Sigrid Adriaenssens on making buildings more energy efficient
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Sigrid Adriaenssens on making buildings more energy efficient

actually consume about 40% of all the energy in United States. And so if we want to make a big impact on climate change then that’s really where we should be addressing our efforts, on how we can make the energy consumption in buildings lower while
maintaining a very good level of comfort for users within the buildings. – VICTOR CHARPENTIER:
Basically what we are doing is making buildings need less energy for cooling and therefore reducing their carbon footprint. But also making our
buildings more comfortable. – SIGRID ADRIAENSSENS: So there
are many buildings from the 1950s, 1960s that maybe
were not so well designed in terms of environmental performance. But also we want to look
at contemporary buildings that are going up and so basically the technology that we are developing will be kind of be applicable to both. (calm music)

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