Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey Review | Ownership Experience
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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey Review | Ownership Experience

hey guys welcome to Automowheels and
today’s review is going to be about the classic 350 gunmetal gray edition so
let’s see what it’s got so here we are guys with the royal Enfield’s classic
350 it’s in a gunmetal grey edition this one’s got twin disc brakes as well as
you know the tagline for this bike is made like a gun goes like a bullet so
let’s start with a quick walk around the bike to see how it looks in flesh so
let’s maybe begin with some specs of the engine so the engine is a 346 CC engine
it’s a twin spark engine what that means is it has twin spark plugs it’s got it
produces about 20 bhp of peak power at 5,250 rpm and it produces peak
torque of 28 nm at 4000 rpm and it’s a single cylinder engine which is BS 4
compliant now let’s have a look at the instrument cluster
it has usual nitty gritty so it has an odometer a speedometer a battery gauge
it’s what in engine kill switch an electric starter button the telltale
switches which are the past switch the headlight low beam and high-beam
switches the indicator switch which is not self cancelling so let’s go for a
quick spin and let’s see how the bike behaves on the road so first impression guys this bike
weighs about 190 kilos so at standstill it does feel heavy but the moment you
pull the throttle you don’t feel that the bike weighs all that much now this
is a BS4 variant so as compared to the previous version the older iterations
you see that the refinement levels have improved quite a lot there are still
vibrations on the handlebars and on the sides and on the foot pegs as well but
the truth is it’s much better and it gives you a thumpy feel as well so the
brakes since these are dual disc brakes the feel of the brake is quite good
brings the bike to a standstill quite quite easily so the suspension on
this one soaks up all the bumps and potholes very easily not just in the
city but also on the highway and this bike that give you a really good feel
because of the wide angle bars the stock exhaust although not as loud
as the old ones are still very throaty since the bike weighs quite a lot you do
feel that handling this one in the city will be quite a pain but on the highways
it will give you a sure-footed right so the five-speed gearbox is actually
quite unrefined it does change with a notch so there is a click it’s not the
smoothest around because its the age old RE gearbox and shifts are quite positive I don’t see
any problems of false neutrals etc so that doesn’t seem to be a problem so guys we have Uddip with us who is the
owner of this gorgeous gunmetal gray classic 350 and he’s going to talk to us
about his experience owning this bike so far so let’s begin with the first
question how deep how has it been owning this bike for this long obviously it’s a
mixed reaction first of all let me make one point here that this bike is a sheer
pleasure and obviously I am a royal enfield fan so I purchased this bike but
it doesn’t mean that there are no demerits yes this bike also
suffers from a lot of disadvantages so coming to the merits or the advantages I
will like to comment about the ride quality the bike is a heavy one of
course it weighs around more than 190 kgs so
yeah obviously you feel the weight but you once you move the throttle you not
you don’t feel the weight at all it’s so smooth and then one thing that contains
the right quality are the seats the seats are well question of very much
well questioned compared to the previous Classic 350 you can see that we can press
the seat and there is extra foam added to it which is not present in the old
one I mean the one which is with a single disc break so this all these
things add to the right quality then the next thing that I liked about this bike
is the refinement the refinement levels they have been toned up then again I
will compare to the previous classic 250 the engine vibrates from around 1,000 to
2,000 rpm the max speed that I did with this bike is around 80 to 85 kilometers
still now I have only within the bike for 2,000 kilometers and on that speed
on that level of speed I didn’t find so obviously this is a Royal Enfield this
will vibrate but compared to the old versions this product is very very refined Alright so Uddip compared to the other
model models at Royal Enfield sells why did you choose this one in particular
first the color the color I just love this one
and secondly it has rear disc brake and this this this feature was exclusively I
believe it in this color which costed me around
nine thousand three hundred rupees more all right so let’s just quickly close
this one and let me ask you two simple questions first one is which are the top
three things you like about the bike or top things you like about the bike and
the second one is which are the top things that you don’t like about the
bike top three things obviously the right quality that looks obviously the
looks and then the enhanced braking performance yes everything is same okay
and the things that you don’t like about the bike the torque band and the gear issues
actually I was on a ride I went on a ride two days back and it was a for 25
kilometer stretch so what I felt doing that time is that once you have a
pillion at your back the bike doesn’t pulls though it has 20 NM of torque it
feels that if you are on the third gear the engine is revving too much once you
transfer to the fourth gear the RPM levels come down and gearbox struggles
so again we have to shift to the third year so this problem I don’t know it’s
specifically with my bike or it’s with every Royal Enfield
but I’m a bit disappointed with this is that all that you don’t like about the
bike No one thing a big thing the color
scheme in the paint job is not up to the man I mean the quality of the paint job
is not up to the mark alright thank you so much Uddip for your insights and
I’m sure other people will benefit from this Cheers so tell us how you liked the
video leave a comment in the comment section below and if you do like a
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