Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 59000 Miles 122 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

this would be the 59 thousand mile range update at a bit of a drive so I did go over current downside temperature of 64 67 degrees and we charged up to a 100% of 265 rated miles let’s take a look at our Tesla spy we have pack capacity of seventy six point seven at least watts with the BMS reports remaining capacity of seventy six point nine a total lifetime discharge twenty six point eight seven five megawatts total lifetime charge of twenty nine point zero one four megawatts balance of the pack is currently eight millivolts general the iPad one hand it and Tapani max temperature of the pack is seventy nine point one degrees minimum is seventy seven point three we supercharged got off the freeway came here and then H PwC high power wall charged to top off topped off at a lower rate because I plugged in before bed so I wanted complete shortly before I came out and actually completed while I was trying to get and update the Tesla spy app so that is what we’re at now still just over a kilowatt away from having a 75 kilowatt hour pack you

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