San Diego Realtor Vlog – Selling Homes and YouTube

Hey everybody it was that absolutely a great intro or what? I did that in after-effects But I have to give a huge shout out to Maxwell Ridgeway Because he is my professor here at the University of YouTube. I watch him whenever he puts up a new tutorial. I highly suggest that if you’re trying to get anything done and After Effects go watch Maxwell. So what else are you gonna get out of watching the vlog today well in trying to get to 100 subscribers Which only 10% of youtubers ever get to, I found something that was missing. I probably watched 20 hours of how to get 100 subscribers. I woke up this morning, and I realized something that is really very basic, and I’m going to share that. Why am I holding this? I’m gonna take this Jobi tripod hook up my camera And I’m going out into the community being a Realtor here in San Diego Beautiful thing it’s my day off sorta. What we’re doing is moving into the holiday weekend. It’s Veterans Day maybe a little message for the veterans at the end and a couple of surprises, so let’s get going. Got the dry-cleaning dropped off now on the way to the credit union I think I’m gonna stop up at Mount Helix because I’m driving around San Diego And I’m getting ready for this walk what I realize is, Mmmm butterfly time I’m not sure that this vlog is gonna be so good. I’ve got a great entrance, but the information. I’m gonna share is so basic. They made it up to Mount helix. This is a public park so we may have a couple interruptions, but no big deal. So here’s on to the meat. I realized this morning that I woke up when you get on to YouTube you’re not going to be able to rely solely on things like keywords and really good production You’re gonna have to drive traffic to YouTube! Yes, the idea, good agent good part, No agent, No part! Well your agent in this form is to get people to YouTube to watch your video then you’ll get video watch. YouTube through their search engine will recognize it pick you up and put you into the the search engine But if you have no views and you’re relying solely upon YouTube to bring your audience you’re making a big mistake! If you’re waiting for keywords to drive your information and good titles it’s just not gonna happen. Just got a text from a friend, and he told me that I got a pullover and Get some place where he can call me and make a recording. I got no clue as to why I’m All pulled over ready to go the call should be coming in here any second. Let’s see what happens Hey, bud, why did you want me pulled over for it, to all me? Hey, man, I just want to call and congratulate you 100 subscribers. Do you YouTube channel way to go man? I hit 100? You hit 100 haven’t you been watching no? No, I’ve been out. I’m getting ready for a vlog when you say call pull over. It was like what for you know I got the camera, but I got the camera rolling and everything Not you hit the big time finally, cool cool. Thank you very much for calling and sharing for anybody That’s watching the vlog as part of this entry Terry somebody that I work with why were you watching the vlog? What were you doing sending out one of the videos so client or what oh? Yeah, yeah, I mean I watch all your stuff, cool cool Okay, well I’m gonna let you go. I got to go into BevMo I think that I’m gonna get a couple of beers you want a beer in a That sounds awesome hey, hey, go buy one (laughter) Okay, we’re home now. Let’s go edit this and see how it turns out To everyone in the Armed Services that has ever fought to protect this flag and the purpose of our nation I want to say thank you including my father who was a five-time Vietnam vet And is now buried over in Fort Rosecrans But I also want to take and say thank you very much To all of the first responders all the veterans day is not your day. I know the intense Situations and the danger that you’re placed in on a daily basis And I want you to know, Federal Agents, State Police Officers, County Sheriff, City Police Officer, anyone that carries a gun and the protection of our community “Thank You” very much for your service. I really appreciate it and if I ever could I’d be there to help you. I got your back!

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