Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 57000 Miles 118 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

this is the 57,000 mile range update it
is 51 degrees out so a little bit warmer of a day and come on we charged up to a
whopping 200 actually should say disappointing 267 rated miles I was
fairly low added 205 rated miles this charge trip let’s go up over to Z phone
they get close because it’s pretty bright out car think spec capacity is 77
point 1 kilowatt hours went down a bit I believe I got a review previous data
although the car thinks we have seventy seven point four kilowatt hours in the
car total lifetime discharge twenty five point nine one nine megawatts total
lifetime charge 27 nine point nine seven zero a watts there’s all the different
flicks of cells although it looks bad actual balance of the pack is eight
millivolts and actually eight millivolt is not too bad temperatures right now the pack is at
eighty seven point one of a high eighty five point one as a low during charging
it was over 100 maybe 103 hundred four so somewhere around there yeah so
slightly disappointing as since the last range update I have lost at least three
miles but we are doing an experiment I will be
in China for two weeks I will be plugging the car into 120 volt 15-amp
outlet I will then be lowering the average of the car down to five amps at
128 of charge at around hopefully zero rated miles and over the course of two
weeks I will let the car charge up to 100% it has five amps the slowest
possible speed we are going to see and it’s probably to take the full two weeks
we are going to see how balanced my pack is after that that is all onward

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