STEAM Flat Irons – Are they BETTER? 🤔
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STEAM Flat Irons – Are they BETTER? 🤔

(sizzling) – Welcome back, we have
a special one today. Macy is joining me, so that could mean one of several things.
– I’m excited. – Hair. (laughs) We’re testing out steam flatirons. We have two different ones. The reason why is because they have two different types of technologies. One of them, this one is super wide and the steam comes out from the side, and it has this brush attachment that you can attach to the flatiron, and then this one right here, I believe this is only a one inch. It’s smaller, and the steam comes out in the center of the plates,
there’s like a little divot. – So with these, obviously you have to
fill these with water. – Oh, I see. This looks like a, water gun.
– This is why, yeah, this is why they give you this, to actually put the water in here. All right, let’s do this. I’m gonna fill mine,
then you can fill yours. There you go. Don’t drop it. (laughing) – I’ll just do it over this way. – I failed. (laughing) Ooh! – Whoa! – What? – Oh, that heated up really fast. – Okay that was quick. – Okay. – All right, so first,
let’s try to straighten, and then we will try to curl. All right, let’s try this out. (sizzling) – [Macy] Oh. – Oh that scares me. I mean, it did pretty
good for the first time. – Oh, my.
– Not really. How’s yours?
– Okay, I don’t know about this brush. Yeah, it got stuck.
– It got stuck? – And my hair does look wet now. (electronic buzzing) – Ow, that looks…
– Yeah, that’s… – It’s getting bad?
– This brush. – [Andrey] You might wanna
put the brush through first. (electronic buzzing) (beeps) – What is the beep? – Is that better?
– Yeah. Oh, I’m accidentally
hitting it with my hand. Yeah, my hair looks wet. – Interesting.
– How do your ends feel? – They feel really good. I am seeing, probably from
the first couple tries. – [Milana] Your hair? – A lot of my hair got pulled out. – (laughing) I just can’t with your noise. – In space, yeah.
– What are you doing over there? (laughs) – It’s kinda making me nervous. – I mean, this just sounds like I am… – Yours sounds like you’re scorching. – Literally scorching the hair. The plates are not smooth at all. Like you can even see, like, it’s kind of, I have to force it to get through. – I mean, it’s not that smooth. – Ooh, okay. – [Milana] Is it better? – Much better.
– That way without the brush? – I don’t really need that
much tension on my hair, so yeah, that’s much better. It feels really wet, so
I’m just kinda wondering when this dries, is it really gonna be straight?
– What happens? – Or is it gonna start to curl? Because my hair is naturally wavy. – [Milana] I feel like I just have to keep going back and
forth, and look at the ends. They’re not actually,
they’re not becoming sleek. They’re just very poofy. Does it tell you when it becomes empty? That’s the whole thing. I mean, yeah, the water is almost gone. – Okay, mine still has quite a bit left. – Oh, you’re still good. Well, look at your chamber compared to mine. (laughs)
– Yeah, that’s true. – She filled the entire
bottle, 30 millimeters. – Oh, yeah.
– Millimeters. Milliliters. I only filled not even
like a third of mine. That’s how tiny this chamber
is compared to yours. – Okay.
– Wow, that’s steaming. – That got really hot
towards my scalp obviously. – Yeah, I’m not impressed. I’m really curious, like you were saying, once it fully dries what is
gonna happen to the hair. You know what I mean?
– Yeah, is it just gonna like curl right back up? – Woo!
– Wow. – Wow, that’s steaming.
– Goodness. – It’s not really doing
that great of a job. – No, just kinda looks greasy and… – Like, I would want the
ends to be a lot more sleeker and smoother, do you know what I mean? – Yeah.
– Like, I feel like with the steam it should do that, but it’s not. All right, so I’m gonna
try a different method. I’m gonna steam it first,
and then turn off the steam, and then go over it one more time to basically lock it in place. I don’t know, we’re just trying
different things over here. So I wanna get the crinkles out of my hair and get this nice and smooth. So we’re gonna go in with the steam first. Wow, I can’t get over that noise. (Macy and Milana laugh) And then I’m gonna turn the steam off and then just go over that
again without the steam. Yeah, it’s not soft. I feel like that’s
doing a much better job, but it’s still not giving
me those very sleek ends, but you know what, I did take
out my Conair Infiniti Pro. I just wanna compare it just to see. This does not have steam. It’s just so smooth. I mean in just the one pass too. And this doesn’t need steam. Do you wanna try it? – Yeah.
– Go for it. And your hair doesn’t look wet. – Nope. That’s a plus. Yeah, that’s very smooth. – [Milana] That’s so interesting. Without the steam it’s
actually pretty good. – Yeah. I like the plates a lot. Yeah, even the ends.
– They look so different. – So different. This is with the steam, and
then this is with no steam. – Wow.
– So. I can already see pieces of
my hair that are starting to re-curl or I feel like I would need to go back over it again. – With just regular flatiron?
– With just, yeah, with no steam. – I wanna try this without
the steam on my hair. All right, I’m actually gonna try to curl. I’m just curious, you guys.
– With the big one? – I’m gonna try it with the
big one, see what happens. Who’s ready for this? Oh, gosh. My poor hair. Wow, that did a lot!
(Macy laughs) – It’s just too big.
– Let me try this one. – Yeah, those plates are rough. – They are not soft at all. I mean, this one is a lot easier, but it’s creating that tension. Nope. Let’s see this one. Oh, you’re kinda struggling. – A little bit, yeah. – With the plates. Yeah, see? It just did the bottom. You get such better results
with just a regular flatiron with good plates.
– Yeah. – All right, so as you can see, I actually didn’t
straighten all of my hair. I only did the bottom. I kind of, not gave up on it, I just didn’t feel like doing
my entire head with the steam, just because it wasn’t working that great on my naturally straight, fine hair, and it was struggling more than working. Yes, it did straighten,
but the actual results, they were more frizzy,
they were not sleek, they were not, they were
just not what I want from a hair straightener,
especially if I’m gonna go out of my way and put heat on my hair. I want it to work that time and not have to worry about the integrity of my hair. What about yours? – Yeah, well I did most of
this side with the steam and this one here, and
pretty much with the steam, you can see, my hair looks kind of greasy just because it is damp, it feels wet. – Still?
– Towards the root, yeah. I can feel it, and honestly,
I was thinking steam would at least take away the
frizz, and this side looks way frizzier no matter how many times I put a brush through
my hair or go over it. It just seems like the
frizz keeps on coming, and then on this side of my head, I kind of alternated between,
I didn’t use any steam, but I alternated between this
one and the Conair actually, and I showed my ends, and
just the ends of my hair look so much better with the Conair versus this one because of
this little divot I feel like. Without the steam it’s not
putting even heat on your hair. I don’t see myself
buying a steam flatiron, just because I like the versatility that the Conair would offer. You can’t really curl your
hair with either one of these. – Just because they’re shaped so weird. – They are, they have
like such a weird shape, and then the plates
have this massive divot where the steam comes out.
– Yeah. – So if you’re not
wanting to use the steam, it’s like, what is the point of that? – Yeah, exactly. – Yeah, this one, the plates
are actually really nice. It did a really good
job without the steam, but the plates are so small Even the Conair is tiny and the plates are just
as thick and way longer, so for me, with my long hair,
I would just prefer this. – This was kind of a meh type of product, and I don’t like saying
that because I always try to find the positive in
a lot of these products, and just sometimes products,
they’re more gimmicky than actually working for
your benefit and working, you know, making sure they keep
the integrity of your hair. I am really curious though. I know there is this brand, what is it, like the Maxi X or something? – Glide.
– MaxiGlide. That one also is a steamer,
and they were like on QVC, they won so many awards, they probably gave them to themselves. Just kidding.
(Macy and Milana laugh) In all honesty, I am
curious to see if you guys have tried that product out
versus something like this, and what kind of texture did you have? Because on QVC, when they
did it, that live show, the results actually looked pretty good. The hair wasn’t super sleek. It was straight, but it wasn’t sleek. It didn’t look smooth,
it didn’t look silky, it just looked straight. I don’t know how to explain that. Like, this looks straight,
but it doesn’t look silky, it doesn’t look smooth, versus
this side is like, yeah, it’s straight, it’s sleek,
and it’s smooth, it’s silky. It’s that beautiful texture
when you straighten the hair. Please share your photos or
even a video before and after if you have used a steamed
hair iron, hair straightener. How did it work on your hair? What kind of hair texture do you have? Is it really textured, is it
very coarse, is it very curly, is it kinky type of hair texture? Because on my hair type
and your hair type, it didn’t really do, it didn’t really add any benefits to our hair type and styling.
– No. It didn’t cut the time, it
didn’t make it look better, it didn’t make it more enjoyable, and its lack of versatility. Positives, let’s say the positives. – Yeah.
– LCD control, temperature control setting,
both of them have that, and both of them actually can and, you can turn off and turn on the steam, so you do have that option,
but mine is a lot better in a sense that there is only one button. – Yeah.
– Even though it’s locked, you can still unlock and then turn it off, but that’s kind of the
whole positive and negative. Then the whole negative thing is you have to refill the bottle,
refill the little tank. Yours is still good, mine
is pretty much gone already. – Yeah, there’s a lot left in here. – All right, so overall, again,
please share your thoughts down below, share your before
and afters if you have tried a steam hair iron on
yourself or maybe on others, and thank you for joining Macy and myself and our steam flatirons, and we will see you in
the next video very soon. Bye.

94 thoughts on “STEAM Flat Irons – Are they BETTER? 🤔

  1. i’ve used one before but i much prefer my con air infinitipro. the steam makes my hair feel crusty, but some of my friends love it

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  4. The steam idea does seem counterproductive to me. Obviously when the steam hits your cool hair or the air it starts to condense and will make your hair damp. Then your natural wave will come back when it dries.

  5. I remember many years having an iron called Wet to Straight which you used on very damp hair. The hissing and popping noises were hideous! It worked reasonably well but thank goodness we've got decent ones now! Merry Christmas Milana and Andrey xxx

  6. Andrey looks like Deavan from 90day fiance the girl with JiHoon. Nonetheless both of you are absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas

  7. The only one that works is L’Oréal SteamPod!! Best results ever than any flat iron out there period. Love your videos!

  8. I had one about ten years ago by bayliss or Remington it was a wet to dry one so it said but same at the one in this vid

  9. My sister used to use the Maxi Glide. It was our first flat iron. Her hair is naturally wavy and it really did straighten her hair. But then again we had never used a real straightener before to compare lol

  10. Macy is so cute but can i give her an advice? She should put some castor oil on that patch that doesn't have as many hair i had kinda the same issue but it worked beautifully ❤️

  11. Unfortunately, I am about to date myslef… I learned to curl my hair with a blue curling iron I bought at a rummage sale in 1978 when I was 10 years old. The baby blue curling iron was a steamed one. You filled the handle with water. To this day I remember the smell of that iron.

  12. You girls are so brave to use these on your hair..The noise alone would make me stop..Milana I am surprised you have any hair..You try so many tools on it…lol You must have one strong head of hair…I don't mean you are strong Merry Christmas to you and Andrey!! and congrats on having a baby…What a big year for both of you both….Loretta

  13. I tried a similar steam flat iron to the big one you tried, it came with some type of "cream" you have to apply on the hair before going in with the flat iron

    It worked great on my afro hair (I do relaxe my hair but I use flat irons when I want a nice slick look) BUT I kind of burned my scalp because of that cream combined with the steam action too close to my scalp…

    Gave up on it to go back to a regular flat iron

  14. The Loreal steampod is amazing, maybe you should test this one vs the steampod. The L'oreal steampod is supposed to give you a more natural look, so if you are someone that doesn't love the poker straight look, and prefer a more natural finish then maybe a steam based iron is better. I have coarse, thick long hair and the steampod works great!

  15. Please try cordless flat iron, especially Babyliss 9000, that’s pricy tho, but it claims as great as cord flat iron.

  16. Try the L'Oréal steampod and use unfiltered water, not tap water. Works wonders for me, and I have frizzy unruly hair 🙂

  17. I think it didn’t work because you have chosen two low-end steam straighteners, try the more expensive ones (like the steampod from L'Oreal, the best straightener of all, in my opinion), you will not be disappointed.

  18. I have curly hair and tried the original maxi glide. It left my hair so smooth and straight, I loved it. I definitely think you should try the Maxi glide

  19. I love when Macy joins you in videos yay! 💕

    I remember my first ever flat iron was a steam iron (Srsly – about 20 yrs ago! 👵) & it was such a pain!
    It had a huge water chamber but it would use it up so fast. This was before we had ceramic plates EEK! So essentially I was using technology use in a stainless steel household iron, with steam, on my hair, with very little heat protection because it wasn't a 'thing' back then! *shudders.. How did my hair not burn off?!*
    The closest thing to heat protection was the original frizz-ease (which I don't think promoted any heat protection?)

    The steam iron left my hair so fly-away on top (because I literally didn't know what I was doing r.e. Smoothing products) & it wouldn't keep the hair very straight for long.
    Luckily I learnt about GHD the next year (a tabloid said that's what they used on 'Rachel from Friends' lol 😂 so I'm forever grateful to Jennifer Aniston for bringing GHD into my life!)

    I also had that wet-to-dry flat iron about 10-15 years ago & actually LOVED it lololol 😂
    It did make awful noises (& obviously lots of steam from drying wet hair with intense heat) but it left my hair sooooo smooth!

    I do worry, in hindsight, that it was probably super damaging, because it's widely agreed that you shouldn't use extreme heat on wet hair (Flat iron level heat, not hair dryer level heat iykwim?)

    Aww I'm getting nostalgic for my wet-to-dry straighter now lol!

    Thanks for another great video girls! 💕

  20. No, don’t damage your hair with that Milabu. My hairdresser said NEVER FLAT IRON YOUR HAIR WET or with steam. You will literally break off the hair. No way for me. Only flat ironing dry hair with a dry flat iron & flat iron oil to add moisture back in that way.

    P.S. love your channel Milabu. Congrats on your success & baby news.

  21. My hair is thick and same length as yours. I have a steam flat iron that is the style you used and the water in my chamber (same size as yours) will last for at least two or three hair straightening sessions. You must be passing multiple times on each strand. I only have to pass once. I might so twice if I feel like it here and there.
    My iron will leave my hair looking like yours did with the iron that has no steam. It's very sleek, including the ends. My plates don't clamp down super tight which allows me to pass over quick. At first I felt like they were clamping too loose, but I think it is because my iron has floating plates. (They adjust to how much hair you have.) I feel so much better using my steam iron than the regular. I tried going back to my old one once and didn't like it. went right back to the steam. I would never expect it to curl and never tried. So who knows as far as that goes. I would probably reach for my regular because of the curvature on the sides of the plates (meant to curl) whereas the steam is just a flat plate.
    As for your friend's steam iron I think that releases way too much steam the way it comes out and can completely believe it would be left damp, but several passes are definitely going to do that. I used to have a flat iron like that with the come attachment. I loved that about the iron. Comb and straighten in one rather than hold a comb in front of the iron while straightening. It was so much more convenient. Oh my gosh that was my first flat iron ever. I was so sad when it died only because i could not find another flat iron with the comb attachment anywhere. I WISH I had one like that still.
    Too bad the iron didn't work for you. I love mine! I've had it almost a year now.

  22. I had a steam flatiron band in 2000!! I completely forgot about it. Mine was like the wide one with the comb. My hair would be wet and have weird creases. It was terrible! 😂

  23. Lol I had a steam straightener maybe 20 years ago. I was so happy when the non-steam straighteners were more readily available and affordable because they work so much better. I think it's hilarious the steam straighteners are trying to make a comeback and it's being seen as a new thing 😂😂😂

  24. could you try the SRI xtreme health flat iron? It claims to actually improve your hair rather than damaging it so i think it would make an interesting video and we can see if it actually works:)

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  26. I have a steam iron from Amazon it's called Professional Hair Salon Steam Styler and it works well when straightening and curling with or without steam, but I do use the steam function more.

    Also can go to a video on cordless straighteners, ive seen recently are the Babyliss 9000, Lunata codless touchup and we are Paradox Supernova, would be brilliant if you cold review these 😉☺️


    What do you think about this curling / straightener

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  32. Your poor hair Milania! That sound and the scorching of your hair is so scary to watch. Sorry not for me. Once again a very helpful and informative video. Watching your hair tutorials has saved my hair. Thankyou so very much. Love from Wendy in Australia. xox 🐨💖

  33. I had a steam flat iron back in the early 2000s. It’s not scorching your hair…the noise is the steam coming from the flat iron (just like it does with a clothes iron.) 🙂

  34. I’m wondering why did you choose to go for low quality steam flat irons when there are more popular ones like SteamPod & MaxiGlide 🤔 The L’Oréal one is very popular. Although all YouTubers confirmed it gives better results than normal straighteners, I was hoping to see your opinion about it because I trust your reviews. There are many people in the comments here requesting a review of the Steampod, I hope to see a response video soon to your followers. Love your content 😘

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