Simple Flat Twist Updo

Hey everybody, it’s Chrissy…and Daisy today I tried this super simple and quick style and it turned out pretty good So, if you wanna see how I did it and my husband is distracting daisy with Doritos if you wanna see how I did it…you can… keep on watching my hair was parted into 4 sections So you wanna part your hair at a curve to where you want your twists to start and stop where the back sections begin then you wanna twist up the smaller section and pull it back into a ponytail with the back sections of hair this section is gonna have 3 jumbo twists and you’re gonna part it like a boomerang you’re gonna spritz your hair with water and moisturize each of the sections you’re gonna flat twist the first section and as you twist down you just wanna make sure that it is detangled and moisturized for the next section, the part doesn’t have to be as curved you’re gonna do another flat twist now onto our last twist for the top section moving onto the back I’m untwisting and I’m gonna detangle after I get done detangling the back I’m gonna go back to the front section that’s not twisted up. Spritz it with water, moisturize it put a little gel on it…and brush it back you’re gonna gather all your hair and throw it in a ponytail now grab the twist closest to your ear and place it over the other 2 you’re gonna grab another ponytail holder and just put it in a ponytail now for the ponytail I thought it’d be cute if I twisted it up and then made my bun so, I’m just gonna do a bunch of little twists for the bun, you’re gonna open it up from the center and spread it out then you’re gonna take your hair, twist it around each other and tuck it under you’re gonna take a ponytail holder to secure it but, you’re definitely gonna need to put some bobby pins in there now here’s the final look I hope you all liked it please rate, comment, and subscribe oh…and there are bloopers at the end so keep watchin Hey everybody it’s Chrissy and Daisy (Looks at Daisy like, really) you really just gone yawn? Okay, so (husband talking in background) (husband) I’m sorry (me) I was gonna keep that in there (husband) I’m so sorry, I jacked that up and this is my intro (laughs) BAE! (Laughs) I just realized I got on this t shirt (laughs) (husband) You been recordin this whole time? (nods head yes) (husband) BLOOPER!! (both laugh) Oh my goodness….this is silly

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