Saying Goodbye To Our Pink House Forever 😢
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Saying Goodbye To Our Pink House Forever 😢

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi oh my god today oh my god isn’t it crazy to see everything gone??
look at the front door look at drama she’s like drama okay so we’ve been
cleaning ever since the last video we got rid of all my clothes we got rid of
all of Nate’s clothes.. and now we’ve been deep cleaning for the last week the moving
truck is actually about to pull up so hi Chris you came in a good time and every
up hi all I got it the dice and left so we’re packing and we’re almost ready
so basically the movers are coming okay we’re gonna take all the beds the
furniture the iconic brown couch in our living room a lot of furniture we
actually donated and yeah so we don’t have that much stuff
we have a pinball we have all the pinball being removed today and put in
our new house we have Madison here hi honey
it has been as circus over here so the movers are about to pull up and let’s
get this house empty like it feels crazy this is all a lot so open up the kitchen
come on we got the kitchen so we have a lot and random things that we still
gotta gotta get but look how empty this kitchen is there is it’s look at all the
drawers no dishes no PR boxes everywhere one of my crew hahahaha that’s a really
bit done I go to look at nothing it’s like unrecognizable it’s all God
look all the drawers look at all this look at all the cabinetry like
everything’s empty it’s crazy and like oh my gosh hi nothing I love the pink
bubble yeah you like that I took that from killer merch I’m like this last
night was the I haven’t slept in our house like it
felt so I was just so like anxious it was hard to sleep and I’m like I just
want to be in the new place Wow okay all right let me secure the dogs
the truck is pulling us outside and let’s get this day started oh my god that’s all truck it’s gonna fit my
Barbie bed we know that our neighbors are gonna be shook like oh my god
Jeffrey Lam is finally moving to trucks can we pull them in the bitch I know
three three years how many coming three yeah so four four trucks yeah a lot of
clothes you give away all the clothes there’s still more clothes all right I’m
gonna go put on some clothes there’s a lot of workers here I know anyone – this
is Nathan – today’s craziness I’m filming for my
youtube channel so if you guys want to start any quick then the dogs could
chill here while you guys are working all day we go to the new house know this
describes that in the sections um yeah there’s one two three four five and we
turn the air on so we all don’t die in here – a few more
boxes I have to pull this is empty this is all trash yeah we’re tossing a lot
that’s that’s staying so everything in this kitchen is clear actually yeah Chris look the couch is like hooked in
right here I had no idea – all the stuff about all the pomeranian
here yeah oh my god mom that’s where I crapped is never creep forward I wish my
attention I bet I never knew that look I’m having the eyebrows that Nate
definitely needed them got it from there that house good lord
lot of marijuana crumbs and hopeful at ease across Wow the couch is going that’s good buddy
listen a minute wait yeah you can’t just peel up this carpet right
it’s stapled in no it’s not stable then we pull it up it just doesn’t stop are
they taking anything else in here no okay then get him off the dogs are
getting a little restless oh my god this is for all the stuff we’re gonna burn
that we’re not moving yeah I’m not just coming in here but I’m gonna take my
Stairmaster I love this now they have a gym in my new house this will definitely
fit flawlessly how’s it going y’all and then a lot of people watching this level
have questions about the vault yeah that’s gonna be a separate video right
after this we’re gonna remove the whole ball with fucking armored trucks and
it’s a whole thing so today we’re just moving the bulk of the house so Nate
this needs to be taped yeah they’re gonna take your music oh wow awesome I
mean these are just new towels good evening Hermes like to say that’s how
much an Hermes towel is and the material feels so good against your naked boobs
oh my god Chris our beauty room I know so maybe like two weeks ago
oh yeah the wigs are gone with wiglet Nate snatch them all I would love Chris
if maybe halfway through the day to pause filming and have you help me just
get all that yeah room done yep we’ll put this all in a box later named and
then we’ll just pack up her night oh my god two of the lights already packed up
you got off easy but we’ve never moved you’re like no oh don’t worry about me
it’s a long bitch this is crazy like dude hundreds of videos in there
hundred every single tutorial except the first like eight months of my channel
with here and no one really ever got to see that what people saw behind the same
lunch Shane series and some of the stuff but like this like a name on me the
stats remember he was really small our first desk ever was like cut in half
yeah shit everywhere I think it was like you need a new desk and then normally
the camera sits right here my god it’s over Maddie no it’s not over
this is over it’s time for a new chapter time to clean the make up like excuse my
underwear haha oh my god all of my stuff my talk show my Fenty my Gucci my Pat
McGrath my Milani oh yeah it’s real I know you got some sturdy packaging honey
that didn’t even break I’m gonna throw in here oh my god our monitor oh good
that would be whoa oh my god everything in the monitor is those little cameras
stuffs okay hair out of my face
oh my god cuz I need to get over this last thingy and I gotta have this first
so long Chris oh my god does makeup high drop ah my morphe palette so many
amazing moments of nineteen like my morphe collabs girl we really did that
okay androgyny is beauty killer Mitchell’s
highlighter palette so now come on from mirror oh come on tops of the math go
family never all I never thought we’d be like in any 2019 moving and cleaning the
Beauty room it’s just crazy to see what I’m like yeah Mitch Frost is not what
the hell is that lens okay mind you though taking out the iconic
Barbie head like it has no frame on it no one knows yet but but in the new
house oh I’m sorry excuse me in the new house my bedroom
will not be pink me and they are not doing pane
there’s gonna be a pink room almost like an homage to everything with the pink
chandelier the pink bed but the new bedroom has a whole new vibe a little
more mature if you will pink will always be my color but it’s time for a new me
you’re filming clothes right now you know we’ve sold obviously a lot like
the good shit this is your main Woodrum the may more hogar you know I’m probably
gonna have to have the real real or someone coming here soon and just get
rid of like yeah I didn’t get to go through all that my curses and stuff so
maybe we’ll have like a Geoffrey start to have on the site that’s what everyone
was saying from the last video like give us Geoffrey start tab honey I’m like
okay I can do that like I didn’t know I could oh yeah I’ll reach out Maddie
that’s cool no small look at this view Chris like maybe the
last I’m really gonna like I’m just so over constantly oh no it’s like doomsday
it’s like Jeffery sleeping Calabasas crazy huh so crazy I love this means
it’s stunning yeah I love me hi hi oh nice oh no definitely definitely yeah
yeah we are sounds like me talking at so the new bed
we are being made is 10 feet by 9 with the TV that comes out of the front yeah
holy dude we would just didn’t hit the other video oh my God look at all that
dog hair in my hair I mean it spawn something oh my god look at the walls I
match for the liquid lips shade unicorn blood yeah it’s gone you can come in
here I’m just gonna vacuum in a minute I’m gonna vacuum that shit is nasty oh
this is so satisfying to see it all go in the fucking thing
oh my god oh my go lose otter pop I remember
eating that oh that’s buddies in the oh they’re not nuts a Mayan difficulty
came back from that the way my wrist hurts if I could act off a
whole college okay this is so exciting like drive light into the Kearny you
actually do is though I need some Eric let’s go outside for a second I’m
Lincoln oh yeah come on donut oh look at the s’mores she
says well a good loss Santa land it’s a rings oh come on silicon one yeah
this is a ring ring yeah I wanna sit on Santa’s face ah oh my God look it’s like
Cartier bitch oh my god Nate look at my new van cleef rain
that’s stunning it’s all opals and white diamond mmm okay I’m gonna be a basic
bitch and do this one first and then I like to have a half of water and then
all your crazy sugar you like a little bit crazy sex yeah look at the basic
bitch go nuts Cheers what you doing this she what’s under
here what’s in the bank team Oh like you’re the back legs
cookies biting me oh it’s a Gucci um sir royal banner yeah
bro Nate just told me how I’m to get rid of
a lot of his shoes he’s ready for some new shoes ya know who’s ready for less
after like he’s ready for less shoes so a lot of these are his he wants to get
rid of I’m so iconic and like really new those are really cool we’re gonna keep
these only been like 90 like two hours now am i moving
nice all right look how the votes aye it’s totally untouched isn’t it cool I
know like no one knows yeah basically you’re like Geoffrey what is going on
with the vault the vault is obviously staying here a lot of people think you
can just like a fork lift it out of the house like it’s bulletproof walls the
glass everywhere if you were to even like take out that vault door all the
mirror here Chris would shatter it well in the
school what all of it would just all break because of the pressure
oh yeah just the way it’s all installed you can’t just like take you know yeah
so hope I mean you know whoever buys this house will need to love the bulb or
they can remove the whole thing that’s why so much love went into this but I
know a lot of people like Geoffrey you finished just like seven eight months
ago what the hell you know we’re gonna build a bigger one there is a bigger
space in my house for something like this so I can’t wait to do it bigger and
better as soon as it was done I it was fall don’t you think don’t you agree
like a few months it was fall Oh you filled it off my almost instantly yeah I
don’t know I because the space we had was not as big as I dreamed of it was
full quick like all the clothes you know there’s all my runway pieces
and really special things and beautiful winter coats and so many amazing Italian
pieces and fringe fashion it’s like so anyway fast-forward to the vault is
gonna stay here for a few more days because I have to secure my new home so
we’re gonna have over 100 cameras we’re gonna have two security guards that will
be on-premise 24 hours a day arm high and we’re gonna have a live in a house
manager that will be viewing all the cameras with security and there’s gonna
be a whole new vibe so once the alarms and cameras are all active later
tomorrow we’ll slowly get all this in the new house oh my god like I don’t I
can’t fathom seeing a bye to it but it’s at its time right I mean it’s time I
mean you’re moving house yeah like I better get over it right high
temperature control how are you doing girl so many movies and games because so
many yeah I’m like zombies central weak you can’t play first-person shooters on
like no big TVs like this though really hard
yeah yeah like going and doing this shit like it’s like a year they’re too far
you’re too close like in this house the living room is
where we spent so much of our time when we have a new dog we would raise them in
the living room here me and Nathan have watched hundreds of movies here in the
last what we’ve been here for over 1/2 years for years yeah we’ve watched so
many movies in this living room this lady’s like I just picture I don’t know
I get so deep sometimes like I think about you’re just staring for hours you
know what I mean for years in one space it’s so it’s like a trip a lot of energy
in here oh look at the event deliciously that was Nathan’s giving on
I mean I we’re moving honey taking the pink bed
out oh my god that was the people into so many orgies on that bed
so many memories like wow is it within to your entire like content to your
house is like in these three traps yeah yeah the fact that everything with
the vault is in these trucks is so crazy to me look they’re doing the YouTube
backdrops right now look oh my god whoa so many tutorials shot on that those
colors I think so much like I was gonna move your necks like that’s gonna be a
whole nother journey is like we have to sell this house Cordoba is going bye-bye
obviously I don’t have to but I want to last your house like I’m never leaving
and then things happen opportunities come and change is needed more pink eye
just leaping through the trees right now maybe later we’ll get on the Taco Bell
bikes in me and you can like wave by it all the neighborhoods mr. let’s get going oh my girly that totally up in the
mountains yeah the Mount was already on though yeah those makeover shows when
they come in it makes me down but now it’s actually all gone
oh wow it’s so empty near holy shit yeah that’s just going to the office what
happened oh I’m gonna just go through all the skincare and just see what I
want what I want to trash all right no the remains the beauty remains Wow
pinball’s next but I think they’re moving all the trucks now driving it
over to the new house oh okay one unloading everything just rights and
stunk remarried and burn baby holy time over there ah it’s gonna be weird no say
in anything ball machine – no but sauce going it’s it’s going in the studio
that’s actually one of the most that’s the nicest one that like ever found them
like today right now cuz it’s actually straight from the box and it was
actually built probably almost almost 10 years ago crazy it was like maybe 2011
or something but it was a mint condition in the box though and someone’s
warehouse like who doesn’t use it sit in a box in a warehouse for that long you’re busy playing we’re like four
machines were no more weak no dust angel yes that’s crazy there’s only one it’s
my favorite the last one is your favor on yeah I think it is it’s like my
favorite like trilogy ever it’s got all three movies the Fellowship of the Ring
the two towers and The Return of the King
like what pinball machine has a trilogy all in one machine I haven’t seen that
empty in what two years Namor I’ve never seen Maddie’s never seen an empty one
left or the Rings names favorite machine actually we got to bring the eagle head
yeah my gosh my baby’s ready to go to the new house is that one hi
oh my god okay so most of the things are packed in ball hold on
it’s not time to take the dogs to the new house the last night was our last
night ever sleep like sleeping here officially so back in the day you could
do a deep pain and get rid of you know the rest of the stuff that we have here
but the majority of the house is it all packed up and it’s actually already in
the new house which is crazy so we’re gonna go take the dogs they’ve already
been in the new house of course a few times but it’s their first real night
sleeping there I’m so excited vivillon are you ready for a video than
me ready feels so good once we have everything
out and actually everything in our house we have still gotta clean up my office
we’re gonna do that tomorrow but um Wow
all right Nate you ready babies in Deva come on man
it’s our fourth move together okay you ready to go to Hidden Hills my man all
right little big dog all right diva it’s our first night here
dude yeah drama come here sweet pea before we go in drama come here
yeah go peepee oh oh she’s going her first all right let’s get you all in the
house are you guys it’s time for new
beginnings and a new chapter 2020 we’re ready for you come on babies joy some
dinner is our first night in our new house oh my god bye guys

100 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Our Pink House Forever 😢

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  2. Nate : I’ve never seen this in one machine before! trying to communicate with Jeffrees fans

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  11. this video shows how people like her are dominated by consumerism and bourgeoisie…
    people like this are Advertising tools for The bourgeoisie

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