Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 27000 Miles 54 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

this will be our 27 thousand mile update for range and we are reporting at 277 rated miles today ambient temperature outside is 50 degrees we’re at a supercharger the battery pack temperature was well is currently at 97.1 it reached a high of 107 point eight degrees Fahrenheit current reported pack capacity remaining is 80.3 kilowatt hour hour battery pack is currently at nine millivolt bounce so it means of the voltage from the lowest sell to the highest sell there is a 9-mil volt difference now eight millivolt as the car is doing its best to balance out the pack which is part of another video that stems from this is watching the pack balance and disregard the 47 I just started train the charge again see if it will take any of it it’s dissipated a little bit let’s see what else am I forgetting here I guess that would cover all bases see you next update

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