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Hello everyone, really good to see you
today. Thank you for joining me! Yesterday 10 subscribers, I couldn’t be more
grateful. Thank you very much for joining. Me let’s get right to it. What are you
gonna get out of the vlog today? I found a little toy on a photographic site that
allows me to do something that will let me expand my Instagram hold, in a lot
less time. And I’m gonna share that with you. Now if I go to the unboxing my
brother saw me unbox a light with a saw. He thought it was pretty funny
but he thought of giving me something, that was kind of a family heirloom.
My father’s knife from Korea, he was a United States Marine. I think maybe this
is a little bit over kill to open this box. Maybe this one’s a little bit more
appropriate. So how does this really change things.
Well it’s a huge time-saver for me. I’m gonna answer a question for Gustavo
because I think that they’ll – we’ll tie together. and Gustavo would ask me, George
it seems as though very recently you’ve come to YouTube very hard, what did you
do before this? I utilized Instagram and Facebook
but I paid for all of my advertisements. I realized that even on YouTube I get a
couple hundred even a thousand views, I can pay to have my clients home shown
a few thousand times in a matter of a few days on Facebook. So it’s in a way
not as productive to do YouTube is it is Facebook. Now there’s going to be a
change we have already seen it coming Facebook has a new program called
creators and they’re even going to pay certain creators to post their videos.
This is not in full swing yet, YouTube is looking at a system that’s going to be
very similar to Instagram, in a shorter form. So what I saw was, it was like being
in a town where it had two newspapers. Then all of a sudden there were going to
be six newspapers, you were going to have to advertise your clients home and each
one of those newspapers. I had to prepare for the future to protect the best
interests of my clients and of course earn more business. So this little tool
will now allow me to take a high-resolution photo out of my DSLR
camera and install it into something that I can immediately place in
Instagram. There’s another little tool I want to share with you it’s called “Spark”
spark is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud system it allows you to put an
overlay of text or a logo on top of a photo, that you’re going to place on
Instagram or a short video. In California we’re now required to put our license
number on all social media. Spark is perfect for that. So being able to grab a really
high quality photo, install it in a system that I can both edit the
photograph on with Photoshop and Lightroom or Spark and be able to post
it instantly to Instagram, the best $30 I think I’ve ever spent.
My parents, they insisted that my brother and sister and I that we all share and
that has moved into part of our lifestyles, it’s who we are as adults
today. What I want to share with you is kristina Smallhorn, she is a Realtor
from Ascension Parish Louisiana. at the end of the video there’s going to be an
active link to one of her videos. Please go watch it, subscribe to her, be
inspired like I am, and remember Realtors can do anything! Including share
data on a little device like this it only costs $30 and saves you hours. I wish the best if you know somebody who I should be sharing or I need to know
about please let me know.

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