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– [Screaming] [bleep]
– What was that? – [Screaming]
– Oh, my God! Oh, my God! – [Screams]
– I’m trying to… we need to get out of here now![Narrator] Since the dawn f
there have always been sidemen,just as there have always
been plankton in the oceans,
worms in the earth,
gnats in the sky.
Over the years, kings, queens,
pharaohs and presidents
have all challenged sidemen
to rise up,
to be all they can be,to leave the shelter
and step to the front.
That forward leap
has never transpired.
Until now.We bring you seven
extraordinary sidemen
of our own time,who are men of action,
destiny and courage.
Men who dare to step
into the light.
They will be raced, chased,
blown up,
battered and bedraggled
through deserts and oceans,
over mountains and cities,
with one aim:
to move to the front,
to take center stage.
This is the sidemen show.-Alright, boys, it’s time! -Come on, get a move on!
Let’s go! -Come on, Simon. Off you get. -[Harry] I’m getting
a seat this time. -[Ethan] I’m gonna
sit on the stool. I’ve got my seat. Perfect. -[Josh] Well, I’ll just go
back here. Unlucky, pal. –Gentlemen…
– Who’s that big Donny? -Kristian Nairn. He’s Hodor
from “Game of Thrones”. -I challenge you to
a heart-racing test of nerve. Step out of the shadows
and spend the night with me here in the most haunted house
in all of England. Meet me outside at sundown. And bring nerdy gadgets.
Nairn, out. – We don’t stock nerdy gadgets.
– Did he say sundown tonight? -Yeah. -I’m chilling with Jay tonight. I’ll tell him the address
changed a little bit. – He’ll be fine.
– Bring him along! – He’ll be fine.
– Anyway, sundown! – Take the stuff.
– Take a bag full of stuff.[Offscreen] Guys, go nuts.
Take some things.
– There are overalls.
– Yeah, I’ll take this. – Nerdy gadget incoming.
– You got something? Go, go! – Almost tripped over the tiger!
– Go, go, go! – Move it, move it, move it!
– I’ve got the bag! -Oh, God! -Come on, come on! Hurry up! [Telephone beeps] -Yo, Jamie, it’s Josh. Forget
playing FIFA tonight, bruv. Meet us at Hodor’s creepy
old house. See you later. -[J.J] This house is so scary! – [Offscreen] This is it.
– Thank you for coming, guys. -Oh, go on, Josh.
Go on, you and Josh go on. -Not scary at all. Ha! – Hodor!
– Alright, we’re going in. -Oh, my Go-o-od! -[Offscreen] I don’t think you
guys are gonna enjoy this one. -[Nairn] I rented this house. It’s known as being one of the
most haunted houses in the UK. -Brilliant! -Some serious shit has gone
down here since I’ve been here. The walls of this house
harbor a dark secret. For years, it was kept by a
housemaid who lived here alone. Objects began to move
on their own. Strange sounds tormented her. Voices echoed
in the empty rooms. Legend has it,
evil spirits in the house drove her out of her mind. To this day,
chilling tales are told of the mad maid
who still haunts this house. I brought you here, Sidemen,
to test the limits of your fear, and I need you to investigate it
and see what you find. – Ethan, you got our stuff?
– Where did you get the bag? -I secured the bag. Alright. – Well, no, don’t do that!
– Everything’s now broken. Nice! – Good job! Good job!
– Don’t worry, we got this.-[Nairn]
To help you investigate,
I have rigged the house
with infrared cameras.
If anything goes bump in
the night, we will catch it.
– This is a fart cam.
– Blur. [All laugh] We’re screwed! This is just a video cam
in case anything happens. – What’s that, actually?
– A thermal imaging camera. – So it can see heat.
– This is in fact a ghost meter. – The official ghost meter.
– What’s it measure? -Ghosts. -It measures electromagnetic
fields. -We have a stereo recorder. in case we hear any…
“Shh, shh, shh! Joe.” – [Laughs]
– Oh, my God! -So, what I suggest is
you divide yourself into teams. -I’ll stay on the base station. – Of course you will.
– Same, yeah, me, too. -Yeah. I’ll get my seat here.
I got the maps. – I’ll tell you where to go.
– Alright, let’s do this fam!-[Nairn] ‘Paranormal activity
has been reported
in the housekeeper’s bedroom
and the library.
I need you to step up
to investigate and test
the limits of your fear.
-Simon and J.J., you’re gonna need to go along
the corridor under the stairs. -Along the corridor.
-At the end of that corridor,
the library’s on your left. OK? Copy? Harry, Ethan, go up the stairs,
then take the left staircase. -Ah, shit! That looks
like a Jesus statue. -You’re going left, Harry, left. -Left. Oh, Christ! -Oh, my God! He’s dying.
Look at that! [Indistinct] – J.J., can you hear me?
– What’s going on? -Tell J.J. where to go. -J.J., Simon, do you know
where you’re going? -We’re in the library.
It says “The Library”! – OK, we found the library.
– Jesus, that was hard! -Harry, to your right.
To your right. -To our right, OK.
This way? -OK, turn right. No, no, Harry,
wrong way. Harry, turn around. Harry, do not go in there. – I’m not happy right now.
– Harry and Ethan… -Ethan, Harry,
wrong way, turn around! No! Harry, go back! Harry, Harry, stop, stop.
I’m talking to you. I see you. Turn right…
That way, yes, yes, that way. Keep going, and then your next
left is the master bedroom. The next left.
The next left is the bedroom. -This is it, this is it!
You’re going first, alright? -OK. We’re in the wrong room,
Ethan. We’re in the wrong room. -The housekeepers bedroom? -Where’s the housekeeper’s
suite? -Can you…?
Where is it? Boys! Boys, we’re really stuck
on the landing. Where’s the housekeeper’s suite,
for the love of God, please? Other side of the stairs.
Other side of the stairs. -Harry? It’s this way,
it’s this way… -Alright, we’re heading there.
We’re here there now. Housekeeper’s room.
We found it, we found it. -It actually says it there. -Right, use the thermal camera.– Yes, you’re in.
– Harry and Ethan, you’re in. – [Gasps] What’s that?
– What? – Why is this all…?
– I think that… -Oh, shit! Bro, something’s
gonna jump out the covers… -Yeah, nice. -OK, so we got the recorder,
we got the EMF meter. -You have no idea
what any of this is. – Fam, I just got given it.
– [Laughs] – [Creaking]
– Ah!– ‘No, no, no!’
– ‘No, no, no, no! [Panicked shouting] – OK…
– Oh, [Bleep]. OK, right. So what could be
going on here? Let’s find out. Oh, shit! OK, right. – OK, cool. Well…
– That’s good, innit? -What the… [Bleep] ? – Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
– What happened? – Did you see…?
– No! Vik, Vik, the library is…
I don’t know… help! [Laughing] I’m panicking. -Investigate. Why did the book
fall off the shelf? Find out! -OK, he said…
Vik said, “Investigate.” -[Bleep] Tell Vik
to bring his ass here! -Right, give me
the little electro… – [Buzzing]
– Ah! Oh, my God! – [Bleep]
– [Screams] – Ask them what happened.
– What happened? – They saw something.
– I don’t know what happened! I don’t like it! -OK, we’re trying to investigate
why the books fell, so… -I heard something.
I’m terri… [Screams] – [Thudding]
– What? What? – [Banging intensifies]
– ‘OK, OK, Vik? -Come here! -This isn’t cool.
I’m not happy with this. OK, wait.
-No, no, stand back to back. -Oh, shit! Oh, there’s
a baby on the wall. – [Clattering]
– [Screams] Oh my God! Oh God! – Oh my God!
– No, no, no, no! -What do you see?
We don’t see what you see. What do you see? We don’t
see what you see? Harry! – What? What do you want?
– ‘What do you see? -Oh my God!
You don’t understand. You’re sat here in
a [Bleep] control room. It’s not nice. It is not nice
here. I repeat, it’s not nice. -Harry, what did you see?
We didn’t see that. Did you film it? -There’s a child on the wall
and then something rattled. Get your recorder out.
Have you got a recorder? Ask if anyone’s in the room
and record what you hear. – How do we talk to it?
– Turn the light on. – On?
– Yeah. -What the [Bleep]? -Why has that done that?
Did you see that? – Fire just started.
– Did you see that? No, fam!
Why did that just happen? – J.J., what happened?
– OK… -Look, look! -Bad things are happening
right now, fam. Like, it’s [Bleep] circus
right here. [Laughs] Right, I don’t unders… -Wait. What? That door wasn’t
open. Why is the door open? That door wasn’t opened.
That door wasn’t open. – [Voice echoes]
– Wait! Did you hear that? I’m not gonna lie,
it’s not gone well… [Screams] Oh my goodness!
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I’m a Celebrity,
get me out of here! – We’re just gonna try and…
– How do you talk to a ghost? -I don’t know.
If there are any ghosts… -Oh, no, no. …in this library,
please speak now. Nothing’s happening. -If there’s anybody in this
room, please make my electric
magnetic field go up. [Laughs] If there’s a ghost in here,
please give us a sign. – Nothing’s happening.
– If there are any ghosts… – …in this library…
– Yep. …please give us a sign. – [Banging]
– What the [Bleep]? – Shit! Oh my God, fam! Man!
– No, man! – Bro?
– Can’t be arsed with this. – J.J., we heard that, too.
– Well, I’m going back. – What?
– We heard that, too. What was that? It was just a noise, but
it happened at the same time Harry and Ethan asked
to talk to the ghost. Oh, I see. So we did
the exact same thing? – Get ’em back in.
– ‘Guys, everyone come back! Everyone come back
to the ops room. – You want us to come back?
– ‘Quick, everyone come back. Quick, quick, quick, quick! -I’m not gonna lie, boys.
That didn’t go too well. It just proved we’re
shit scared of haunted houses. Guys, seriously,
there’s got to be something more with this haunted maid story. -[Nairn] As the years went by,
alone and isolated, the maid’s torment grew worse. Every day the spirits
would terrorize her more. The voices grew louder. Shadows would dart
across walls. Even in her dreams,
the voices would haunt her. [Shouts echo] Every day she grew closer
to madness. [Woman screams] Guys, that was great, you know. The main thing is I know
I’m not going [Bleep] crazy now. – I think you know that.
– We all are. -So, I suggest
you swap teams, probably. -Yeah, we’re not going again.
-They’re going. – You got this, man!
– Oh, no, no. – You did good.
– Let’s just do a straight swap. – Where do we go, though?
– Go top and tail. Do a top and bottom.
Attic and basement. -Fam, I did not sign up
for this creepy house shit. -Yo, man, we found the entrance
to the basement. -Nice work, over. – Vik, stay close to me now.
– OK, yeah, yeah. -Now begins your exploration,
over. -Yo, Josh and Tobi. That’s the
right way. You’re doing well. That’s the way up.
That’s the way up, over. -That’s freaky. Don’t know
what you’re looking at, cus. What happened to your nose?
Look at your nose. – What happened to your nose?
– Fam, bro, where is it? -Oh, there they are.
They’re there. Is this it? -I believe we have
reached the attic. -Whoa! Hey, she’s peng! -Josh, turn around. Josh, look
to your left, look to your left. OK, left a bit.
OK, touch the breasts. -Huh? – Don’t touch the breasticles!
– [Laughter] -Breasts were touched. -We’re checking in this buggy. – [Screams]
– [Bleep] What was that? -[Bleep] this, man.
[Bleep] this, man. – No, stay, stay!
– [Bleep] this, man. – Jamie, you’re doing great,
over. – Listen, [Bleep] you,
bruv. Hold on, hold on, don’t go
in there yet. Let’s check… -[Bleep] this, man! Oh, stop, stop!
Oi, oi! [Laughs] Chill, chill, chill… – [Banging]
– [Screams] Stop, stop! Stop! No, no, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop. – OK, wait, wait. Let’s check.
– Aye, aye, aye…– I can check.
– Aye! – Josh, Josh, Josh!
– Oh, no, no, no, no! -I don’t wanna alarm you, but
the pony is moving by itself. -Can you just stop moving,
please? I went near it
and it stopped moving. -Boys, so you need to find
another room. We can see the light
on the wall… – There!
– Go in there, go in there!
– Go in that door, over.
– OK. Let’s go in this door. Come in here.
Come in here then. -If you could start
investigating the room, maybe I’ll scout
for some spirits, over. -Whoa, whoa! There’s heat
outside the window. – [Screams]
– There’s heat in the window! -[Indistinct] [Bleep]
Vik, Vik, Vik, Vik, Vik! – [Bleep] you, man.
– OK, wait, wait, wait… – Vik, [Bleep] off.
– No, no, no, no! [Raucous laughter] -See the light in the window… – [Screams] I scared myself.
– Chill, chill, chill! – Alright, calm, calm, calm…
– I scared myself. – Yo, Josh, Tobi, panic.
– Panic? You guys aren’t
panicking enough. -J.J. says, “Panic more.” -Josh, get on the floor,
roll around and panic. J.J. says, “Get on the floor,
roll and panic.” – You do that. Go on.
– Aargh! -That’s it.
That’s it, that’s it. That’s it, that’s it. You’re
doing well. You’re doing well. -Is this good? -Tobi, the eyes behind you
are moving. -No, they ain’t. -OK, yeah, man, we’ve actually
got heat in the window. – Heat in the window.
– ‘We’ve got heat. No, it’s your reflection.
It’s your reflection. -Oh my God, sorry.
You lot, sorry, over. -Both teams,
use the ghost stuff. [Signal crackles] -We’ve got something on 530. On 530 we’ve got, like,
a song playing. [Gasps] – [Music plays]
– What is that? -This is Harry and Ethan.
We copy, we can hear the music. -Listen carefully in case
there’s a clue in there. [Music continues] Wait, wait! – [Banging]
– [Screams] [Bleep] off, man! Stop, man!
Stop, man, stop, man! When can we come back?
When can we come back? -No, no, no. -OK, so, obviously, since
you’re talking to spirits, you’ve gotta be very delicate
with what you say. Do not diss their moms, else they will come get you
real quick. -If there are any spirits
in here, please talk to us. – [Clattering]
– [Screams] No, no, we’re going.
They don’t want us here. -Wait, no, Tobi, come back.
I can’t see. -They don’t want us here.
You said be polite. -We’ll leave. We’ve been polite. – They don’t want us.
– We’ll leave now. -Enough. [Bleep] this.
I’m a bad man! Any spirits in this downstairs
corridor right now, make yourselves known. – [Banging]
– [Screams] Ah, shit! [Bleep] that!
[Bleep] that! [Bleep] that! [Raucous laughter] -[Bleep] this house! Spirits
everywhere, and a creepy maid! What even happened here?[Nairn] After months away
the lord of the house returns.He found the torment had taken
its toll on the maid.
Whispers of the evil spirits
had broken her mind.
The lord believed
demons had overcome her.
Finally she succumbed
to the darkness.
[Screams][Nairn] In desperation,
she threw herself
from the battlements
to her death.
When the lord found
her twisted body,
to his horror,
she had no eyes.
In sheer terror,
she had gouged them out
with her own hands.Now legend has it, her twisted
form terrorizes this house
and possesses all who enter.[Screams]I didn’t think you guys would
actually make it this far. – I’m actually pretty impressed.
– Well, that’s helpful! [Laughter] -There is actually a system
of tunnels around this house. – I’ll do the tunnels.
– Doesn’t sound good. -I would say the toy room
and the tunnels. – Let’s do it, Simon.
– Let’s do it, J.J.. -OK, right, we’re going.
Let’s go. -How have been dragged
into this again? -[J.J] Alright. There’s only a
few rooms left to check, boys. Please, please, please,
no creepy maid. Fam, how are we gonna
open this door? – Do you want me to go in?
– Yo, ladies first, innit? Oh, no, fam,
this is actually mad. – Oh my God!
– Do you feel that wind, fam? – [Banging]
– Yo, it’s well [Bleep]. – Ah!
– This is bad. We are walking
up the stairs as we speak. – OK, keep going up.
– Oh my God! -Isn’t that the door
straight ahead? -Yes, it says
“The Nursery” on it. – That is the correct one.
– Oh, Jesus! You go first. -Bro, what? What are you…? -[Bleep] Simon, I swear
that door just opened by itself! -[J.J.] Yo, it smells like
dead bodies here. For real. – OK, OK. J.J.’s good.
– J.J. looks so white. -J.J. or Ethan, can you please
speak to me now we can hear you? -Yes, hello. I can hear you,
Tobi. Hello. -You’ve just come
into our screen. And now we can see you.
Yeah, we can see you now. -Fam, you ain’t gonna fit. [Laughs] – Dude, I’m sorry about that!
– What’s so funny? I’m scared. -Oh [Bleep]! Oh [Bleep]! – [Voices echo]
– Oh! What is that? – No, you see that?
– See what? Oh, there’s a baby. – That was good, that was good.
– Yeah? -I didn’t see it though. -I can hear baby things. -Yes, that noise is coming
from our room… – [Screams]
– What the [Bleep]? [Screaming] -No, no, no! -Wait, what was that? -That was not
on the floor before. – It’s a picture of what?
– Of a female! – It’s a female woman!
– How old do you reckon she was?– Oh, Jesus.
– Harry, what’s up? – Oh, fam, this is stupid!
– You ain’t gonna fit. [Laughter] -Oh, fam,
managed to wedge, innit? -I’ve got comms. [Screams echo] Oh my God! Get me out!
Get me out! – What the [Bleep]?
– That was a person. -Oh my God! Oh my God! Get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out! [Screams] Please! Please! -J.J. and Ethan,
are you alive? Hello? Yeah, we’re outside.
We’ve run away. -Fam! Nope! Nope. Fam, when you actually
see a woman, like… It was, right? It really was? – And her arms are broke…
– What did you see? -Legit, tunnels.
Scary as [Bleep] – I told you not to go in.
– No. -J.J. and Ethan have come back,
cos a woman came near them… [Laughter] -[J.J.] Oh, you!
The way you make it sound. You make us sound like virgins! We’re not virgins, fam! Alright. Hello, woman. Are you
gonna leave at some point? – Try again.
– OK. -Hello, woman of the house! This is me and Simon. If you’re gonna leave
at any point soon, please do. If not, please make a noise. – [Woman’s scream]
– Oh! – Oh, God!
– Fam?– You’re not leaving?
– We’re out, we’re out. -Yo, I say with peace, done it. -Honestly, we’ve done
the detective work. – We’ve tried, fam. We tried.
– The clean-up, that’s extra. -We don’t need to stay here. -There’s still so much
I need to do, man. Like, I got kids to make.
I still need to, like, marry. -Bro, I’m out! We’re out.
It said my name. Harry… No, it said his name,
which is bullshit, cos I have more subs. I was there, like,
“No, have him. Have him!” -On a more serious note, they went to the tunnels
and a woman… -Yeah, we saw a woman
try to grab us. -A maid. A maid… – Like, not the kinky sense.
– Not the good kind of maid. – Yeah.
– So you almost had it? – What about her body or…?
– Sort of like this, like… – Did she have eyes?
– Yeah, that way. -Fam, I didn’t have time
to check. I saw a woman and I peaced,
I’m sorry, fam. – No, no, no, fam…
– We just had this… -Guys, I’ve got it,
I’ve got this. – You’re gonna go on your own?
– Watch me on the monitors. -On the monitors?
On your own? – Fam, he’s doing it.
– He’s switched. -He was saying nothing the
whole time we’re doing all this. He was just sat there, like… – I’m sorry, the guy’s shady,
man. I don’t trust him. – Trust me, listen…
– Can I ask a question? – Yes.
– Where’s he gone? He just went out and said,
“I’m going to sort this.” [Labored breathing] -Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo! Look, main hall,
main hall, main hall. – [Offscreen] Main hall nine.
– He’s got a stick. – [Offscreen] That is an axe.
– Why’s he got an axe? -[Nairn] He said it’s tonight. -He said he was gonna
go and sort it. -Ends, tonight. -He’s going upstairs. Ah! -Wait, he stopped,
he stopped. Wait! Shh! -We can hear him.
We can hear him. -Wait, he heard something.
Oh no, he’s coming back. -Oh no! No, if he comes
over here, we gotta run. -Boys, I’ve got him, don’t
worry. -Genuinely hold the door. – Wait, he’s coming back.
– Where’s the basement? – Oh, no! There. Look!
– [Nairn panting] -Fam, he is breathing heavy.
Yo, he’s unfit, bro. – He’s a strange Donny.
– Ah, ah! Ah! -Oh, no, fam! He’s doing
a twitchy thing. He’s transforming, fam.
And not in a good way, trust! Fam, is he gonna, like, chop
some wood? I don’t understand. – Oh!
– No! -No, we have to find him.
We have to find him. [Grunting] – Wait! When he stops in a room,
we all go to that room together, we talk to him, and we say
we’re going and we go. -Well, sure gone not basement.[Offscreen] How we get
into this shit, man?
Ghosts, a mad maid, and now we’re hunting down
a big Donny with an axe! Oh [Bleep] shit, man!
I thought we just… – Kristian?
– OK, what is that? [Piano clangs] -Oh no, the [Bleep] piano!
[Bleep] the piano! -[Tobi] Yeah, Jay, did you
hear that? Did you hear that? -Yep, yep, yep, yep. – Oh, OK…
– Well, that’s not normal. [Rocking-horse creaks] – I’m honestly scared shitless.
– Listen. Just wait. Stop. – [Piano clangs]
– Aargh! Oh my God! Oh my God! – Why are we doing this?
– [Screams echo] -No, no, no…! – J.J.?
– What? -That wardrobe door just opened. -Kristian! There’s too many… -Oh, shit! Oh my [Bleep] [Wails] -Kristian? – [Banging]
– No way! I’m out, I’m out! – Shit! No!
– Without my phone I can’t see! – Bro!
– What am I doing? – KSI, come on!
– Where is it, fam? -Hello! Big Donny? -Is this right? -I’m not sure
it’s the right way or not. – [Bleep] the phone, man!
– I need my [Bleep] phone, bro! – There was a noise ahead of us.
– Shh! – OK, good, dude!
– I’m out! -[Bleep] behind us!
Gimme your torch! – [Woman screams]
– Oh no! [Screaming and shouting] -[Josh] Get out! Go, go, go!
She was in the [Bleep] tunnels! – [Ethan] In the tunnel!
– Go! Go, go, go! – I’m trying to go!
– Go! – Go, go, go!
– Ah! Go, go, go, go! – It’s not working.
– Just open the door, man! – Open the door!
– [Screaming] -It’s not working!
It’s not working! – Open it!
– [Screaming and shouting] – Stop shouting at me!
– Open the door! -We need to get out of here now! -Go, go! [Sirens wailing] – Oh!
– Whoa! – No, he ain’t catching me!
– [Officer] Stop! What’s going on here?
This is private property. – You’re trespassing.
– [Simon] No, we got invited. -Nobody’s lived here in
80 years. Get in the van! – What?
– Get in the van. Come on! You’re nicked, the lot of you! Get in. Shut it!
You lot, round the back. -What about J.J.? – Hey, big man!
– In! – And they got J.J…
– [Shouting] – Oh no!
– Shut your mouth and get in! – Oh, [Bleep] man.
– Oh, you got caught? – You didn’t even get away.
– He was fast, fam. – [All] Ah!
– Ow! Why? -Oi, Sidemens, how are we
getting home then? [Groans and moans] Ow, my knee!
Ow, my [Bleep] knee![Narrator] There’s no doubt
the sidemen tested
the very limits of their fear.and they would have gotten
away with it unscathed
if it wasn’t for those pesky
trespassing laws.
[Woman screams] -[Grylls] I lay down
this wilderness challenge. You gotta learn how
to survive in the wild and take on my elite,
high-octane training ground. Any questions? -Is your name actually “Bear?” -[Grylls] You can run,
but you can’t hide, Sidemen! -Guys! -Aargh! [Screams] -I am an Alpha male! [Grunts] – What?
– Bear Grylls is an absolute…

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