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Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever | The Dodo

One day when Victoria was tearing down
an old shed in her backyard, inspiration struck. I love my dogs more than anything. Naturally, it was the perfect spot for
them to have a two-story puppy palace with a balcony and a pool. Victoria had a special
collaborator on this project. It was a great project for
my father and I to do. He was instrumental in building a top
floor in the house that was actually structurally sound enough for me
to sit up there. So whether they’re paying the bills
or just listening to tunes, The Fuzz, Marvin and Bruiser each
have their own personal favorite spot. The Fuzz is really into the balcony. Bruiser’s favorite place to be
is the second floor. Marvin really likes the fur rug
that’s right there in the entryway. They love it! This is my 4-year-old Chihuahua Poncho, and this is Poncho’s house. Poncho gets a little nervous and snippy
when a lot of people are over. And when I built this house, I felt that
it might be a good idea to have a place rather than a dog crate. So I asked my carpenters
to build this for me. Poncho can enter his Harry Potter-style
abode through his own private entrance, and it’s filled with
his trademark style. I found a little brass bed. I thought that would be cute to have a
little bed for my dog that was a little fancier than usual. And then I found a
little chest of drawers and then a little piano and a small oil painting
at another yard sale. So Poncho ended up with quite a room. He thinks he deserves it all, so I guess it’s OK. Go get your toy. And now Poncho’s
room is all set for Halloween. We’ve seen a backyard mansion and
a private room under the stairs, but these bulldogs, Eggnog and Igloo, might take the cake. Their private
palace is under their parents’ bed. There’s a ramp for
easy access to cuddles. A secret storage compartment
for very important items. And a built-in faucet for
a convenient late night drink. This house is easy to maintain and perfect for when you
need a little “me” time, or you want to party the night away. Or you just want to
spread a little holiday cheer. This guy loves his beagles, so he wanted to build a playhouse
that was the perfect fit for them. And of course, they wanted to help. He designed a beagle-sized sandbox and a ramp that they could climb
to look out over the whole backyard. And all throughout, the
dogs were super helpful. He wanted the house to pay
tribute to his beloved pups. Now they can cool off and hang out in style.

100 thoughts on “Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever | The Dodo

  1. I'll be honest, I find these people to be quite pathetic. Every dog I've ever had wants to jump up on the sofa for a tummy rub or lay by my feet while I'm on the sofa so I can rub their belly with my feet. My dogs would have shamed me if I built them these sort of things. I would have got a look that said, "I'll get on the bed and you can stroke me but you're a fucking idiot if you think I'm going under this bed".

  2. Whoever put a Dumbs down "What is wrong with you"🤦‍♀️⁉️ If I had that kind of $ my dogs would each have their individual rooms lol…Dogs are a gift from God & we should treat them with respect & give them all they love we can! Bc they are pure of heart & loyal & would give their lives 4us if they could! I cant say that about another human 🤦‍♀️!!

  3. poor people deserves more… I feel so ashamed that some people treats dogs even better than their neighbours or even relatives….

  4. Sorry, as much as I love animals etc…we must stop instilling human needs to these awesome creatures. An animal’s place is outdoors with nature with proper naturally styled shelter. To make houses with furnitures for them is a little delusional! 😝🤔

  5. If I ever built that dog house for my beagle he would've jumped off instead of use the ramp😆 I'm honestly surprised he lived as long as he did😂

  6. Why do a little human like house? Would the dog not be happier with the same space but covered with rugs and chew toys? These are all of the “ha! it thinks it’s people!” variety..
    Just sayin’

  7. This reminded me of when I built a dog house outside for my two small dogs. Brandy a Corgi and Precious a small mix. My brother inlaw and I buit them a large pink dog house with white trim, carpet, swinging front door, 8×10 piture frames for windows with plexiglass and a shingled roof. Thankfully we hadn't hooked up the lights yet. The dog house looked the same as our house did. It even had our address on the front with 6038. But theires also had a 1/2 on the end.
    Except for bones. My dogs have never chewed on anything before. But after leaving them both out side just once after we got home from work. Brandy decided that she didn't like this new set up one bit. Us being inside and her being left outside. So she went to work. In a short amount of time. Brandy had chewed off the window frames, door frame, address and pulled out the carpet. She was working on ripping off the roof when I looked out the window to see if they were both using their new place. They weren't. By destroying it. This was Brandys way of telling us that she did not want to be outside while we were at home. She stopped her demo job as soon as we openedthe back door. She casually walked up to us and stopped at our feet. Then she looked up at us for second. Then back to her destroyed dog house. Then she just casually went inside our house and lay down by my recliner. It may not sound all that great here. But it was the funniest and sweetest thing I'd ever seen a dog do. We had them both for 16 years and they never slept outside. Thanks for reading. I just thought this was adorable. We really miss them. Loyal to the end.

  8. I heard Bernie sanders is going to tax your dog house and make it available to other dogs without you having a say.

  9. My house will realistically be my doggos house. Idgaf about my comfort. I sleep on 2 chairs put together while my doggos have 6 beds, 2 of which are luxury. My priorities….this is what they are.

  10. I made the mistake of watching this with my dog…ever since, he won’t look at me, even when I’m eating! He even jumped on my bed, waited for me to notice him, then peed on my pillow!

  11. Do people know that dodos are the smartest birds that ever existed? So the insult "You dodo!' Means "Your smart!"

  12. We do deserve dogs because without us they won't be petted and my dog likes being petted and he loves me
    Without me he's sad so we do deserve them

  13. I built a place for my dogs ( chihuahua mixes) to hang out in an old bread truck (that is now my only vehicle…lol) because my boss wouldn’t let me bring them with me into the work place.
    I insulated it and put a 1.2 kilowatt solar array on the roof so I could run the ac for them without running the truck’s engine. They have a big loft area that they like to sit in while they look out the windows and bark at everything that moves 😆
    Their food and water bowls are in the toe kick of the cabinetry that I installed, and I even put in a little faucet, sink and mini hot water heater , to dispense cool water at any time, or wash their bowls with hot water after they’re done eating.
    It broke my heart when I had to leave them every day…And even though work is not far from home, sometimes my days are long and it was hard to get back to check in on them. Now, all I have to do is walk out to the parking lot, snap on their leashes and we all get to go for a walk ❤️ I take lots of walk breaks. I love my pups.

  14. I love animals, this shows me again why i love animals more than most humans..

    Stop dressing the animals unnecessary, stop buying then a big dog house or jewelery and sht like that. Stop the madness!!

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