rodrigues’s testimonial video for realtor pam santoro 1920×1080
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rodrigues’s testimonial video for realtor pam santoro 1920×1080

I’m Carlos Rodriguez. My name is Cassia. And this is Rebecca. We’ve been living the United States for
about ten years. About four or five years ago, we started
attending the married couples. A potluck married couples at Saint Brigid
Catholic Church and that’s how we met Pam and she told us she was a realtor. And that’s the best thing for us. We had to sell a house and buy a house. Pam was extremely patient with us. We went through several houses and to every
house that we went she would help us to identify the pros and cons of those houses what was good about the house what was bad about the house. And how the house would fit us as a family. Ao as she says ” Nobody sell the house
like a mom!” , I would say “Nobody buys a house like a mom!” because she would help us to every single detail of what is important for a kid what is important
for important for future kids and what is important for us to receive people in
our house and entertain people. We loved the process Pam helped us not
just find the perfect house for the perfect neighborhood as far as schools are concerned, as far as traffic is concerned, as far as our life is concerned. So that
was spot. So the most important thing about Pam is she is not trying to sell
you a house she’s trying to find you at home!

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