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The rise and fall of the Mongol Empire – Anne F. Broadbridge

It was the largest contiguous land empire in history— stretching from Korea to Ukraine and from Siberia to southern China, and was forged on the open plains. In the 12th century CE, before the Mongol Empire formed, the East Asian steppe was home to scattered groups of Mongol and Turkic pastoral nomads led by Khans. […]

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Lana & Lola’s Top 28 Twinning Moments 🧢🎀 | The Loud House | Nick

The two cutest twins in town! [music playing] – You look silly! – You look silly! [roaring] – Get him! – Get him! You’re ruining the picture, maybe you should take off that gross hat! Maybe you should take off that gross face! [splashing] I must insist you go first! I shan’t hear of it! […]

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