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Azim Premji Business Empire (Donated $21 Bln) | How big is Wipro?

Hello and Welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time, we will start our journey on a train, passing the dark tunnels and hilly mountains of Maharashtra. We have now reached this railway station, Amalner. This is the town where it all began. In 1945, Mohamed Premji started a company Western India Vegetable Products Ltd […]

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Lakshmi Mittal Business Empire (World’s biggest steelmaker) | How big is ArcelorMittal?

Hello and welcome to TFC, I am Navin. This time we are in London, and its a rainy day. So let’s take out our umbrella and visit a grand house. This luxurious 12 bedrooms mansion was once called the most expensive house in the world. and is now home to the world’s biggest steel maker. […]

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