three, shall we? It is… Now, before I tell you
how we play this, I’ll tell you what the elephant
in the room is today and it is… Cap. ANGELLICA: Oh, baseball cap.
OK. I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Fingers on buzzers.
Give me the answer. But if the word cap appears anywhere
in that answer, do not say that word. If it’s the beginning, or the end
or the middle, leave out the word cap. Here is your first one… Yes, that is Angellica. Pulets. Not correct, I’m afraid. Scarlett? Ulets. Well done. Unlucky, Angellica. Capulets, you
lose the cap, it’s the Ulets. Not the Pulets. Yes. Next question – leave out the cap,
please. Yes, that is Scarlett. Ricorn. Correct again. Capricorn becomes Ricorn.
Very quick, Scarlett. Very quick. She is on it. I want that trophy! You really do
want that trophy. You’re going to get it.
Next question. Yes, Scarlett? Leonardo… ..Di… ..Rio. That’s right. It is Leonardo Dirio. APPLAUSE Here’s your next question. Yes, Scarlett? Er, ula. It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Gyles? Ula. Incorrect, as well. No, no!
The S is often silent. Well… Iain? Sula. Is the right answer. Well done. Ah! Scapula becomes sula. Scapula. Next question.
That was a good one, that. ANGELLICA: Yeah, that was a good
one. Good luck. Yes, Iain. Es…ologist. Is that right? Esology or esologist is
the right answer. Well played. Next question. Yes, that is Iain. Ulti. No. Oh. Ah, no! It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Oh, you idiot. Scarlett? Al… ..Cino. IAIN LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY Incorrect, I’m afraid.
Is it incorrect?! Why? Yeah, because he’s not real. He’s an
actor that plays a gangster. The answer is Al… ..One, or O-N-E. Yes. Al One. Al Capone. That’s what I said, isn’t it? No, you said Al Cino. Al Ca… Al Ca… Al Cappuccino, you were thinking
of. You were thinking of Al Pacino. No, she’s thinking of Al Cappuccino.
Al Cappuccino! Ah! You’ll be delighted to hear this is the final question
in this round. I like this. It is… Yes, it is Scarlett. Tain. Is it tain? It is. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go. Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
going into those final two rounds. Gyles was leading at the beginning
of this one. Oh, look at… Not now… Scarlett! You’ve got nine points.
It’s still close, though. It is. We could all win. It is still
anyone’s game today and anyone’s game across the week,
as well. The next round is… How apt for the four of you, as
well. This is called The Nice Round for a simple reason. You’re all going to have to guess
the name of something… ..but you’ll do that with
your opponents all giving you a one-word clue to that TV show. If you get it right, you’ll score
a point, but you will also give a point to the person who gives
you the best clue – the person who has been
nicest to you. So, tablets out, everybody. ANGELLICA: Oh, OK. Scarlett, we will start with you.
Mm-hm. You’ve got to guess the name
of a TV show. It is written down on these cards, which your
opponents are all going to look at. So you’re all getting the same
TV show. You need to write down a one-word
clue to this TV show, please. So if you get the show right,
you get a point, but also you to give a point to the person
who gives you the most useful clue. That’s nice. Exactly, you see.
Yeah, I like it. You see where we get
the name from? Is everyone in? OK, Scarlett, you have to guess
a television show. You’re going to have three words to lead
you to that show and they will be provided by your opponents. Iain, what is Scarlett’s first
word? Dragons. And I also wrote “I love you”. Oh, that’s nice. Aw!
That’s nice. Angellica, what is your clue,
please? Stork is your clue. And Gyles. ANGELLICA: I think that’s wrong.
Historic. Historic.
So, dragons, stork and historic. Um… It can’t be Time Team,
because I’ve never seen any dragons in there, but that’s
historic. Tell you what, it’d hurry Tony Robertson along if a few
dragons showed up. Wouldn’t it just? Stork.
ANGELLICA: I’ve never… I wouldn’t go heavy on the stork. The only stork I can think
of is like when they bring babies. Yeah, I would just
probably ignore it. So, historic and dragons. Yeah. Er… The only thing I can think
of with dragons is Game of Thrones.
You going to go for that? Yeah.
Is that the right answer? Yay! The right answer, well done. Thank you. Brilliant. I’ve never watched it. It’s almost
a clue we wouldn’t allow, because we don’t have character names. But,
fortunately, Stark is the character name, not Stork. Oh, that’s it!
You got away with it. Scarlett, what gave that to you? If I’d just seen that, I would
have gone with Time Team. I’m so sorry, Gyles. I’m going to
give Iain the point. Iain, with dragons. I think
that’s absolutely right. Not just because we’re friends.
I do think that’s the best clue. I got it from dragons. Iain, you get
yourself a point there. Iain, and it’s now your turn to get
a television show. Great news. Your three opponents
are going to write down a one-word clue. Take that. Thank you. So you’re going to get three clues
to a television programme. Just a one-word clue, please. Gyles, Angellica and Scarlett,
you get a point if you give me a correct answer. You give a point
to the person who gives you the best clue.
Everybody got an answer? Yeah. You’re all in. Angellica,
what is the first word? Intelligent. Intelligent. Gyles, what is your word? Starter. Starter. Oh! And, Scarlett, what’s yours? Degrees. I definitely know
what this is. Degrees. What do you think it is? It’s a starter for ten – University Challenge. It must be. Is it
University Challenge? Yay! It is. Well done. Very nicely played. And who would you like to give
a point to? I think starter for ten
is a very famous phrase from that show, so I’ll have to say
Gyles. A point to Gyles. Very nicely done. But, really, I got
it from everyone’s. Yeah. Angellica, you’ve got to guess
a television programme now. Your three opponents will write
a one-word clue for you. There you go. Oh, I just tickled myself. I was so tempted just to write
the word “stork” and see what happened. OK. Angellica, you’ve got to guess
a television programme. You’ll have three words to help
you. Gyles, what is Angellica’s first word? Oil. Oil. Oil. Scarlett, what is Angellica’s
second word? Er, Texas. Texas. And Iain? Cowboys. Cowboys. What are you going to get
for, Angellica? WITH TEXAN ACCENT: I want
to go for Dallas. Is it Dallas? Yeah! Well done. Well done! Oil, Texas, cowboys. And who would
you like to give a point to there, Angellica? I got it from oil. So I’m going to give it to…
Another point for Gyles. I think you’re right.
The best clue. I think it was. A good round
for Gyles, this. And Gyles, it’s now your
turn to guess a show. Your three opponents are going
to write down a word here. Oh, it’s a tough one, clearly, if
you can’t… Yeah, it is, actually. Oh, please. If you could have
two words, it would be really good. Has everyone written down an answer? Yes. Scarlett,
what is the first word? Auctioning. Auctioning. Iain? Er, auction. Auction! And Angellica? Renovation. So something to do
with houses and building. It’s obviously one of those
programmes where they do up a house and then they sell it.
So they do up a house and then
they put it up for sale. Up For Grabs, er, Sale of the
Century, um… Your House Or Mine.
Can I have a guess? Yeah. I would have thought with
those two clues, the one show that combines them
both is Homes Under The Hammer. OTHERS: Yes!
Homes Under The Hammer. Well done if you said that at home.
I wouldn’t have got that. I should hand out a point, but they’re all
perfect clues. You know what, it’s the combination
of the two. I’m going to give all three
of you a point. Aw, yeah! Thanks. A nice way to end a nice
round. It’s been a nice week, as well. We have one round to go, ladies and gents.
One round before we give away our trophy. Shall we take
a little look at our leaderboard? Our leader, with 11 points,
is Scarlett Moffatt. But there’s five points between all
of you. Scarlett, you’ve got to do it for us
girls. It’s really, really close and the
weekly leaderboard was really, really close… Yeah. well. So the trophy
can still go any way. Shall we play our final round?
ALL: Yes. OK. And it is… Fingers on buzzers for one
last time. A point for a correct answer, point
off for an incorrect answer. It is anyone’s to win. Your first
category… Pictures will be things found at
the circus. There’ll be a clue underneath. I
wish you all the very best of luck. Fingers on buzzers, here’s
your first one. Yes, Angellica. Tightrope Walking On Sunshine. It’s the correct answer, well done. Wow! Next clue… Yes, Iain. Big Toploader. Is that right? Big Toploader. Another point for
Iain Stirling. Well played. Next category… Those will be the pictures.
There’ll be a clue underneath. Yes, Iain. East 17 Again? Is that right? Yes, it is! It is. That’s so good.
East 17 and 17 Again. Next Christmas No 1 act and next
clue… Yes, Angellica.
Human League of Nations. It’s the right answer. Well done. Another point for Angellica.
Really great. Let’s have a look at another
Christmas No1 act and another clue… No-one going to risk it? ANGELLICA: Alexander Burke. It’s Alexandra Burke and Hare
is the answer. Well done if you said that at home. Alexandra Burke, Burke and Hare.
Here’s your next category… KLAXON BLARES No more time, no more categories. Who was won Friday’s
House Of Games? It is Scarlett Moffatt! ALL: Oh! Oh, my God! I was second place again! Iain, that’s your fourth
second place. Fourth second place. It’s been so close all week. It was close once again.
What a lovely end to a lovely week. So you win yourself another
prize, Scarlett. Aw. What are you going to take home? Um, it’s got to be the doll of
you, please. You’re taking home
the Richard Osman doll. Well done, congratulations. You take good care of him, OK?
I will, I promise. But we have one final matter
and it is this trophy. Somebody is about to win it. There can only be one winner. Who has won this week’s
House Of Games? It is… No way! Scarlett Moffatt is our champion! How is this happening?! Well done.
How has this happened? By three points. Amazing. I mean… Congratulations.
I mean, halfway through Monday, when you had no points at all, I did say, you know what? Sometimes
fortunes change. And I feel like… I hope people watching
this will see, literally, anything is possible. What a… What an inspiring speech
that is. A great way to end your Friday,
guys. Anything’s possible. Yeah. Our winner of House Of Games this
week, Scarlett Moffatt. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Woo! Woo! Woo-woo-woo! Thank you so much. Been a pleasure
to be in your company all week. I really, really appreciate it.
Thank you for watching, as well. We’ll see you next
time on the House Of Games. See, Mam and Dad, this is genuine.
LAUGHTER I’ve really won. It’s not pretend.

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  1. And thus ends a weeklong indulgence. What a waste of Gyles in particular, who could have easily taken all five prizes, if he weren't far too nice a person.

  2. I found it hilarious when Angelica gave the point to Gyles in the nice round eventhough Texas was clearly the much better clue than Oil. ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. In all honesty, <the winner> genuinely 'got good' (or should that be 'gitted good' in today's terminology) throughout the week. I'm not too put out by the fact that <the winner> won. Spoilers redacted.

  4. I mean, for a show called Dallas, how can Oil be a better clue than Texas? Glad Scarlett won the whole thing, even though she was certainly guided along at certain times during the week. Gyles was smug and creepy towards Angelica every day.

  5. Not the end we may have expected, but the end we all probably needed. Anything is possible. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    Also, Iain, marry me alreaaadyyyyy. ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  6. Think they must have dumbed down the questions mid way through the week when they realised how low they were scoring. So easy this episode and still they struggled…

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